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New on the main site: How to install a second copy of RTW

by | 1/31/2009 7:47 AM

It is my pleasure to announce the addition of a new article to our General Information section. Some time ago SubRosa made an excellent guide on how to install a second copy of RTW on the forums and now this has been converted into an article for the main site. You can find this article, which contains 24 pictures illustrating every step of the process, inside our General Information Page, or you can go to the article directly using this link.

Feel free to leave any comments in this thread.

New Sub-Forum for Extended Cultures

by | 1/30/2009 7:58 AM

I am pleased to announce that another modding sub-forum has been added to RTWH. The honour goes to CaesarVincens who has been working hard on his XGM sub-mod, Extended Cultures, for some time now. This modification has proved greatly popular and is a very fine addition to XGM.

To learn more, visit the new Extended Cultures sub-forum here.

You may congratulate CaesarVincens in this thread.

New Modding Article: Renaming Factions

by | 1/26/2009 9:01 AM

The Red Mod Army continues it's glorious march against Vanilla gameplay. As of today the domain of faction names has been set free with the addition of a new modding article to Rome: Total War Heaven.

This article, written by myself, will tell you all you need to know to change the name of a faction. You can find it in Singe Player Campaign section or you can march right down to the article itself by clicking here. Feel free to discuss this article in this thread.

New Modding Article - Modding General's Bodyguards

by | 1/24/2009 15:23 PM

As the Red Mod Army continues its glorious march, a new article has been added to our arsenal. Are you tired of the same old bodyguards? No more! This guide, courtesy of myself, covers the details of how to create new general's units in R:TW.

Find this article in the Units and Generals section of our modding tutorials, or find it here. Please leave any comments or discussion in this thread in our Game Modification forum.

"Viking Invasion II: The Expansion Pack Medieval II Never Got"

by | 1/17/2009 18:47 PM

also known as MasterOfNone, dropped by today to tell us an interesting bit of news. Viking Invasion II, the mod created by MasterOfNone, has taken the slot as the main feature in the Downloader section of this month's issue of Britain's best-selling PC games magazine, PCGamer (February 2009, Issue 197, p. 80).

Visit the thread on our forums for more, and to congratulate the VI2 team on this acknowledgement of their hard efforts.

For more info on this fantastic mod itself, see the thread here. Happy gaming.

Extended Greek Mod-Extended Cultures comes to Rome: Total War Heaven

by | 1/13/2009 16:00 PM

CaesarVincens has been slaving away on his quite unique mod for much of 2008 and now he brings it to Total War Heaven. Drop into the thread on our forums to see what the mod is all about. Extended Cultures is based off the Extended Greek Mod (XGM) by DimeBagHo and is designed to bring a richer gameplay experience through expansion of factions' cultural identities.

Major gameplay changes include

  • New faction specific colonies (Rome, Carthage, Saba, Iberia, Thrace, Scythia)
  • All colonies (except Punic) have a levy type unit available to most factions other than their own.
  • New faction specific barracks (Carthage, Saba, Iberia, Thrace, Scythia)
  • Circle of Elders (academy-like building) (Gaul, Celts, Germania)
  • Third Level Farms (all with paved road present)
  • Foundry (all with iron present at huge city)
  • Huge cities have been restricted to certain provinces.
  • Paved roads, highways, and Higher level farms get a small law bonus now.
  • A garrison building that represents local militia

With the Marian reforms the Barbarian factions gain many new buildings, and there is one other building all factions get.

  • Fourth level auxiliary barracks, with customary mercenary troops
  • Paved Roads (barbarians, except Scythia)
  • Pantheon level temples (barbarians)
  • Odeon (Thrace)
  • Hippodrome (Scythia)
  • Catapult Range (Scythia, this is changed from XGM)
  • Second level mines (Iberia, Gauls)
  • Foundry (with iron present at huge city)

Traits and ancillaries:

  • New triggers for Circle of Elders
  • New ancillaries and triggers for the garrison building tree
  • New trait "Loves 'Culture'" which forms a triad with the existing
  • "Hates" and "Fears" traits.


  • New native culture buildings
  • New "Player's" Monument; it does nothing, but looks exactly like
  • the AI monument.

New modding article: Adding Custom music to RTW

by | 1/7/2009 9:22 AM

Want to listen to your favorite you like while playing RTW? Found a great track and want to march to battle with it playing on the background? Find out how to add your own music to RTW in the latest addition to our modding tutorials section. This article, written by myself, tells you what you need to do to add your own music to the game, whether you want it as music in the campaign or during battles.

Wait no longer, go to our General Modding section or jump to the article directly by clicking here. If you've got any questions or comments feel free to leave them in this thread.

Modding tutorials v2

by | 1/6/2009 7:10 AM

So you might be thinking, what does v2 mean? Well, the answer is that the modding tutorials section has been reorganized. It's seen a huge growth for the last year, and the index page for the articles had become a bit cluttered because of it, so we've reorganized it, dividing it into several sub-sections to make it easier to navigate through. You can check it out where it's always been, and that is here.

There also is a new article in the new tutorials section. I've written an overview of temples and their internal names which will allow you to easily find out which temples share their internal name which tells you what temples are affected by any changes you make.

If you've got comments or suggestions we'd love to hear them in this thread.