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Voting Closes Tomorrow

by | 12/30/2011 4:52 AM

See headline.

Clear enough?

Three Days or Less

by | 12/29/2011 0:46 AM

Within the rising of the sun for the third time from the moment these runes were inscribed, the Voting Scrolls of the XII Awards shall close.

If thou has yet to let thy voice be heard, NOW is the time to do so.

We thank those who have already let their voice be heard, and look forward with very curious eyes to see if there are enough to justify holding the XIII Awards in the following Midwinters time.

XII Awards Voting- One week remaining

by | 12/25/2011 7:29 AM

Just a little reminder to our forummers both new and veteran-

Voting shall end when 2011 ends.

That is a week from now (if you share my personal time zone), and these days tend to be filled with family events, parties, festivities, and other trivial matters that tend to interfere with attending our forums.

We count on your support- so please vote!

Happy Holidays to All

by | 12/25/2011 7:27 AM

It is that time of year again, and so the Staff at TWH wishes all a Happy Holiday Season.

Thus it was wished; so will it be.

Happy holidays and a happy and healthy 2012 to all.

One Market Interval Remains

by | 12/23/2011 6:04 AM

The end of Voting for the XII Awards draws near.

In one market interval- eight of your modern days, the scrolls shall close and be removed to the High Hall for counting.

Those of you who wish to have thy voice heard, do so before then. To those who do not speak, thou must retain thy silence until the XIII Awards open in the eleventh month of the coming year. In other words, we wish to hear no complaints once the scrolls close.

Speak soon.

Eight days, at this time of year, fly by quicker than a hummingbird being chased by a Persian arrow.

An Angel Becomes a Man Again

by | 12/21/2011 5:34 AM

Today is the day of the Winter solstice, the darkest day of the year.

On this day, to make it darker, a light in the Heavens was extinguished. The Angel Edorix, who has contributed greatly to this site during his time in the clouds, has chosen to cast from himself the divine mantel of the Angels to walk again in the Mortal Lands below.

He has chosen his day well, for his return to the lands below mark the turning of Sol's journeys. The days will become brighter for those below for the next six months, his final parting gift to those he has served for and served with for the last eighteen months.

We all thank you, Edorix, for your efforts and accomplishments, and wish you well in your future journeys.

Do not be a stranger.

You may leave your farewells, comments, and praises upon this scroll.

The Clouds Thicken

by | 12/20/2011 11:53 AM

The hour is nigh, little man.
The hour is nigh when the God will fall.
Heed the call of The Awakening!


And good luck.

The Gathering of the Clouds

by | 12/17/2011 9:38 AM

The flame will go out.
The flame will go out, little man.
The flame will go out at the call of The Awakening.

Has the word been spoken? Has the wolf yet howled?

On the Fields of Elysium, at the Fall of the God, the flame will go out that has long been kept lit.

The flame, little man. The flame will go out with the call of The Awakening.

At the speaking of the word; at the howling of the wolf; the call of The Awakening will draw the flame down into the Deep. Heed the call of the Awakening.

The drums, the drums... do you not hear the drums? Heed the call of The Awakening.

The God will fall, little man.

He will fall.

A Day in Viking Lands Concludes

by | 12/11/2011 3:43 AM

Terikel was flat on his back after tripping over the tail of the Beast. The Mother of the Beast was emerging from the cave, with her fangs dripping with liquid hate and poisonous vengeance. She easily cleared what would have been a constricting trap by the mouth to advance upon the fallen Northman.

Terikel watched Death approach. He was helpless with his sword just out of reach from the fall, and his axe blunted and notched and utterly useless in his present position. The Beast took a step forward and licked her chops in anticipation. . .

Death lifted his sickle for the final moment. As he stepped forward, however, he promptly turned to face the Beast, put down his sickle, and watched an unexpected development occur. He made a mental note to check his agenda and the front page of RTWH more closely in the future.

Another beast was approaching. It was a rather small but furious lizard barreling down the mountainside with mayhem on its mind. It landed on the head of the huge Mother Beast with a resounding smack.

In that instant the situation had changed. Death was now a spectator as the two beasts tussled and fought. The Viking regained both his feet and his sword to rise like a great wave from the swell of tossing battle. He took one look at the Mother Beast, another at the young dinosaur that was attacking her, and made his choice. He hefted his blades and rushed into the fray with a battlecry of pure joy at this second chance to fight and slay.

