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Bombardment Strategy

by | 4/30/2005 14:47 PM

The Mighty Pharoah has written an article about how to gain the upper hand with barbarian factions against more civilized factions such as Rome using the so called "Bombardment Strategy".

This amazing new strategy allows Barbarians to finally get the upper hand on Romans and Greeks. For it to succeed, you will need the following:

  1. One Brain.
  2. A barbarian nation with good foot archers and heavy infantry and a fairly good cavalry.
  3. An enemy of AI VH difficulty.

Check out the full article here.

Of Forum Parties

by | 4/29/2005 21:32 PM

As per usual our weekly forum party is taking place tomorrow. I'd check it out; it's great fun. Take a gander at the thread for more information!

On the subject of Forum Parties, GloryofSparta has written us a great wrapup of one of the games that took place last week. A game between myself, Tiresias and her that was a lot of fun. It's a great wrapup, check it out here!


by | 4/29/2005 18:09 PM

GameSpot just posted in their news some information about a Rome: Total War expansion pack:

But, given that Sega now owns the Creative Assembly, would Activision publish the expansion to Rome: Total War? That question remains unanswered, given that neither Activision had responded to comments as of press time. For their part, Sega of America reps said they were unaware of any such project. "We own the studio, but that does not mean that we will publish every title," said one. "Especially those titles that are under existing contracts with other publishers."

I'd guess that Activision will be publishing the rumored "Barbarian Invasion." It'll be interesting to see how this all works out. Check out the full news article here!

The Illyrian Wars

by | 4/28/2005 11:29 AM

Once the First Punic War was over, Rome began to deal with the powers overseas. This article, by Johndisp tells us about the series of wars that came to be called the Illyrian Wars;

When the First Punic War ended (241 BC), Rome was left with a massive navy that had no enemy to fight. In 238 BC, Rome decided to put this navy to use and set out to conquer Corsica and Sardinia. The navy was used primarily to transport the troops to these islands, but it showed that Rome was concerned with the usage of sea trade.

You can read the entire article here, in our Roman History section.

Warstory Feature

by | 4/27/2005 22:02 PM

Johndisp has been writing a great warstory for quite some time now. At this point it's quite long and all of it's very good.

If you're looking for a good read I advise checking it out!

Memphis and Alexandria

by | 4/27/2005 21:52 PM

This week's second history article, by maximus09 gives us a brief introduction to Memphis and Alexandria, two Egyptian cities;

The lighthouse was one of the earliest buildings to be created. The island of Pharos was chosen as the site and gave its name to the lighthouse itself. The construction began under Ptolemy I, and was completed by his successor.

Want to help the history section grow further? Make sure to read the submission guidelines before sending your article in!

Still Pulling In Sales

by | 4/26/2005 22:54 PM

It seems like Rome: Total War has dropped 7 spots from February in the PC game sales ranking, in March it ranked 20th in sales of all PC games. Pretty impressive considering it's behind 5 Sims games, Half Life 2, World of Warcraft and other high sellers. It'll be interesting to see how it does this month (April).

I'll keep you updated. Check out the full statistics here!

Poll Results

by | 4/25/2005 23:37 PM

Another week has flown by meaning it's time for a new poll. Last week's poll asked what unit size you play Rome: Total War on. The results are a near tie between Normal and Large. Here's the full results:

Huge [65 votes]
Large [95 votes]
Normal [98 votes]
Small [4 votes]

Recently there's been some discussion about the ladder's scoring system. Some people would like it changed a bit and some think it's fine the way it is. What about you? Vote here!

The Gladiators of Ancient Rome

by | 4/25/2005 22:14 PM

A new week, which also means a new history article. This time, Night_Raider tells us about the history of gladiatorial games; contrary to the fact that gladiators aren't a common unit fielded in RTW, they truly assisted the emperors with gaining popularity with the Roman people;

Originally begun by the Etruscan civilization and later adopted by the Romans as a form of entertaiment, gladiatorial games held a special place in every true Roman's heart. Any Roman who was a real Roman loved the games, no matter how brutal they were. The Etruscans began the practice because they believed that when an important figure died, his spirit would require a blood sacrifice to be able to sustain itself in the afterlife.

