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Next Forum Party

by | 2/22/2007 13:10 PM

Last week's forum party was very successful so we are going to run one this weekend too. Hopefully, we'll get to run forum parties weekly.

Check out the times and give your two cents about the frequency of the parties in the forum party thread.

New History Article

by | 2/21/2007 9:40 AM

As a practice run for the M2TWH history section for the new mods, a new history article has been submitted. Archdruid has written a concise history overview for the Thracians covering the period from the Persian wars to Roman occupation. You can view it here.


by | 2/20/2007 15:48 PM

Our latest batch of tunes this week, exclusively from TotalWarFanatic, illustrate that even while conquering the world it's ok to have a little fun.

Click here to get a good laugh!

I love the Mexican night one.

Poll Roundup!

by | 2/17/2007 13:14 PM

We've retired our long-running previous poll, What type of content would you like to see for M2TW? Since M2TWH is up and running, we've taken a look at the results and we will be responding to them.

FAQs and overviews [33 votes]
Gameplay information (units, buildings, etc) [185 votes]
Screenshots! [27 votes]
Historical Information [52 votes]
Don't want to see M2TW info [8 votes]

Please vote in our next poll, Which Rome: Total War related games do you own?!

Roman Forum Party

by | 2/16/2007 19:25 PM

Last week's forum party, the first in many, many moons, was awesome. As a result, we've decided to hold one this weekend too! Now, we don't know if we're going to be holding them weekly - we're all still talking about that.

Check out the times and give your two cents about the frequency of the parties in the forum party thread!

New Staff!

by | 2/13/2007 0:40 AM

That's right! Long-time forummers Gaius Colinius and D Furius Venator are now the newest members of our staff! Sound the trumpets!

They both are going to be helping out Rome: Total War Heaven by serving as our History administrators and also by moderating our History forum.

Please congratulate them here!

Downloads Survey

by | 2/12/2007 11:37 AM

HeavenGames has started a survey in regards to the Downloads section. The management began this survey because they would like to know what you think about the Downloads section. It's a simple survey - just answer 6 or so questions.

If you use the Downloads system, please check it out. You'll be helping HeavenGames by doing so!

Party Wrapup

by | 2/11/2007 22:35 PM

The party's over now. The sounds of bowstrings firing and the swords clashing have now stopped. But don't be sad, because we had one great forum party.

The latest forum party concluded earlier today, and it exceeded all expectations. Many forummers turned out to play their favorite game, and there are many pictures and tales in the party thread.

The success of the party means that soon you will be seeing a regular schedule of forum parties. Stick around to see when the next one will be!

Roman Party

by | 2/8/2007 20:43 PM

In an effort pioneered by our awesome community, we here have decided to once again draw the battle lines and prepare for war! For the first time in quite a while, we will be holding a forum party. If it's successful, you can look forward to attending a forum party for Rome: Total War on a regular basis.

The time it will take place is February 11th at 2 PM EST (7 PM GMT) until whenever the excitement dies down.

Be sure to check out the party thread if this is your first time or if you need a refresher!

If you're interested in playing some Medieval 2: Total War, you can visit Medieval 2 Heaven. They will be holding their party on the 10th.

PS: No, the forum party thread is still "Holy Roman" ;)

The Fourth Age: Total War - Forth Eorlingas Released!

by | 2/5/2007 15:33 PM

The Fourth Age: Total War - Forth Eorlingas modification for Barbarian Invasion has being released! It's an expansion of the highly acclaimed The Fourth Age: Total War – Corsair Invasion, set in the LoTR universe, which itself featured in both PC Gamer and PC Action magazines, who dubbed it "impressive."

apocalypsis, one of the mods designers says...

Our aim with FA:TW is to accurately portray the lands and peoples of Middle-earth as we think they existed approximately two centuries into the Fourth Age. ‘Forth Eorlingas’ is a provincial campaign encompassing a little less than half of the full campaign map, in which players can choose to play the Kingdom of Rohan, the Chiefdom of Dunland, the Reunited Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor, the Chiefdom of Rhn, or the Empire of Harad.

Check it out on our forums here!

Amendment to HG Moderation Policy

by | 2/4/2007 14:29 PM

HG has made a change to moderation policy. According to Zen, we have:

Retired the parole system:

Members currently permanently banned with parole pending in the future will be eligible for parole; members permanently banned from now on will remain permanently banned. Parolees who incur an offense will be permanently banned.

Since this means less chances are available, I suggest everyone takes the time to re-read the Code of Conduct.

Banner Contest Closes

by | 2/1/2007 0:29 AM

It's February 1st, and we're no longer accepting submissions for our Total War Heaven Logo Contest. We received many great entries and we'll soon be posting the winner.

If you submitted a logo, be sure to check back in the coming days, for you could win a cool HeavenGames T-shirt! Even if you didn't enter, be sure to come check out our forums to see the new logo!