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A Spartan Falls

by | 2/15/2012 4:55 AM

One day, there was a great Spartan named Liamidas. He spent his days crushing enemies and evil creatures with any weapon he had available. One day, a Knight from the north observed this young warrior, and after careful consideration recruited him into his small warband and awarded him with a hammer.

The Gods also noticed this fine young man to be worthy, and from his back erupted 2 great green wings, so he could roam the skies.

But he was a mischievous boy. He thought himself invincible and challenged everyone who came into his sight. One day, while fighting a dragon on Mount Olympus, once he slaughters the dragon with a few thrusts of his hammer, he looked up the mountain. Mere metres separated him from the Gods.

Without thinking, he started flying and gaining altitude. Curiosity got the best of him; he went to fly above the clouds, to see the Gods.

He grinned as his wings beat through the thick crust of the skies. Heart beating at what awaited him the other side.
Zeus was outraged. A quick lightning bolt hit the young Liamidas and knocked him unconscious.

As he fell, the feathers fell off his wings one by one. Approaching his death, he regained conciousness. All he had left was his hammer; his clothes were singed to nothingness. The ground got closer, and with one last effort to hold onto life, with only 50 metres left, he swung his hammer with enormous power at the ground below.

The force of the impact created shock waves through the ground and air, slowing him down and saving his life. He woke up hours later, powerless, to wonder the world as a mortal. Picking up his spear, he begged the forgiveness of the Gods. They gave it to him and Liam the Spartan later became a general of the Spartan army.

Yes, Liam_the_Spartan has resigned as Moderator of Shogun 2 Heaven. Visit his farewell thread to give him your farewell!

Victory in BI Swap

by | 2/2/2012 1:31 AM

The Goths came, saw, played, and enjoyed the melodious tunes played upon the Horn of Victory.

The Noble Xingjianma was our final general. He took charge of our realm which had gone to seed with populations exploding everywhere and rebels springing out of the ground like weeds upon a poorly-tilled field. He bit off the people problem through the judicious use of extermination and the spreading of disease, to turn the opening chaos around to ultimate Victory in the space of a few short turns. Well done, Xingjianma!

We will soon be taking up the standard of another faction, to see if the TWH council of lords can hear that sweet music of falling foes and joyous victory once again.

New Poll up and running

by | 2/2/2012 1:20 AM

Tis Februarius. Thus time for a new poll among the Faithful.

This bi-monthly entry: What sort of Builder art thou? Please note that growth signifies population growth, and thus not military growth through conquest!

Have fun!