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Vanilla Migration

by | 11/27/2012 13:49 PM

Our Swap Game has been chosen. See title.

Now we need to pick a faction and to where we wish it to migrate.

Got an opinion? Drop by here and voice it.

Swap Game: The Migration

by | 11/26/2012 1:48 AM

Our Swap Game has been decided. We shall enjoy cutting each other's throats and other bodily parts over a friendly swap of Rome: Total War (Vanilla). The Twist, however, is that this RTW Vanilla campaign will be a Migration. we will up and move somewhere else.

So, game decided. Now we shall vote on the Faction: Who shall we lead, and where shall we lead them to? Pop by this thread and let thy voice be heard.

Otomo Clan for Shogun 2 Now Available for Preorder

by | 11/20/2012 1:42 AM

Otomo 'Gunpowder' Clan Pack for Total War: SHOGUN 2 available for preorder now!

Launches November 30th, 10% discount on preorders, says SEGA.

Previously an AI-only force, the Otomo Clan has been expanded into a fully-featured playable faction. With new units, buildings, technologies and more, the Otomo Clan Pack offers an altogether different style of play from any of the other clans, making it an essential download for SHOGUN 2 players.

As the clan that welcomed Portuguese traders and missionaries into Japan, the Otomo gain easy access to modern gunpowder weapons and major bonuses to the spread of Christianity. In addition, their relations with the west enable them to lease land to the Portuguese and raise war-funds with remarkable speed.

The Otomo Clan will be live on STEAM on November 30th with 10% discount on preorders until launch day.

STEAM store link:

Visit for further details.

Combined Arms

by | 11/7/2012 14:48 PM

Ever wonder which troops to use in your armies? Confused by which ones work best? Why not use some of each type? This new article by General Sajaru explains how to create strong Combined Arms armies for any occasion.

Praise and comments may be left here.

New Swap Game Voting

by | 11/2/2012 15:37 PM

We are going to host another Swap Game. But which? And which faction?

Have an idea, or a wish? Pop by here and let us know. We will first decide which game- Vanilla, BI, or a modpack, and after that is settled, begin in the same thread with choosing a faction.

Never done a swap game before? Look up past ones to see what they are about. All you need is a clean version of the game (no further modifications done on it) and a working email to pass the saved game through and you are in business.