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Armoured Swordsmen

by | 3/31/2006 9:59 AM

Yeah, this is THE thing all of us have been waiting for, the weekly unit showcase! This time, displayed to us is the Armoured Swordsman!
Hailing from all partss of England, the only thing stopping these minor gentry from becoming full blown knights is the lack of funds to purchase the highly expensive charger needed as a mount.

With their plate armour and heater shield and wielding a longsword they supply a tough backbone for the English commanders to call upon!
Wait no more! Visit Creative Assembly's Medieval 2 site and check it out!

Some More Toons

by | 3/29/2006 14:13 PM

While we're at the subject of screenshots, I'd like to present four toons made by TotalWarFanatic and Lenardius VII. Take a gander at 'em!

Weekly Screenshot... and a Newsletter

by | 3/29/2006 13:54 PM

As per usual Wednesday falls on a Wednesday. Since Wednesday falls on a Wednesday and the official weekly screenshot is posted on a Wednesday, and March 29th falls on a Wednesday we can assume that the weekly screenshot has been posted by Creative Assembly. If you made that somewhat convoluted assumption it'd be correct. ;-)

Anyhow, check it out right here. But there's more to it... the second Medieval 2 Newsletter ended up in my inbox today. There was no new info to be gathered from it, but two additional screenshots, nonetheless! All of these, including the weekly screenshot feature the British (again!) If you don't happen to be subscribing to it already, don't fret; it is available in pure HTML!

More Toons

by | 3/25/2006 10:15 AM

Our Toons Gallery has been growing steadily over the past few weeks, with a number of really good submissions. The newest ones come from EnemyofJupitor, one of which displays a quite optimistic general!

We are always open for new submissions. Do you have a toon or funny screenshot you'd want to see in the gallery? Let us know!

Third 3D Unit Announced

by | 3/24/2006 6:32 AM

Yep, folks, the third Medieval 2 unit was announced and showcased today, being a Byzantine archer unit:
Trebizond Archers

These archers hail from the edge of the black sea and ply their trade in the service of Byzantium.

These men are recruited from the peasantry but well trained in the use of the compound bow.

They are effective against most lightly armoured infantry and when grouped in large numbers can become a real thorn in the side of any opponent.
You can find the unit's profile on Creative Assembly's Medieval 2 site.


by | 3/24/2006 6:11 AM

We recently received some great toons by TotalWarFanatic, one of which displays a not quite a wise decision by the Roman army, and an Arcani on his first day at work. :-)

Check them out in our Toons Gallery!

New Official Screenshot!

by | 3/22/2006 8:07 AM

It's wednesday, which means that the official Medieval 2 gallery has been updated with a brand-new screenshot featuring - again - the Brits duking it out with their foes on the rolling plains in front of a castle!

Check it out here!

Medieval 2 Official FAQ Updated

by | 3/21/2006 20:47 PM

Over at the official Total War forum, the folks at Creative Assembly have recently updated their Medieval 2 FAQ, which can be found here. This time, the questions and answers concern the campaign map. Most of the things discussed have been brought to light in past interviews, but it's still a good read, nonetheless! Definitely worthy of a glance! Here's an excerpt:
Q. How will missions be assigned?

A. Missions are assigned by the Council of Nobles - this represents the great nobles who's main role is give the player some guidance throughout the campaign by suggesting missions. Catholic nations will also be given missions by the Pope, with rewards or punishment depending on your standing with him.
Head over to the site and check it out!

New Medieval 2 Interview!

by | 3/19/2006 8:10 AM

The folks over at GameSpot have once again conducted an interview with Creative Assembly's project director Bob Smith, in which the light is shed on some of the more important ingredients on the campaign map, being diplomacy, trade and religion.
BS: The diplomacy system has been improved. We're going to give the player a lot more information about how the artificial intelligence feels both about them and about the offer on the table. However, at the same time the AI will take offence at insulting offers and will have a better memory of past dealings. You should be able to trust your allies, but only up to a point.
The article also includes a number of new screenshots, one of which displays the archers' deployment of stakes to bar cavalry raids against the archer line.

Check it out here and head over to the thread in our Medieval 2 forum to discuss it!
Thanks to MaximusDecimus for the heads-up!

New Medieval 2 3D Unit Unveiled!

by | 3/18/2006 15:42 PM

The second unit to be included in Creative Assembly's next instalment in the Total War series has been unveiled to us, being the Feudal Knight! Below are the details on the unit:
The Scottish Feudal knight is a rare breed in Scotland as few Scottish nobles could afford the great expense of equipping themselves like this.

