News Archives - March 2012

Mercenaries and Sellswords

by | 3/23/2012 15:05 PM

The Old One has again recounted his experiences as a rising warrior in the Times of Troubles, this time relaying tales of the hardest men who ever killed for coin. Mercenaries and Sellswords is his history of mercenaries in our world as well as our game world, and some do's and don'ts concerning them.

You may read his runes here, and leave thy own runes with praise, commentaries, or thrashings upon this scroll.

BI Swap Two: Voting Opens!

by | 3/22/2012 2:06 AM

After three weeks of very quiet discussion, voting has now opened on the upcoming Barbarian Invasion swap game. For the next three weeks, you can have your say on the next faction - so swing by here to vote, or just to sign up!

Server Blip

by | 3/19/2012 2:59 AM

You may have noticed that your favorite site was not available Sunday. It was not your rig that had problems, folks, it was our servers. They required a hard reboot, which was promptly ordered, and within a few hours HeavenGames was alive and well again.

We will be migrating our site to new servers soon, and hopefully in doing so avoid this kind of service interruption.

Open to Suggestions

by | 3/13/2012 1:27 AM

The Ides of Martius are almost upon us, which means the Kalends of April and a new Poll are not far behind. Do you have an idea for our new poll? Go to this thread and let thy ideas shine forth.

Green Flares to Bloody Wings

by | 3/3/2012 3:29 AM

After a long time in pine green, the cherub Punic Hoplite has now shed his serpentine skin to reveal his true color- the color of blood in the sand. It is with great pleasure that I this day pour the anointing oil upon his tiny wings and watch them grow into the wings of a full-fledged angel.

Conga Rats, noble Angel Punic Hoplite!

Thou may cast thy conga rats at the new Angel in this scroll.