If you have an article you'd like to see in our history section, mane sure to peruse the submission guidelines before sending it in!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 4/24/2005 22:21 PM

The Historians were busy as always last week. Another history article, this time by Johndisp, was added to the history section. One of our most prolific history writers, Night_Raider has turned to strategy for a bit and wrote us a nice opening moves guide for Germania... I really need to get back to finishing up my series, now that I think about it.

Aside from the articles Ueriah announced Rome: Total War Heaven's Singles Invitational. You have a little under 24 hours left to send your registration in to Ueriah so hurry up if you'd like to enter!

Aside from that, there's not a whole bunch of other newsworthy events. Our forums have been active as ever and the site continues to be updated. What can you expect next week? I don't have a clue, maybe you do? See you around Rome!

Press Section

by | 4/23/2005 18:48 PM

We've finally put up our press section. It includes links to many of the Rome: Total War reviews found over the internet as well as Heavengames' official review of the game that can also be found at HG Main. We're still in the process of adding some things so keep your eyes peeled!

Check out the section here.

Forum Party - April 23, 2005

by | 4/22/2005 22:14 PM

As per usual we have our weekly forum party this Saturday. This week will be slightly themed if you play in any of Ueriah's games:

Game 1: Last man standing, each player has one unit of General's Bodyguard / General's Armored Bodyguard, and in order to win you must both defeat enemy forces and have at least one living general left on your side or the game is a "draw".

Game 2: Barbarians vs Romans... Rrrraaassggh!

Check out the forum party thread for more information!

New Strategy Article

by | 4/22/2005 19:47 PM

Night_Raider has written a wonderful article detailing the opening campaign moves for Germania.

Germania is widely regarded as a powerful faction in its own right, and possibly the most powerful of any of the barbarian factions. But quite a few problems surface early in any Germanian campaign, the opening moves guide I have written will detail, using my own experience, the best way to negate these effects as much as possible.

Check out the article here!


by | 4/21/2005 21:12 PM

Anubite lord has posted a thread in our Strategy forum. It details a guide to Scythia, and while the guide isn't all that great, some nice discussion has arisen from the thread. Most recently dad_savage said:

Head Hunting Maidens are a weapon of opportunity. Train them when you can and use them when you can; they're an effective force, I don't deny it. You probably WILL want growth temples in many towns and so this does make retraining and training them at a satisfactory rate a possibility but while it can be done it cannot always be done with efficiency. As you must remember Barbarians lack any kind of quality road and so juggling units around can be painstaking.

Check the thread out here, and feel free to contribute!

Rome's Greatest Loss Ever?

by | 4/20/2005 10:45 AM

This week's first history article by Johndisp is an account of the Battle of Cannae, which by many is considered one of Rome's greatest losses. Here's a snippet:

In early autumn of 216 BC, the Carthaginian forces occupied the citadel of the town of Cannae. This citadel was a stockpile of Roman goods and war materials, and its loss was a huge blow to the Romans soldiers in the area. They sent emissaries to the Roman senate to beg for instructions on what actions to take against the Carthaginians. The senate decided to give Hannibal the battle he so desperately wanted, but ordered the soldiers watching his forces to wait for more men.

This clearly shows that Hannibal cognized the effect of "sandwiching" an enemy. ;-) Do you have anything you would like to submit to the History Section? Make sure to read the submission guidelines prior to sending the article in!

Singles Invitational

by | 4/19/2005 22:00 PM

Some time ago Ueriah posted a thread asking people to sign up for the contact database if they hadn't already. The reason has now become apparent. We're hosting an invitational open to anyone who's in the contact database. It should be a blast. In addition to having a blast the first and second place winners will also receive a Rome: Total War t-shirt (in addition to the obvious bragging rights).

Check the thread out for more information on the Invitational!

