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A Breezy Day in Hell

by | 1/29/2013 12:39 PM

"So what is the plan?"

Terikel looked away from the lava streaming by and over to his comrade. Like himself, the cherub General Sajaru was scorched and tattered. The two were stranded on a rock in the depths of Hell, wings burned to uselessness and their powers emptied from blasting demons.

"Don't have one," the seraph grunted. "I was about to ask you that question."

General Sajaru threw up his hands in despair. "This was your idea," he bellowed. Demons on the far side of the lava stream cringed at the tone. "Let's have a little jaunt to Hell, you said. Let us blast some demons, and squash some smurves, you said. A little bloodletting to get our minds off of Draak. Well, here we are."

Terikel shrugged. "It was fun, though. Did you see the way that demon prince's head exploded when I shot the blue angelfire up his nostrils?"

Sajaru grinned. "Serves him right for having such a piggish snout. But yet here we are."

Terikel pointed to a group of demons hacking down a tree with their axes and shaping the wood with their claws. "I wonder what those chaps are up to?"

"Bridging," Sajaru realized with alarm. "They are coming to get us!"

Terikel laughed. "Really?"

Sajaru realized the wood would turn to flaming ash the moment it was laid across the lava and sighed. Stupid demons. He relaxed.

"I would be more concerned about those morons over there," Terikel said after a moment. Other demons were also felling trees- and each other. The dead supplied a pile of sinews.

"An onager?" gasped Sajaru. "Do you think they are so stupid as to attempt what you did in the Awards Ceremony?"

Terikel grunted in pain. "That hurt. It was not stupid. Crazier than a rabid shoe salesman maybe, but not stupid. We won, did we not?"

Sajaru allowed that. But it did not change the fact that there were demons building an onager three hundred paces away, on the flat sandy shores o the lava river. Then he laughed. "No rocks. Boy are they dumb."

One of the demons crawled onto the onager's cup and the others fired. Terikel swatted the stupid creature aside to land in the lava.

"Dumb as a box of rocks," he agreed, "but they have balls, and soon I think we may lose ours."

Another demon flew by. This one the angels let fly by to land in the river with a very short scream before it burst into flames and disappeared into the liquid rock.

"We are stuck, aren't we?"

Terikel shrugged. "Temporarily. It happens."

"Draak told me not to go on these little journeys with you."

Terikel nodded. "Drakontos has always been very wise. Maybe you should have listened."

More demons approached. They were leering cruelly. Their mass, and formation, gave the angels a worry. Then they charged- directly into the river. The first ones screamed and flamed to ash, the next rank falling atop them to fall themselves a step later. On and on the compact block came, falling into the lava, each giving the next man a step or two further. It was a simple mathematical problem- would the demons run out of bodies before they reached the isolated angels, or would they not?

The point was moot. A giant eagle came out of the sky, snatched up the two angels, and flew off into the darkness, heading for the point of light in the far distance.

"This is awesome," cried General Sajaru.

"This is Awesome Eagle," replied Terikel. "Say hello to our newest cherub!"

And so it was that Awesome Eagle came to dwell among the Halls of Valhalla, where he donned the frock and wings of the departed Drakontos, to help run this little part of Heaven

XIII Awards Presentation Now Underway

by | 1/17/2013 3:41 AM

Nominations and Voting have concluded.

Now begins the Presentation. Awesome Eagle tells the tale of Protecting Our Future History in his first ever awards presentation. You can read the tale here. It is posted in parts, and already some awards have been cleverly handed out. Read up and see if you received one of them.

Swap Game Sign Up Now Open

by | 1/15/2013 2:12 AM

Hail, mighty warriors and commanders of noble blood! Once again, we venture forth into our Virtual World of Ancient Glory to conquer all in our way to supreme dominance.

This time we are Pontus, land of fabled Mithridates, and have decided that we would rather live in sunny Italia. Thus we shall migrate hither.

Would you like to command our Noble House for a spell in rotating command? Follow these runes and affix thy sigil to the scroll.