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Units I can trust

by | 3/31/2005 22:51 PM

One of our forumers, ttnguyen05 has started a great series of threads about 'units he can trust.' They're very informative threads and certainly work a look if you're interested in figuring out what units you can trust.

In my survey of the RTW factions, I have had the opportunity to command a wide array of infantry units and assess their reliability in fulfilling infantry duties (advancing under fire, holding the line, conducting sieges, etc). With any faction, I have sought after dependable infantry who can weather opposing missile fire and hold the line against enemy infantry. If they could actually break the enemy center on their own, I would be incredibly grateful. Countless times I have gotten excited about utilizing an infantry unit only to be disappointed by white flags in the most absurd of situations (1 Libyan spearmen unit assaulting the flank of an engaged hastati unit and still breaking). I have also been wonderfully surprised by the effectiveness of predictably mediocre infantry. I have decided to put together a list of infantry I can trust and infantry I wouldn’t trust in any part of my center. This list is broken down in further sections of infantry that I’ve given second thoughts on and perhaps that portion would breed discussion. This list is by no means exhaustive or authoritative. My objective is to convey my experience with RTW infantry and draw feedback from your experiences.

Check out the threads here!

New Strategy Article

by | 3/30/2005 22:39 PM

Sassenach has written us a great article for the Strategy section. It's a general guide to 'migration' on the campaign map. It also includes a step by step guide to migration with Carthage. The article seems to boast some great advise:

The aim of a mass migration strategy is to set out from the very beginning to transport a particular faction to a totally different part of the map, with different resources, different enemies, different tactical imperatives – basically a different game. Migrations can be used to give you a strategic advantage. The first time I ever tried one was when I moved the Scythians to Sicily, moving from the poorest territories on the periphery of the map to some of the richest, right at the heart of the action. Usually though, starting a mass migration is not going to make the game any easier for you. It’s a high risk-high reward strategy that involves you burning all your bridges, if you make one little mistake it can be game over.

Check out the full article here! Have an article you'd like to see in the Strategy section? Read the submission guidelines and send it to me!

Ladder Update

by | 3/30/2005 12:54 PM

The ladder has really grown since last week. A whopping 116 games have been played total, with very little problems. Scores have fluctuated a lot, and our previously reigning champion, Ace_Cataphract, has been superceded by Arcani Legion! Though I suppose the fact that Ace is out of town has something to do with it ;-)

At the time of posting, the top 5 ranked members are:

  1. Arcani Legion (Rookie) - 38
  2. Ace_Cataphract (Rookie) - 29
  3. DreamiusTrippius (Newbie) - 24
  4. Firefox (Newbie) - 22
  5. Gaurdian_112 (Newbie) - 22

There will also be several rules added/revised within the next few days, to accommodate new issues and clarify old ones. As always, changes to the rules will be posted in the thread prior to coming into effect, so keep an eye out for changes and be sure you're up to date on the rules :-)

All in all, the ladder is doing great. Keep the games pouring in, guys!

Change in Administration

by | 3/29/2005 20:46 PM

Lately Ueriah's real life has been catching up with him and he's told me he feels like he's no longer able to invest the time it takes into administrating the Strategy Section. He's resigning from his position as the section administrator. He'll continue to do what he feels he does best; hosting the forum parties, writing wrapups and the occasional article.

Until such a time when the Strategy Administrator position is filled, it'd be great if you could email any strategy articles you have to me. If you submitted an article to Ueriah and it hasn't yet been uploaded it's also a good idea to get in touch with me as it may have been lost in translation, and I'd hate to skip over any good articles. I'll be uploading the articles Ueriah wasn't able to get to over the next week. Thanks for your time and my apologies for any confusion this may have been caused.

In case you hadn't realized it, this is more of an informative post than anything else.

Poll Roundup

by | 3/28/2005 21:45 PM

Last week's poll asked; "Do you visit our forums?" It looks like the majority of you visit every day. Pretty impressive. Here's the final results:

Yep, every day. [83 votes]
Occasionally [60 votes]
Nope, I'm interested in site content [18 votes]
The what? [9 votes]

I normally put in a little under hour, or so of RTW (weekends don't count =p) a day. How about you? Vote here!

Thanks to Firefox/DarkProph13 for the poll idea!

Last Week in Rome...

by | 3/27/2005 21:00 PM

Yipes, we had a busy week last week. Last Sunday the ladder started off and it seems to be a huge success thus far. Quite a lot of games have been played, and we currently have six players past the twenty point part. If you haven't already done so head on over and activate your ladder account!

By way of articles, the history section received a couple of submissions. Ueriah also wrote up a forum party wrapup which he posted on the forums, it's also available on the site. The site also had a couple new sections added. The first of which is the Game Modifications section. It's looking great thus far and things can only get better. We also got a community links page up.

