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Sepia Joust III Was Open

by | 1/26/2010 9:13 AM

Hail, Noble and Elegant Lords of the Quill!

Th Sepia Jousts continue with horrifying tales of creeping doom and dark menaces threatening Mankind. Those wishing to enter the Joust may affix their piece upon this scroll, which shall remain open for two weeks.

More can be learned about the Joust in this scroll.

EDIT: Submissions is now closed.

Voting shall begin shortly after the Submissions conclude.

X Awards Presentations Are Up

by | 1/21/2010 10:02 AM

After Voting closes, the next major events in the life cycle of the Awards is their presentation to the community.

Edorix has penned the Rome:Total War Heaven Awards presentation, The Further Adventures of Titus Flavius Aurelianus, which can be found here.

Tryhard presents the Red Lion Tavern Awards in his hilarious recounting of the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains here.

Terikel blasphemously presents the Community Awards in this rather obscene thread.

Please pop by to see who won, who was in the running, and who will be running for cover. Drop a line if you wish- the writers will definitely appreciate your comments.

X Semi-Annual Awards- Voting is Closed

by | 1/15/2010 0:29 AM

The tenth round of the TWH Awards have drawn to an end. The voting threads are now closed, and the results forwarded to the respective presenters. Ample warning was given of the impending closure, so no valid complaints can be filed to the tune of "You closed it before I could get my vote in. Waaa waaa waaa."

The Community Awards Presentation and the Red Lion Tavern Awards shall take place in the Red Lion Tavern. The others will take place in their respective subheavens.

Thanks to all who participated. Without you, the Awards would fade away to the Elysian Fields, becoming just a memory. Thanks for keeping the memories alive and well.

Voting in X Awards Closes Soon

by | 1/6/2010 7:17 AM

The Voting Period for the X Semi-Annual Awards is drawing to a close.

The threads will remain open until midnight, 13 January 2010, then promptly close.

Remember that each subheaven (Rome, Medieval, Empire, and the Red Lion Tavern) has its own awards, with a copy of the shared Community Awards in each. You may vote once (one vote per Award) per Award thread, with the copies of the Community Awards Threads counting as a single thread.

Please put only one vote per award per thread. Multiple entries will be ignored, in the name of fairness.