News Archives - November 2005

Searching for a Strategy Administrator

by | 11/26/2005 14:00 PM

Rome: Total War Heaven's looking for a strategy section administrator, and I've just now opened up the position for application. If you think you're interested please check out the application guidelines thread.

Best of luck to those of you that apply!

Offical Content

by | 11/25/2005 10:07 AM

The official Rome: Total War site has started up a tip of the week, and is continuing with guide to using the battle editor. The battle editor tutorial will be updated every Wednesday, and the most recent section (part two) can be found here! If you missed last week's check it out here.

Every Friday Creative will be putting up a tip of the week on Rome's gameplay. Their first tips deal with Wardogs to getting rid of unwanted family members. Check it out here!

Battle Editor Tutorial

by | 11/17/2005 19:26 PM

I was browsing the official Total War site today when I noticed a news item:
Rome Total War comes complete with all the editing tools you need to create your own historical battles and multiplayer maps – all you need to do is unlock the tools and your own potential for crafting epic battles. Over the next few weeks we’re going to steer you through the basics of the editing tools to help you on your way to creating battles through a series of guides. We begin by looking at the basics of the Battle Editor. You can find part one of our guide here.
Unfortunately news isn't dated, but I know I haven't seen the guide before. It's certainly worth checking out if you're interested in the battle editor!

Forum Party - November 12th

by | 11/11/2005 23:44 PM

Ah, it is that time again. Time to wade through the fields of carnage with your fellow HGers. So strap your armor, clean your swords and join the fun! The thread is up!

Poll Results

by | 11/9/2005 19:24 PM

Our last poll asked what you thought of Rome's current balance situation. The results show that most of you are generally happy, but would like a patch. I certainly hope we do, but news has been pretty slow lately. Anyway, here's the full results:
8.9% - It's perfect!
45.6% - Near perfect, a couple things I'd like changed.
37.9% - Pretty good, but another patch or two would be great
2.1% - Not so good.
5.5% - It's even worse than before!
The new poll asks what you think Creative Assembly should be working on. Game Patches? A new game? Community Content? Something else? Vote away!

Forum Party - November 5th

by | 11/4/2005 19:16 PM

The weekly forum party is happening as per usual. The parties have been a bit slow lately (as has news for that matter), but I'm hoping they'll pick up... or I'll kill you all.

I guess all the new (and awesome) game releases are keeping people busy. I know I could barely decide what games to buy.

Anyway, check out the forum party thread for more information!