As always the forums have been active. A couple posts of note that I'd like to point out are Collective Data on Charge Bonuses by DoitzelKaiserIII, and Interesting Cultural Penalty Findings by ttnguyen05. Both are very helpful and interesting posts that advise checking out.

That's it for last week. What's coming up? I can't say for sure, other than that you'll be getting some more content. I would also like to think that it's worth my time to point out that the first of April falls next Friday. See you around Rome!

Links Page

by | 3/27/2005 12:27 PM

I've just put up a links page that links people to other Rome: Total War sites in the community. The page can be found in the community section.

As the page is still new I imagine we're missing some clan or modification group links, but I'm hoping you guys can fill in the missing sites.

Announcing the Game Modifications Section

by | 3/26/2005 16:53 PM

I'm most please to be able to announce the launch of our Game Modifications section! The section will cover community modifications and will host tutorials. We're doing quite well in the content department thus far, and things can only get better. Unfortunately Ace, who's covering the community modifications will be out of town this coming week so you might not see any huge updates for about a week or so. Never fear though, for Adder is here!

No, seriously, I'm going to try to get some more mod content up while Ace is gone. I'm afraid I won't be able to stand in for him on the ladder, however. ;-)

The Punic Wars

by | 3/25/2005 15:52 PM

This week's second History Article, written by Celer, gives us a summary of the hassle between Rome and Carthage during the early Republic;

The Punic Wars were a series of wars fought between the Two Great Empires of the Mediterranean, Rome and Carthage. Carthage had long been a thorn in Rome’s eyes. It was rich from trading and had numerous ports and a big navy. Rome, at that time, had just fought and defeated the Latin League, the Samnites and King Pyrrhus and still confident from her victories, was looking for more territory.

We are always looking for history articles. Do you have anything you would like to share with the RTWH Community? Please consult the History Section Submission Guidelines for more info.

Forum Party March 26

by | 3/25/2005 12:49 PM

As another weekend arrives, it's time to test your skills against your fellow Heavengamers at the Heavengames Forum Party. Click here for details. Hope to see you there!

Ladder Scores - Updates

by | 3/24/2005 1:43 AM

Thanks to Ace_Cataphract, we spotted some bad scores that are a result of a couple of bugs early on (Now fixed). Some people had scores that didn't match the amount of games they'd won and lost. Several of you will notice your scores lower than they were, but they're now correct, so please don't complain ;)

In my brief description of the ladder happenings yesterday, I noted that Firefox was at the top of the ladder. When compensating for score deficiencies, this is not so. In fact, Ace, who spotted the off scores, is our current champion with 21 points.

History Article!

by | 3/23/2005 18:51 PM

Forumer MaceHead has submitted a nice history article, giving us an overview of the Thracians, their religion and warfare.

By the second millennium BC, the people in the central and southern Balkans were developing a unique culture and language, and became known as the Thracians. Herodotus described the Thracians as the most numerous people of all; He said that only their chronic disunity prevented them from being the most powerful of all nations. The Thracians were broken up into a large number of groups and tribes, and this is why they never become powerful enough to keep enemy's out and conquered other nations.

Do you have a history article you would like to see in our history section? If so, make sure to read through our history article submission guidelines!

Forum Party Wrap-up

by | 3/23/2005 16:30 PM

The last Forum Party was a blast, and the Rome vs Barbarians game covered in Ueriah's Forum Party Wrap-up was no exception;

This week’s forum showcase is for the Roman vs Barbarian game that I hosted this past week. It was a pretty close game with a lot of maneuvering. The match I had with Dent had some great twists and an ambush that caught me totally off guard, and the match between GoS, Nero, Imothorn, and Macehead is a great parable in the use of timing with cavalry. It was during daylight hours in amiable weather when the Barbarians lined up against three Roman legions. The battle took place in the Italian Lowlands, a series of sloping plains with areas of both thick and thin forest, with each general having 10k at their disposal.

You can read the Wrap-up in its entirety here.

Ladder - The First Few Days In Review

by | 3/23/2005 9:41 AM

The ladder has had an excellent response in just four days. There have been sixteen games total so far and there are many more to come. In fact, I will be playing a game in about an hour!

We're currently at one of the most influential stages of the ladder, when winning or losing just a single game can make or break your ranking. It's been interesting watching scores rise and positions change. We currently have 37 people activated on the ladder, with 15 of them having played games already.

As of the posting of this article, Firefox is at the top of the ladder, with three wins, no losses, and a total of 23 points (2 more and he'll leave the newbie class and be a rookie!). Firefox isn't the only one performing well, however. Ace_Cataphract, DreamiusTrippius, and Cheesewiz are all doing good as well.

This has been a fun four days. I've only played three games, lost them all, and I'm still having a fun time. I'm also enjoying programming in new features and fixing bugs, but you don't want to hear about that ;) All in all, though, it's been a great start for the ladder, and I hope it continues!

