News Archives - February 2009

The Second Official RTWH Screenshot Contest

by | 2/24/2009 9:08 AM

Taken some nice screenshots? Want a chance to show them off? Well, now your chance is here with the Screenshot Contest, hosted by General Zavier. All screenshots are welcome, be they dramatic, funny, action-packed, or idyllic. We're all dying to see them, so get down to this thread in our General Discussion forums to find out more information and submit your entries.

You've only got a couple of weeks to enter, so get going!

Chivalry: Total War - Version 1.0 Released

by | 2/17/2009 15:02 PM

This original and famous total conversion modification, first begun in 2004, brings the medieval period of Anno Domini 1072-1222 to Rome: Total War. The Chivalry team, led by DaVinci, have now released version 1.0 of this fantastic mod. It truly is a whole new thrilling experience from the world of Romans and Greeks, and an excellent mod to add to your collection.

Don't listen to me blabber, get straight down to this thread in our Game Modification forum to find out how to get hold of the download, and congratulate the team on their efforts.

Chivalry: Total War is playable with either RTW 1.5 or BI 1.6.

New Modding Article: A List of Known Hardcodes

by | 2/10/2009 17:23 PM

The list of hardcodes was started by Ferret some time ago and has steadily grown since. This useful tool for modders has now been converted to an article on the main site. If you're not sure what the game's limits are or whether something is possible, there's a high chance it'll be in there.

Find the list on our General Modding section, or hop right to the article here. Please leave any comments in this thread.

Total War Mega Pack available on Steam

by | 2/9/2009 9:04 AM

A quite interesting "Total War Mega Pack" is now available on Steam. It contains RTW Gold (i.e. it includes the original game and the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack), the Alexander expansion pack for RTW, Medieval 2: Total War, Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms expansion and Empire: Total War as a pre-order, all in one package for 60 euros. That means you get a 50% discount, so it's an excellent chance to complete your Total War collection for a lot less then you'd normally pay.

This is the relevant page on Steam.