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Rome Campaign Fix for Patches 1.5 & 1.6.

by | 12/31/2005 23:31 PM

A single bug affecting only December's RTW Patch 1.5 & BI Patch 1.6 has been corrected with the release of this officially titled fix: ADDITIONAL ROME CAMPAIGN FIX FOR PATCHES 1.5⁄1.6

CA intended for only Romans to upgrade a temple_of_horse past level 3, and explained, "Only Romans are now able to build an Awesome Temple or a Pantheon of Epona" [after applying the fix]. In an unprecedented move for RTW, they provide this download link an immediate single-file fix: export_descr_buildings.txt

All patches prior to 1.5 are unaffected by this bug, and should not apply this fix: Apply this fix only after installing Patch 1.5 or Patch 1.6 by replacing the original \data\export_descr_buildings.txt file with the new one (this fix) you download.  Example path: c:\Program Files\Rome - Total War\data .

Additional information and assistance can be found in this sticky thread at the Technical Forum: Patch 1.5⁄1.6 Install Help+Experiences+Bugs

Wishing all of you a great New Year

by | 12/31/2005 13:16 PM

I'd like to take this chance to wish everyone who visits RTWH a great New Year!

We at Rome: Total War Heaven have a lot of stuff in the works, and we hope you'll enjoy it over the next year.

Best wishes from all of us at RTWH! We hope to continue seeing you around the site and forums.

New Strategy Article

by | 12/30/2005 13:51 PM

Ace Cataphract has submitted an informative piece on Roman faction battle strategy, titled: "Traditional Roman Legions". Be sure to check it out if you would like some good insight into how to make the most of your armies when playing as either the ERE or WRE, while at the same time making sure they are historically balanced. Check out the article here.

We're also happy to announce that there will be a lot of changes and additions to the strategy section over the next few weeks, and while that might mean a couple of broken links here and there, it means a lot of interesting new content for you to enjoy!

User-posted images on forums temporarily filtered

by | 12/29/2005 10:34 AM

Recently an exploit was found out in the wild by a researcher on the Bugtraq mailing list. It involves specially crafted WMF (Windows Meta Fils), which when parsed by Windows XP, causes Windows to execute program code. When it was found by the researcher on the internet, it was presented on a webpage that included a WMF image file in the HTML source code. The file in turn successfully installed a trojan onto a fully-patched Windows XP SP2 system.

Another researcher on the Bugtraq mailing list has discovered that because windows recognizes files by parsing file headers, the malicious WMF file could be renamed with other image extensions ( i.e. .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, etc.) and Windows will still parse it as a WMF file. Thus, it is possible for a user with malicious intentions to post images to our forums (or to any websites that displays user-submitted images) and cause damage to other forum users.

Therefore, we will temporarily convert all user-posted images on the forums to links until a patch is released by Microsoft. Since there will always be people who can't / won't update their machines for various reasons (laziness, warezed windows install, they're on dialup, etc.), this temporary measure only helps to stop the initial wave of exploiters and give users a chance to be exposed to news of the problem and a chance to patch their system.

Up-to-date information can be found at the following links:

Vote Barbarian Invasion for President

by | 12/28/2005 20:03 PM

Well... not quite President, but you can vote for it as Best Strategy Game, Best PC Game, and Game of the Year at GameSpot.

Oddly there's not a best expansion award, as I think Barbarian Invasion would be shoe-in for that. Barbarian Invasion is certainly a pretty good game though, so you should certainly vote for it if you think it deserves the win in any of those categories.

History Section Downtime

by | 12/27/2005 11:02 AM

Hey all, it's the first you've heard from me for awhile. RTWH will be receiving some new history section and faction content soon, but we now have a need to reorganize our files (I won't bore you with the specifics). So, for awhile, you may not be able to access or may have periodical trouble accessing the History Section and other sections.

Thanks, now I'll go lay back down in my crypt for another 2 months.