These Knights though are indicative of the mail armoured knight prominent in Western Europe during the medieval period. The Feudal Knight was used to crush opposing infantry and to ride down enemy cavalry until the appearance of plate armour.
Check it out here!

Medieval 2 Toon

by | 3/18/2006 9:58 AM

Friends of Rome, we are proud to present the first ever Medieval 2 toon! Submitted to us by Marcus Orentius, it has been put in our toon gallery. Check it out!

New Medieval 2 Screenshots

by | 3/16/2006 12:46 PM

Not too long ago, the weekly Medieval 2 screenshot has been posted. This time we're able to see an array of cannons and their crew. But there's more to it; by clicking on the Advance button you will discover that you can see some more screenshots. Actually, there are 9 of them. Yeah, you heard it right! :-)

Last Week in Rome...

by | 3/12/2006 22:31 PM

Last week was pretty much like any other week, with some exceptions; a new era has commenced as RTWH is once again taken in charge of by a new Seraph. Actually, there are two of us. Yes, that's right! Me and Crazed Ewok will do our very best to keep the site in shape and serve you, the community!

Contentwise, a number of history articles, and one strategy article have been received and duly posted on the site. Check the previous news posts for details. We have also received a whole lot of Funny Screenshots, which are located in our Gallery.

We also got to learn about a new Medieval 2 unit, as the first 3D unit profile was showcased over at the official Total War site. The Creative Assembly have also launched a new Medieval 2 FAQ in the official forums. While there's not alot of new info to gather from it, it's still a worthwhile read, and definitely something to keep an eye on as it expands!

What can you expect next week? I don't have a clue, maybe you do? See you around Rome!

New History Article... and Seven Funny Screenshots

by | 3/12/2006 13:39 PM

Friends of Rome, we are proud to announce that we've got a new history article sent to us, this time by Johndisp, in which he gives us an account of Nero, suitably nicknamed 'madman':
You would be hard pressed to find a worse Roman Emperor than Nero. Other horrid men come to mind; Caligula and Commodus to name a few, but none can match the disgrace that Nero brought to the title. From his incestuous habits to his excessive spending of the Roman Treasury, nearly everything he touched turned foul.

In other news, seven new screenshots submitted by NA Lord Blaine and Ichbinian are put in our Funny Screenshot Gallery, check them out!

Some Medieval 2 News!

by | 3/11/2006 19:19 PM

The official Total War site was recently updated. A screenshot gallery, and the most notable feature being a to-be-regularly-updated 3D unit profile section! Below are some details on the first showcased unit, the Zweihander:
Literally meaning two-handers, (in German), in reference to the grip needed to wield their massive swords.

Zweihanders are very heavily armoured foot troops which can cut a bloody swathe through nearly all infantry they will encounter through the game.

This unit is deployed by the Holy Roman Empire and often forms the van when assaulting enemy battlelines.

Check it out here, on the official Medieval 2 info page!

The Creative Assembly have also launched a new Medieval 2 FAQ in the official forums. While there's not alot of new info to gather from it, it's still a worthwhile read, and definitely something to keep an eye on as it expands!

Thanks to Jaime Medrano for the heads-up!

Six New Toons!

by | 3/11/2006 16:53 PM

We recently received four funny screenshots from Marcus Orentius, and two from MaximusDecimus, which now are duly put in our Toons Gallery. Check them out here!

If you have a toon or funny screenshot from RTW or BI that you would like to be featured in our Gallery, please send it to me.

New Seraphs

by | 3/11/2006 10:48 AM

After the shaky period left by Adder's resignation, I'm happy to announce that Rome: Total War Heaven finally has a new seraph. Well, seraphs, actually. That's right. GloryofSparta and I are now the seraphs in charge of running this site. I'll mainly be focusing on content and other site features while Glory will be tending to the needs of the forums and communicating with The Creative Assembly.

On another note, it's a great day today because we also have a new history article. Augustus - The First of Many is a new, superb article by Jonathon Clark. It gives a nice review on Augustus Caesar's life and is in a very informative format.

Excuse me, GloryofSparta and I now have to go conquer the rest of HeavenGames.

Strategy and History Articles

by | 3/7/2006 21:22 PM

Hello all! I'm happy to announce we have a few more articles up for your reading pleasure. Firstly, we have a Strategy article by Cueball, Alexander's Art of War. It shows you how to use the same tactics Alexander once used in Rome: Total War.

Secondly, there's also a History article by D Furius Venator which gives examples and overviews of how inspiring heroes were in the days of old. The article is called Real Heroes.

Both are worth a read, so get to it!