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Autumn Came at Christmas

by | 12/25/2013 4:36 AM

Usually the autumn begins in September. That is when the leaves begin turning from green to red, then to brown, then fall off and die. It is a time of change, of preparing for the cold, and a time of dread- what if the Sun does not return in the Spring? Will we be locked into the cold forever?

Yet Christmas brings hope. It is in this time that most Northern Europeans notice the days beginning to get longer. The Sun is returning, and that needs to be celebrated. How better to celebrate this than to turn our own staff from Green to Red? Both are holiday colors, and both of our cherubs have performed admirably in their tour so far.

Thus the Viking, in conference with his peers, has dipped our cherubs in crimson and turned them loose upon the heavens as full-fledged angels.

Congratulations to General Sajaru and Awesome Eagle.

You may deposit thy comments upon this congratulatory scroll.

XIIII Awards Voting Scroll Now Open

by | 12/15/2013 4:19 AM

The Voting Scroll from the XIII TWH Awards is now open. Please remeber that unlike normal democratic elections, in the Voting Thread you are allowed only one vote per category.

The Voting Scroll is for Voting only. All chatter, blabber, comments, remarks, witticisms, etc can be scribbled upon the Discussion Scroll as many times as you wish.

Voting will probably close at the end of the year or shortly thereafter, depending on hangovers and headaches. After that, we will present the awards.

So if you want to vote, there is a very short window in which to do so. So get cracking!

December's Poll Graces Our Pages

by | 12/3/2013 4:23 AM

As the title says, a new poll has been constructed and published.

Please feel free to let thy voice be heard.