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Total War: ROME II – The Battle of Teutoburg Forest Trailer

by | 2/28/2013 10:37 AM

In 9AD, Teutoburg Forest was the scene of a crushing defeat for the Empire. Masterminded by Arminius, the son of a Germanic chieftain taken as a child and raised as a hostage in Rome, the battle saw his betrayal of the Roman general Varus.

Arminius united the tribes, ambushed Varus’ Legion and struck a fatal and shattering blow to the Empire’s expansion.

Teutoburg Forest features as a playable historical battle in Total War: ROME II, and demonstrates some of the game’s thrilling new features, including our true line-of-sight system, deployable battlefield technology, and our tense new style of ambush scenarios.


RTWH Ladder IV Now Open!

by | 2/17/2013 2:13 AM

Generals and warlords of renown, the time has come once again to seek out the mightiest general in all the land. Welcome to the newest incarnation of the RTWH multiplayer ladder. Here, you can meet your fellow generals in combat to determine who is the best.

To sign up, gothis thread; for general information and discussion, this thread, and for results, once we have some games going, look at this thread. I look forward to the mighty battles that shall be fought in search of our champion.

Ladder 2012 Now Closed

by | 2/8/2013 8:07 AM

Ladies and Germs, we have a champion.

The 2012 edition of the famous RTW LAdder has now been officially closed. Liam the Spartan was crowned champion with a score of forty five points, playign sixteen games and winning twelve of them. Kapiteyn Scruff came in second with Punic Hoplite in the bronze position.

Stay tuned. We will be launching the 2013 edition of the RTWH ladder shortly.

New Poll- Greatest Imperator

by | 2/8/2013 1:24 AM

Our previous poll is now closed. Our opinion: Gaius Julius Caesar was the greatest Roman general. Now we look to greatness from another angle- that of statesman and Emperor. More than just on the battlefield, but also in the Senate and among the various power blocs of ancient Rome.

Which of these do you think was the greatest? Let thy voice be heard.

TWH partners with TotalWar.Org

by | 2/5/2013 13:08 PM

Rome Total War Heaven is proud to announce a partnership with, a fellow Total War fansite. RTWH has a good reputation on the web for its in-depth and detailed content, though the Multi-player side is not as active as it once was. The Org, as they call it, is not as heavy on the content, has a very active Multi-player side. Both have thriving communities of good-hearted forummers.

So what would make more sense than for these two to partner up? forummers will be exposed to our content and community, and TWH forummers looking for matches and hotseat campaigns can hook up with forummers. Both sides complement each other quite well. Everybody wins.

You can visit through clicking on the banner that will shortly appear, or by following this link.

New Article: Antigonid Army by DU

by | 2/2/2013 5:24 AM

Dominicus Ultimus has delved into one of the more unfamiliar armies of the Ancient Era- Antigonid Macedonia- and brought to us a wonderfully in-depth view into this classic powerhouse. I will not ruin it for you with spoilers, except to say it is worthy. Very worthy.

Decide for yourself. Have thy hairless rodent chew upon these runes to peruse his studious report, adn then follow that by following these runes to deliver thy praise or comments.