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Final Faction Overview Completed!

by | 2/17/2011 1:07 AM

Last year we began writing Faction Overviews, to flesh out the histories and gameplay information for each faction. Today I am proud to announce that the final overview has been written.

The People of Pontus was the brainchild of Awesomated88, his first article. He was unable to complete this project without the aid of another, so Drakontos stepped in to lend a helping hand. Together they completed the final overview to complete our collection.

Comments and praise, etc, may be left here, as usual.

The Staff of RWTH thanks both of these stalwart scribblers for bringing the Faction Overviews to a close.

Now, on to Barbarian Invasion...

Rome:Total War available as Mac App

by | 2/6/2011 4:07 AM

Yes, it is true. Those unfortunate Mac users who have been wanting to play Rome:Total War may now do so.

This link leads to Feral Interactive, the Mac designers who adapted our beloved Windows version of RTW for use on the Mac. And this link leads directly to the Mac App Store page. Both claim you may purchase your copy directly from them.

Now you Mac users have no excuse not to join in the fun of conquering Antiquity.

Limited Edition spotted at low-ish prices

by | 2/4/2011 17:50 PM

So, you're expecting for Shogun 2 to stay around the 30 mark until after Christmas, aren't you? The special edition with the fancy figures and everything will be even worse, at about 50.

Worry no more! Zavvi has been spotted flogging the limited edition for pre-order at 27.85, while Amazon is quoting 29.69- both cut from 39.99, so you save over a tenner. That's the version with the extra faction, folks, so if you're thinking of pre-ordering this may be worth a gander.

New Poll Opened

by | 2/3/2011 8:15 AM

It is February, an even-numbered month. Thus a new poll. This one concerns our TWH Awards participation. Pop by and anonymously give up whether you participated, or sat on your ass while others let their voices be heard.

Congratulations to all winners, even to that cranky old bastard who swept the Medieval Awards.