Open Beta of Europa Barbarorum Released!

by | 12/27/2005 10:08 AM

The long awaited day had arrived, and an open beta for Europa Barbarorum has been released. To quote Ace at our modification portal:
Europa Barbarorum, or “EB” is a mod by the Europa Barbarorum team, a part of the Trivium Organization. Europa Barbarorum is an ambitious mod that wishes to take what Rome Total War is and expand it in every direction. They to take this game and make it “what it should have been.” They will be taking Rome Total War apart from to the skeleton in order to make a more realistic version. All fictional or theoretical units are to be removed and more realistic units are to be added. The mod will be removing the “arcade” feel that many people believe has been added to Rome Total War. Europa Barbarorum’s goal seems to be to create a historical simulator of the time period. Apparently fans of incendiary pigs will have to say good-by to their beloved bacon as will anyone who loves watching a unit of Arcani ambush a group of cocky archers.
This is one of Rome's most highly anticipated modifications, and I advise checking it out as soon as you get the chance. You can check out the download sites here!

Forum Logo Contest

by | 12/26/2005 15:22 PM

We're hosting a forum logo contest, and are looking for entries. If you win you'll get a Rome t-shirt, and, of course, we'll use your logo on the forums.

For more information check out the rules, and enter your logo here!

New Poll

by | 12/26/2005 14:21 PM

Well, our content management system is back up, and there's a lot of stuff we'll be putting up in the coming weeks, but as far as creating new content goes, we figured we'd ask you guys what you'd like to see.

We'd love your input, so please vote! We are catering to you, after all.

UPDATE: Problem resolved. Vote away.

Congrats to Wartrain!

by | 12/26/2005 13:31 PM

I'm sure you've seen him around the forums being extremely helpful, and hopefully none of that will change now.

Wartrain's joining the Rome: Total War Heaven staff, as a Tech forum moderator, and general content contributor.

I'm very pleased to have him on board, and am sure he'll do a great job! You can welcome him here!

Rome Total War: BI Christmas Eve Party

by | 12/24/2005 9:02 AM

The forum party kind, with plenty of action.

Date: 12-24-05
Location: Competitive Lobby
Game Name: HG Forum Party
Password : rndpwd
First session: 12:00 noon EST/5:00 pm GMT
Second Session: 8:00 pm EST/1:00 am GMT

For more details, see this thread

Welcome SNR!

by | 12/21/2005 11:31 AM

SNR's a long time HeavenGames staffer who's been without a home (site) for the past couple of months. He's offered to do some PHP work that'll add some fun stuff to the site.

It'll be great to have him on board. You can give him a warm welcome here!

Rise of Rise of Legends Heaven

by | 12/19/2005 20:07 PM

Rise of Legends, a RTS being developed by Big Huge Games, now has a HeavenGames home; Rise of Legends Heaven. It's being headed by One_Dead_Angel, so it's certainly off to a great start (that, and the content looks good). Here's the press release:
HeavenGames proudly presents Rise of Legends Heaven dedicated to bringing the latest news and information about Rise of Legends to the fans of Big Huge Games, and those eagerly anticipating the release of Rise of Legends.

Following up on their hugely successful Rise of NationsTM. Big Huge Games has stepped it up a notch with stunning visuals and great gameplay to develop the spiritual successor to their premier title. Rise of Nations: Rise of LegendsTM is now in development due out in early 2006. The game is inspired by the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, the steampunk genre and tales of 1001 Arabian Nights in an epic battle between Magic and Technology! Real Time Strategy rises to a new level once again!

HeavenGames LLC, based in Lombard, Illinois, is a privately owned web-content publisher geared towards the creation of special-interest sites for Real-Time Strategy and City-Builder games. Its sites, contents, vast amounts of resources, as well as a dedicated staff & management team make HeavenGames' sites the premier destination for gamers worldwide.
Check out the site here!

An excellent time to party!

by | 12/17/2005 7:26 AM

...Forum party, that is. Yes, it's Saturday again, and that means that your fellow Heavengames members will be be talking trash (and perhaps some Rome: Total War and Barbarian Invasion strategy as well) during our two sessions. We'll be trying out Teamspeak again (optionally). Please see this week's thread for all the forum party details. Come to one or both session as noted below.

Date: 12-17-05
Location: Competitive Lobby
Game Name: HG Forum Party
Password : rndpwd
First session: 12:00 noon EST/5:00 pm GMT
Second Session: 8:00 pm EST/1:00 am GMT

Most of us are likely going to be patched to 1.5 & 1.6 revisions of RTW and BI, respectively, so if you intend to come, please update your game versions.

