News Archives - March 2007

RTWH Forum Party VI Sunday 25th March

by | 3/23/2007 6:19 AM

The forum parties are back, back, back. Unpack your lorica segmenta and sharpen your gladius for fighting with or against your fellow TWH'ers.

Check out the times and discuss the parties in the forum party thread.

Imperial Romans History Article

by | 3/21/2007 10:04 AM

Archdruid has submitted an very comprehensive study of how the Romans came to acquire their empire and the reasons for it. You can read it and our other history articles here in our history section.

Forum Party

by | 3/10/2007 12:47 PM

Last week, we decided to adopt a every-other-week basis for forum parties on TWH. It's, so far, working well, and we hope that it'll prolong community interest in the parties as well as provide more able players for both sessions.

This week is RTW's turn. We'll be starting at 2 PM EST/7 PM GMT until everyone leaves.

Make sure to read the thread if you're new to forum parties, for there are rules and information you must know.

I hope everyone in attendance will enjoy the wars!

Dismounted Scythia Mod Released!

by | 3/5/2007 16:49 PM

Marcus Orentius, PrivateClark and Carthage have released Dismounted Scythia, a mod giving the Scythians a wider selection of foot units.

The Mod gives Scythia four more infantry units, two of them foot archers. Each unit has it's own description and unit card, and they are all included on the building roster and are available in campaign!

Comment or ask questions in this thread or download it from the RTWH Downloads section here.

Downloads Administrator Needed

by | 3/1/2007 19:59 PM

With the sad resignation of Jax, M2TWH and RTWH are in need of a downloads administrator. We are looking for someone who is somewhat active in our forums and has knowledge of both Medieval 2: Total War and Rome: Total War. We'd also like this staff member to have some experience in modifying the games (ideally, both).

If you'd like to apply (and intend to follow through with the process), please send your forums username, how long you've been at TWH, why you think you should have the position, any contributions you've made so far and anything else you'd like to say (experience in HTML/CSS, what modding work you have done). Contributions to our site so far will give you better chances of being accepted. Please send your application to Crazed Ewok.

Thank you and good luck!

Jax is resigning!

by | 3/1/2007 16:30 PM

That's right, I am resigning! My reign (under Cray and GoS, of course) was a little short lived at TWH, but I enjoyed my time here nevertheless.

Visit this thread to find out more and say bye to me.