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Happy Thanksgiving!

by | 11/22/2006 23:17 PM

This is a shout-out to anyone in the United States - Happy Thanksgiving! Remember everything you can be thankful for - including The Creative Assembly - tomorrow as your gorge yourselves eating turkey and whatever customs have you.

For anyone outside of the US, I think this pretty much universally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. (I want an Ewok warlord costume, by the way).

So, I say once again: Happy Thanksgiving!

Easter Egg Disclosed!

by | 11/13/2006 10:42 AM

For about half a year now, a number of forumers have been trying to figure out the - until now - undiscovered easter egg (being a cultural reference) in Barbarian Invasion, that noone outside the design department at Creative Assembly knew about in this thread, properly named named "Easter Egg". And, today, our beloved CaptainFishpants (Mike Brunton, designer at Creative Assembly), spilled the beans... it only took us half a year to persuade him to let us know about it!
But then again, he was more or less forced to as we kidnapped the design department's affectionate pet monkey. :)

Goodbye to a patrician

by | 11/11/2006 12:16 PM

It's my sad duty to announce that long-time member of the community and staff member, Johndisp, has resigned from Rome: Total War Heaven. You can wish him farewell and respect his contributions here.

Loud And Clear, Houston?

by | 11/10/2006 20:18 PM

And of course by Houston I mean the shiny and brand new Medieval 2: Total War Heaven!
I love the smell of new heaven in the morning.

Just A Thought

by | 11/9/2006 17:36 PM

For those of you that want what we know about M2TW in one solid piece (or have no patience whatsoever), good news for you! Our handy-dandy little green helper Yakcamkir has compiled an overview of virtually every important scrap, interview, and news ever posted about M2TW!

Check it out!

Brace Yourself!

by | 11/9/2006 17:21 PM

Armor ready? Prepared for impact? M2TW is coming out in the UK tomorrow!

Limited Edition To Be Available For Limited Time

by | 11/6/2006 21:39 PM

Well, that's a given, but for those of you who don't like inferring things from your news I thought I'd hand it to you. Sega announced that for a short time at the game launch that every copy will come with an exclusive soundtrack and game map! You can listen to one of the soundtrack items here.

Gold Code Day Winner!

by | 11/3/2006 3:42 AM

The issue is settled, folks! After hours and hours of consideration, we have selected the winner. No need to say that both entries were very good and funny, and that it was close between the two. The winner of our exclusive Gold Code Day invite is ben_is_sparky, who beat Saranalos PC game box castle with his "Everyone can rule the world with Medieval 2 Total War" idea, by the nose!

We would also like to say that both Saranalos and ben_is_sparky, as well as Darth Xanther (who wasn't actually entering the competition with his homemade ballista) are worthy of a HG t-shirt! Congrats guys, and thanks for your entries! You can congratulate them, and wish Ben good luck in our competition thread!

CA Blogs Updated

by | 11/2/2006 3:35 AM

The creepy atmosphere of the Halloween eve apparently encouraged most people to stay inside (myself included, but this was not limited to being scared of ghosts and witches... the snowy weather was terrible, not to mention the fact that the temperature fell below -6 degrees Celsius) - the CA and SEGA staff used this time wisely and updated the
Community (in which Epistolary Richard from the Org tells us about his visit to the CA Brisbane office and gives us his thoughts on some features of Medieval 2) and Marketing (where SEGA tells us about what went into creating the Medieval 2 collection package) blogs.

Check 'em out!