Barbarian Invasion Ladder

by | 12/15/2005 18:03 PM

Sorry it's taken so long. Mace experienced some delays, but now the ladder's up, and kinks seem to be worked out. Over the next couple of days I'll be working at ironing out some kinks, but the ladder's all ready for you guys to get-a-gaming. Cheesewiz is now the admin of the two ladders, so if there's any problems with getting games approved, go ahead and contact him.

Check out the ladder here!

Patches Released!

by | 12/14/2005 8:37 AM

Both a patch for BI, and RTW have been released here!

Looking at the readmes it looks like quite a bit of changes have been made. Thanks, Creative!

Seven Warriors

by | 12/11/2005 21:26 PM

Lorentius Vadis has been working on his story, Seven Warriors, for over a month. He recently posted his tenth chapter, and it, like those before it, is quite a read. It has some great fight scenes:
Antonius found himself facing two bandits, wielding spear and axe. His one good hand held a gladius; he was ready to make his last stand. As the bandits rushed toward him, the Briton saw a dark blur that somersaulted out of nowhere and landed between them. An unseen blade cut the throat of the first; Antonius struck quickly and stabbed the second through the stomach, then twisted the blade to scramble his foe’s internal organs. He looked to his cloaked savior and nodded his thanks. Nizari returned the gesture, then moved away to tend Syrus.
Check out the full story here!

Forum Party Today - Saturday, Dec. 10

by | 12/10/2005 8:15 AM

Please join Chonaman, Ace Cataphract and the rest as we check out the possibilities of Rome: Total War teamwork using "Teamspeak" this week (optional to use, but you will be able to hear the rest of us!)

For all the details, keep an eye on this thread

Patch Update #2

by | 12/9/2005 14:11 PM

Captain Fishpants, our beloved Creative Assembly employee has once again descended from the game developer skies posting a link to the preliminary patch read-me!
* Improvements have been made to prevent men spilling around the base of siege towers.
* There was a pathfinding issue that made river battles very slow. This has been fixed.
* Improvements have been made to the AI when orchestrating Skirmish Maneouvres.
* The AI will now use 'fire at will' with idle units so that they throw pila at nearby enemies.
* The AI will now make a decision about throwing pila before charging into combat based on the location of enemy units.

· The unit experience upgrade “sparkling” effect can now be turned off using the UNIT_EXPERIENCE_UPGRADE_EFFECT tag in preferences.txt.

You may read the patch update content in its entirety here.

Welcome Chonaman!

by | 12/6/2005 20:41 PM

Chonaman will be taking over as Rome: Total War Heaven's strategy administrator.

I have great faith he'll do a great job, as he's also worked with me at Rise & Fall Heaven.


Patch Update

by | 12/6/2005 8:33 AM

Creative Assembly employee, CaptainFishpants has posted on the forums notifying us of the fact that the new patch is being tested:
The patch is now being tested, which means that it will be available within a reasonable amount of time. I must stress that "reasonable" in this context means when it's ready, and not within days. There will be further announcements shortly as to what has been fixed.
Good news! I wonder what they've fixed... I guess we'll see fairly shortly.

Looks like the forum party was fun!

by | 12/4/2005 10:02 AM

Ace just posted a bit of a recap for one of the battles he played at yesterday's forum party. Here's a small excerpt:
The infantry lines were fairly evenly drawn, with my men possessing a slight advantage due to the fact that my archers caused Aeneas' Plumbatarii to waste two volleys while my men were throwing at him and the fact that my archers caused damage to their front line from the back. On the cavalry front, BigD's Catafractii charge caused one unit of Sarmatians to rout, and while the other 5 didn't instantly rout, they were fairly doomed. The pressure from the Catafractii then caused two to start fighting to the death, while the rest of the Sarmatians I was fighting with my Clibinarii routed. Some of Aeneas' Plumbatarii were then forming a screen between my Clibinarii and the main line, so I ordered my Clibinarii to focus their attack on them and then ordered them to attack Aeneas' line that was engaging mine, running the Plumbatarii over, and crashing into the line. The rest of the battle was essentially just rolling up Aeneas' and Spitful's lines with our cavalry.
You can check out the full writeup here!