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A splash of red (and a happy Christmas to you all)

by | 12/24/2009 12:04 PM

As you may have noticed there's more red on the forums than there used to be, a nice little Christmas present if you will.

[b][c=red]Terikel Grayhair[/c][/b] has been promoted to the rank of Angel for his excellent work on the Rome: Total War side of TWH. Congratulations! Since we hired him a year ago he's written many excellent articles for the strategy and history sections of our site and he has helped many people on the forums who needed help or were looking for strategies and tactics to use. He has also taken excellent care of the War Stories forum.

On behalf of the Total War Heaven staff team: merry Christmas everyone! Feel free to congratulate Terikel or share your wishes on our forums.

Voting Now Open

by | 12/24/2009 1:45 AM

As the title says, the Voting threads for the Tenth Semi-Annual Awards are now open.

Please vote only once (per heaven, and once per Community Award) and remember to vote for only one candidate per award- multiple votes will be ignored.

Each subheaven (Medieval, Rome, Empire) and the Red Lion Tavern has its own awards. There is a thread for the Community Awards in each, but remember to only vote once!

Poll: How often do you still play RTW?

by | 12/19/2009 10:44 AM

We've got a new poll (finally), asking:

It's been five years since RTW's release. How often do you still play?

Please vote in the voting booth to the right and feel free to discuss here on our forums.

The previous poll asked how often everyone used cheats in RTW. Most people (404) say they never use cheats and 189 people use them once or twice just to try them out. 150 voters use them to get out of tight spots in the game while only 49 have worn away the decal on the console button.

New Article by Legion of Hell: The Battle of Sybota

by | 12/8/2009 0:30 AM

Legion of Hell has written a very concise and detailed description of the naval Battle of Sybota, on of the causes of the Peloponnesian War which so devastated ancient Greece. This prelude to war can be found here.

Praise, critiques, other comments can be left here.

X Semi-Annual Awards Are Underway

by | 12/3/2009 4:32 AM

That's right folks. Jingle bells, jingle bells, the awards are on the way.

You can find the Discussion and Nominations threads for the pertinent in the Discussion Forums and in the Red Lion Tavern.

Nominations will close on 22 December, with a two week voting period beginning shortly thereafter.

If you have a desire to present the awards this go-around, contact Terikel. Remember that good presentations count towards Custom Titles.

New Article by Edorix: Roman Britain

by | 12/1/2009 0:33 AM

Edorix has delved once again into the past of his beloved Rainy Isles, this time looking at the Romans in Britain, and how they brought it into the growing Empire.

You may read the article here. Worthy praise and other comments may be left here.