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XII Awards Nominations Underway

by | 11/8/2011 12:36 PM

The XII (now) Annual Awards are coming. The Discussion thread is well underway, as is the Community and RLT Awards nomination thread.

Our own RWTH Nominations are also underway.

You may nominate as many as you wish during the nominations phase. Only Voting- which will happen in its own scroll- will be restricted to one vote per Award per person. So feel free to widen the field!

Three New Articles!

by | 11/3/2011 8:07 AM

Today, the Old ONe finally got off his butt and posted some very interesting articles to our beloved site.

First comes the long-awaited SPQR Opening Moves Guide. This is the proud piece from MusCypricus. Praise, comments, and Conga Rats may be left here.

Then comes The Wardog Class from the Viking himself. Praise, comments, and conga rats may be left here.

Third, the from TorgoNeedsLove, a detailed exploration into one of the assasins of Caesar the Dictator. Praise, comments, and conga rats may be left on this scroll.

Sepia Joust V Ends in Spartan Victory

by | 11/2/2011 7:07 AM

The lists grew silent as the two entrants approached the center for the final battle. The hush falling over the crowd was heavy, contagious even, as the two drew nearer. Not even the sneeze of the court jester could disturb this solemn moment.

The Viking was magnificent. He was clad in sterling armor, of impressive build and elegant styling. A well-constructed and most worthy opponent, with the fire of a New England Yankee called Bonan the Librarian being sent to Hell by mistake and taking over the place to end up being banished from the Netherworld. All proclaimed his brilliance, and his style, and praised the well-defined curves of the tale.

Facing him was a bedraggled Spartan. His armor, if you could call it that, was bedraggled and multi-colored bits of pottery hanging together with pink shoe laces and black panties. He was a scrawny thing really, a potato with a rooster feather as a quill and diarrhea as ink.

The two faced off. A blow was struck, then another. Feather dusters were not exactly lethal weapons, but for the Joust of Comedy they were appropriate. Thus the two flurried and wielded their chosen feather dusters with aplomb and skill.

The match did not last long. By the third swish, the Viking was on his knees, giggling to the Spartan's tickles. His armor, being strong and well-fitting, denied him the vital access to those now-itching spots, whereas the pottery and cookery coating the Spartan allowed easy access to scratching fingers. And the Spartan was merciless- and scratching- and emerged from the flying feathers as the Victor of this Joust.

All praise Liamidas- crowned Champion of the Sepia Joust V, and winner of the Crooked Comedy Crown. You may congratulate him here.