Cultural Penalty Findings

by | 3/22/2005 19:44 PM

One of our forumers, ttnguyen05 has posted a very interesting topic about the cultural penalties. A lot of discussion has arisen and it's becoming more interesting by the hour. Here's an excerpt from his topic post:

A common question posited on this forum is how do we reduce/elminate cultural penalty? This question usually results in a flurry of responses, oftentimes contradicting one another (destroying foreign religious building but keeping other culturally foreign buildings). Being a student of Western thought, I decided to experiment in order to discern the truth from the misconceptions. In my current h/h Carthoginian campaign, I'm halfway through the Italian Peninsula and laying seige to a number of Julii cities. One city in particular had only a couple of seige weapons as its garrison, so I had a favorable opportunity to test the current crop of theories. Utilizing the load/save feature, I was able to test the effect of a number of factors on cultural penalty size: post-invasion resolutions (occupation, enslavement, or extermination), demolition of culturally foreign buildings, and population dumping.

Check out his thread here, in our General Discussions forum.

Poll Roundup

by | 3/21/2005 21:45 PM

It's Monday, possibly better known as RTWH Poll Result Day. Last week the poll asked; "What do you do when you capture settlements?" The majority of you are slave traders. That speaks very well of us gamers. ;-) I guess we can look at the bright side of things and notice that the second 'highest scoring' answer was that you "rain death from above." =/ Here's the full results:

Occupy the city. [36 votes] Enslave the populace. [171 votes] Rain death from above! [112 votes] Mostly I occupy, except when I need money. [85 votes]

This week the poll asks if you visit our forums. Vote here!

Sega Rep Posts on Creative Assembly

by | 3/21/2005 16:33 PM

I'm not quite sure how I missed this as this news is about a week old now but while browsing the Official Total War site I noticed a post by Alex a Sega representative. In it he talks about a number of things, most important of which is Creative Assembly's future in game creation. Here is an excerpt that looks very hopefully for the future of the Total War series:

It really is business as usual. Right now the focus is on Spartan: Total Warrior but the Total War series is not in danger and, we hope, will benefit from the support, resources and focus that Sega will pour into it. I say state categorically that there will be new Total War PC Strategy games from Creative Assembly and Sega.

You can check out Alex's topic and further posts here!

Phew, I was a little worried for a while. *Crosses fingers for an expansion pack*

Last Week in Rome...

by | 3/20/2005 19:45 PM

We had a fair bit a news last week. Starting us off GloryofSparta was promoted to administer the history section and contribute some content. We also got an article for the history section uploaded. And while we're on the subject of history, I opened a history forum for all you history buffs.

As always we've had some interesting posts across the forums. Indeed on our forums it was made known to me that the Rome: Total War Soundtrack was available for purchase.

Also announced this week was Rome: Total War Heaven's ladder. Mace put some extra time into getting it up and I must say, it looks great. There's still some kinks being worked out due to it being a new program but hopefully, with your feedback, it'll be running perfectly, soon. The ladder, announced yesterday has already had three games played. So far our resident Cherub, Ace seems to be doing quite well with two wins under his belt.

That's it for last week. What can you expect coming up? I cant say for sure. Hopefully some articles and more ladder games. See you on the battlefield (if you'd like to challenge your resident Seraph to a ladder game, give me an email.)

Ladder - Up and Running!

by | 3/19/2005 20:07 PM

Mace has put in a bunch of time and we now have his ladder program up and running. It looks great, and seems to function even better than it looks. You can check out the ladder here!

Since the program is new you may find some bugs. If you find a bug email it to Mace! If you have suggestions or comments for the ladder you can post them here. Enjoy the ladder. Hopefully I can catch some games with you guys this week.

Rome: Total War Soundtrack

by | 3/18/2005 20:58 PM

Rome: Total War's soundtrack is now available for purchase. Here's the press release from

Those of you who are big fans of the music in Rome: Total War can now buy a special edition CD featuring the music! With extended versions and two additional tracks these will be an awesome purchase for any TW fan. Just don't be tempted to scream 'Charge!' when listening in the car and put your foot down...

You can buy it here!

Thanks to Ichbinian for letting us know!

Forum Party, Sat March 19

by | 3/18/2005 6:01 AM

It’s that time again, time for the weekly Forum Party! Come test your skills against your fellow HG forumers . Details can be found here. Hope to see you there!

Forum Code of Conduct Updated

by | 3/17/2005 21:37 PM

Just an update if you're signed up on our forums. We've updated our Code of Conduct to clarify some points and add a couple of things. You can check out what's been changed here.

Rome: Total War History

by | 3/17/2005 19:09 PM

We've had a lot of historical discussion pop up in the General Discussions forum lately so I figured I might as well create a place meant just for that type of discussion. The Rome: Total War History forum is for all the historians out there who want to discuss history at the time of the Roman Empire.


