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December's Poll Finally Up

by | 12/15/2012 13:09 PM

Finally the Old One stopped slugging ale like it was water and made the new poll. You can see it in the Polls.

On another voting note, Voting in the XIII Awards is still open for a little while longer. If you have yet to drop your ballot, do so.

New Amazon Re-Ignited Release

by | 12/14/2012 1:00 AM

ParthianShot has released an updated version of her Amazon:Total War Re-Ignited mod. This one is 6.0K, and fixes and/or tweaks a number of issues from 6.0J.

There are a few new units added- Libyan Amazon Chariots, Pathfinders, British Amazon Chariots among them- and a host of reskins and other tweaks to make the game more enjoyable and visually enhanced. The Roman Amazon Auxilia uniform issue that has been causing those ugly CTDs has now been fixed.

You can catch the details and the download link on this thread.