Together, the old Viking and the young dino tore Mother Beast to bits. Death finally finished updating his app and saw in his portable agenda that his appointment had indeed been changed, and stepped in. With one little swipe of his sickle, the Mother Beast was harvested to his realm and both he and her disappeared to leave this tale.

Terikel turned his blades toward the slender tyranosaurus that had just saved him, and wiped his blades with a smile. He put the blades away when the dinosaur grinned in return and sat back on his haunches.

"Thanks for the hand, mate," the Viking croaked. Two battles in such a short while had parched his throat. "It is not often I require aid in slaying a beastie."

"No worries," the dino replied. He licked his wounds to help them heal, then added, "She cursed me to be small, so got what she deserved. A shame, though- had I been able to grow, she might have made a fine mate- strong-willed and handsome when seen through reptilian eyes."

The Viking smiled and pulled from his belt a horn. He said a few words, and the thing filled with honey mead. He took a sip. His wounds healed, his burns turned a healthy pink, and the dents in his helmet disappeared. He then said a few more words and handed the horn to the dragon.

"For the thirst," he said, "and thy wounds."

The little dragon, who was likewise thirsty after the battle, took a sip. In an instant his wounds were healed as were those of the Vikings, but more, he began to grow. And little bumps were growing from his shoulders.

"What the . . .?" the dinosaur said in astonishment. The bumps grew into wings and his body filled out in strength and size. He was no longer a tiny tyranosaurus, but now a full-fledged dragon.

"My thanks," the Viking said. He revealed then spread wings of his own- six very large ones. "I am Terikel Grayhair, seraph of Rome:Total War Heaven, and I would like you to join my crew in the best heaven this side of the Dark Divide. You got a name?"

The cherub grinned as he thought of his new wings. "Call me Draak."

"Well met, Draak," the Viking Seraph said as he held out his hand.

Draak gently shook the proffered hand with his talons. "Well met, Old One."

You too may congratulate the new cherub Draak in this thread.

A Day in Viking Lands

by | 12/8/2011 2:50 AM

Terikel was having a good day. His sword was nearly sated with the blood of enemies, his axe notched and blunted from hacking through armored scales as thick as his thumb, and his skin scraped and burned here and there, but not too seriously. In all, it was a good fight. The Beast was fallen.

The Viking strode forward to claim the contents of the cave for his own. His bones were old, but they were strong. The recent battle and the various wounds from tooth and claw did not help, but it was still a proud stride he forward he took. The wounds actually gave him a bit of a swagger. Why not? The Beast was dead by his hand, and there were grateful maidens to rescue and a boatload of treasure to harvest.

He entered the cave bravely. Proudly even. And was promptly knocked back on his ancient ass by something far more terrible than the Beast. It was the Beast's Mother. And she was very angry at the defeat and death of her brood at the hands of this old Viking.

Terikel recoiled at this unexpected and utterly vicious apparition. He took a step back, then another as his sword and axe came into play. He could buy time by retreating to the cave's mouth, where he had room outside for proper weaponplay and the cave itself would hinder the claws and fangs of the Beast's Mother. Ye the Old One forgot one thing. The Beast outside had a tail, a thick one, and that stretched across his path.

The Viking stumbled, then fell as he tripped over the unexpected obstacle. He tried to rise, but slipped in the blood pooled upon the rosy rock. The Beast's Mother advanced. . .

Is this to be the end of our Viking? Is Terikel the Terrible about to become Terikel the Toothache? What the hell is this story about?

Stay tuned for the upcoming sequel to find out. . .

Voting Now Open for XII Awards

by | 12/5/2011 7:03 AM

Hail, denizens of Total War Heaven!

Voting in the XII Awards is now open.

A thread has been posted in each respective Heaven, with the nominations of each upon each. You may cast you vote (one per category, please!) upon that scroll. There is also a Voting Thread for the Red Lion Tavern, and another for the Community at Large. These two are to be found in the Red Lion Tavern.

Voting will close upon the passing of 2011.

XII Nominations Now Closed

by | 12/2/2011 1:33 AM

The Nominations are now closed.

If you missed them this month, then chastise yourself for not popping in this entire month. You may yet find redemption though, as the Voting Scrolls for the XII Awards will soon appear. Cast thy vote (only one vote per category, please) and all will be forgiven.

Stay tuned for more updates as they happen...

Two Swaps In Progress

by | 12/2/2011 1:30 AM

The Bardic Circle now has two Swap Games goin, a TWH first, as far as I can rcall. One is Vanilla, leading the Gauls, while the other is Barbarian Invasion as the Goths.

Pop by and view the details as our crews battle the world for dominance.