Do Numidians 'pwn'?

by | 3/16/2005 21:02 PM

Firefox sure thinks so. He's been experimenting with them and has had some surprisingly good results. Here's an excerpt from his strategy idea:

The next step depends on whether the enemy attempts to attack from both flanks or from just one flank. If he attacks from both flanks, he is likely to be overwhelmed on both. If he attacks from one, it depends on whether you think it is enough to rout that flank; if you think the flank can't handle the fighting on its own, supplement it by moving the other flank.

You can check out his thread and the ensuing discussion, here.

The History Section

by | 3/15/2005 16:52 PM

As you may have noticed the history section has been slightly reorganized. It's essentially the same but articles have been moved around a bit. To celebrate this reorganization I've uploaded an article by Ignoramus that deals with the 10th Legion.

I've also promoted GloryofSparta who'll be administering the History section (make sure to send all future articles to her) and working on some content. I wasn't actually planning on having her administer the History section, but seeing as she was going straight to Angel at Age of Mythology Heaven I decided to put her nice big wings to use. You can congratulate her here!

Poll Roundup

by | 3/14/2005 18:53 PM

Last week's poll asked; "What do you think of R:TW's Artificial Intelligence?" According to the results, the majority of you think it's average to good. Personally I voted average as there's some things I think can be improved. Here's the full results:

AI? I thought I was playing humans all the time in the campaign! [14 votes]
Good [127 votes]
Average [178 votes]
Poor [58 votes]
I prefer to describe it as the lack of one [47 votes]

This week's poll asks; "What do you do when you capture settlements?" Vote here!

Thanks to Ignoramus for the poll idea!

Last Week in Rome...

by | 3/13/2005 20:49 PM

First off I'd like to apologize for the lack of news over the past two days. I was out of town and had no internet access. Aside from the lack of news over the past couple days we had a bunch of news this week. The site underwent a bit of a redesign (the strategy and history sections) and a new section was added. The Community Section will provide links that directly relate to the Rome: Total War Heaven Community. From forum party information and wrapups, to contests and results you'll find links to it all there.

In the more official realm of news Creative Assembly was acquired by Sega. Creative also announced that they were working on a Spartan: Total Warrior.

That's it for last week. What's coming this week? I'm sure we'll see some articles, we also may see some more site updates. See you around Rome!

Xenos Alexios

by | 3/10/2005 22:55 PM

Memosarks, a local forummer, is writing a wonderful piece of fiction in the War Stories forum. Currently sporting three chapters, Xenos Alexios is turning out to be a fairly interesting read. The story is more character based, which is a nice change from the typical action-based story. Read the first three chapters, and check it regularly for new ones!

Official News from Creative

by | 3/10/2005 21:20 PM

Creative Assembly has released their official announcement for their upcoming game, Spartan: Total Warrior:

SEGA Europe Ltd, and The Creative Assembly (CA), have announced the action-based Spartan: Total Warrior for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft®, and Nintendo GameCube. The first game in the new Total Warrior franchise represents the development giant’s first console release. The Total WarTM and Total WarriorTM brands are very different beasts and the Total War franchise will continue to push the genre forward whilst staying true to its impeccable heritage. You can visit our Spartan: Total Warrior mini-site here or see the 1UP.COM feature (including the movie) here.

Just a note; we will not be covering Spartan: Total Warrior news past the really huge announcements. This is mostly due to the fact that it is a console game and not of interest to many people who visit this site.

Creative Assembly - Sega's property

by | 3/9/2005 18:32 PM

It seems Sega has acquired The Creative Assembly, the creators of our beloved Rome: Total War. Hopefully this is good, rather than bad news for the Total War series. That remains to be seen however, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope Sega does good things for CA. Here's an excerpt from the Gamespot news:

This morning, the newly formed Sega Sammy Group filed papers sealing its acquisition of UK-based developer The Creative Assembly. The news arrived at the same time the two companies made public an agreement to develop and publish the new action game Spartan: Total Warrior.

I guess the news isn't too odd considering that CA and Sega announced that they'd be working on a Spartan: Total War together.

I hope this news doesn't mean that we won't be getting an expansion for Rome: Total War. As I said all we can do is cross our fingers and hope to hear some more news!

Thanks to Elpea for letting us know!

Poll Roundup

by | 3/7/2005 18:31 PM

Last weeks poll asked; "Do you listen to the senate?" Apparently the majority of you only listen if the pay is good. Here's the final results:

Yes, I'm a good Roman Faction. [98 votes]
Sometimes; only if the pay is good [104 votes]
No way, I'm a rebel! Fight the power! [26 votes]

This weeks poll asks; "What do you think of R:TW's Artificial Intelligence?" Vote here!

Thanks to Firefox for the poll idea!