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New Article by Edorix: The Mighty Belgae

by | 3/17/2010 6:44 AM

Ever heard of these guys? Once they were the most powerful barbarians west of the Rhenus, a curious cross between Gauls and Germans- both of whom terrified the Romans. Yet Caesar went up and dealt with them so thoroughly they nearly disappeared from history.

Do you want to know how? Or who they were? Then click here and read his thoughts on the matter.

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New Article by Punic Hoplite: Alaric and the Fall of Rome

by | 3/10/2010 0:52 AM

Lord Punic Hoplite has turned his sharp gaze and analytical mind to examining the Gothic king Alaric and his role in the eventual Fall of Rome.

You may read the article here.

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A Petition to Creative Assembly

by | 3/8/2010 13:02 PM

Since the early days of Total War, modification has been a major part of the the series' community, and in many ways a major reason for the very popularity of the games. It is no news, to anyone, however, that the more recent releases have proved far more difficult to mod, and with Creative Assembly announcing they will release no official modding tools for Napoleon: Total War, one fan has made the decision to bring this issue to attention. Marcus Cornelius Marcellus , TWC member and former leader of the popular mod, Rome Total Realism has released a petition to CA to not forget those "revolutionaries" who love the freedom given them by the ability to mod, as the series moves forward. An honest plea from some of the truest fans that the Total War games have.

Read the thread, as posted on our forums by BritishWarlord, by following this link, and add your support to the petition at the Facebook group. May the Red Mod Army march on...

New Artcile by Erzin: Custom Campaigns: Adding Some Spice to Campaigns

by | 3/3/2010 6:07 AM

Grow your cities, recruit your armies, face down the same old enemies time and again... Tired of the same old drudgery? Try something new. Lord Erzin tells us how to breathe new life into campaigns.

"Custom Campaigns: Adding Some Spice to Campaigns" speaks of various customized campaigns, as well as a few other things to bring back the excitement of tearing your enemies apart on ancient battlefields.

Travel here to peruse his esteemed work. It is also to be found under Strategy->Campaigns header to the left.

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New Article: Truth or Fantasy?

by | 3/1/2010 9:14 AM

Our Ancient One looks at some of our beloved game's more exotic (or downright silly) units to answer the title question concerning them.

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