Poll Roundup

by | 4/18/2005 22:28 PM

Last week's poll asked what you thought of the RTW music. It looks like most of you think it's pretty good. It certainly does help the feeling of the game. Here's the full results:

They must have brought Mozart back from the grave for it![70 votes]
It's pretty good [142 votes]
Meh, it's average [44 votes]
Not good [6 votes]
R:TW has music? [10 votes]

This week's poll asks what unit size you play on. I play on Normal because I feel Huge is a little big. Vote here!

Thanks to Echowinds for the poll idea!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 4/18/2005 0:22 AM

Sorry I'm a little late. I wasn't home most of the weekend and was unable to write this up earlier. Generally last week was fairly slow news wise, we put up a couple of history articles, both on Alexander the Great. We added a forum for discussion on a Total War expansion...and, well that's pretty much it, aside from our always active forums.

What can you expect next week? I've not a clue, I'll be starting Drivers Ed (gotta learn to drive those chariots), but I'll also be doing some standardized testing in school so I'm sure we'll get some new pages. ;-) See you around Rome!

Alexander shows Darius the ropes...

by | 4/17/2005 11:44 AM

This week's second history article written by Johndisp covers the Battle of Gaugamela, one of Alexander's many great battles in the East. Oh man, I wish I could behold the battle with my own eyes. ;-) Here's a short excerpt;

By nightfall on 30 September 331 BC, the armies were close enough to each other to attack. This is where the disparity in numbers becomes obvious. The Persians numbered 100,000 infantry and at least 34,000 cavalry. “Many of the cavalry were Cappadocians, who had just received link armor, a long sword, and a spear instead of a javelin.” Alexander’s force was the largest he ever took the field with. It numbered 40,000 infantry and 7,000 horsemen.

The History Section needs YOU! Having an article you'd like to see on the site? Make sure to read the submission guidelines before sending it in!

Unit Comparison Chart

by | 4/16/2005 11:07 AM

Firefox has posted a very updated version of Destroyer Joe's Unit Comparison Chart in our Downloads Center. It contains a lot of information about unit stats and is very helpful. Check it out here!

Forum Party - April 16, 2005

by | 4/15/2005 18:34 PM

Today's Friday and tomorrow is the weekly Forum Party. Come on out to enjoy some games with your fellow forumers!

For more information check out the Forum Party thread!

The Alexandrian Wars

by | 4/14/2005 17:03 PM

If one would combine the son of a great Macedonian general with a pronouncement from the Oracle at Delphi stating that the son was invincible, the result would be noone less than Alexander the Great! Our most recent addition to the Battles section written by Malmack outlines Alexander's adventures in the East. Here is a short snippet:

Alexander had managed to conquer the great Persian empire but was ready for more conquests. By this time he started to allow Persian satraps (governors / princes of individual provinces into his Companion Cavalry and he also let Persian peoples join the main bulk of his army (much to the disdain of his army).

For those of you eager to learn more about Alexander, you better keep your eyes peeled; a second article covering one of his greatest battles will be posted within just a few days!

We are always looking for new articles for the History Section. If you have one in the works you might want to read our guidelines for history article submissions.

Ladder Update #3

by | 4/13/2005 18:26 PM

I missed last week's update, sorry about that.

The ladder is doing well, with games being played and submitted regularly. Unfortunately though, one third of the people signed up are still ZeroGamers. Come on guys, get out there and play some games! On the good side, however, a new rank has been reached. Congratulations to Guardian_112 on being the first to achieve Intermediate status!

The current ladder leaders are as follows:

View the full standings here. Keep the games rolling in! Let's see if anyone can make it to Expert! If anyone is looking for an easy win, feel free to email me or IM me, I'm nearly always up for a game!

Expansion Pack Forum

by | 4/13/2005 0:53 AM

We've heard the first rumors of an expansion and so I've decided to open a forum for discussion about it, to quote the description:

Come here to discuss expansion pack ideas and possible follow-ups for Rome: Total War. Post a civilization that you think will be in the expansion and talk about possible settings or additions to the game!

Check it out here and enjoy!

Poll Roundup

by | 4/11/2005 18:52 PM

Last weeks poll results are in! It looks like the Seleucid Empire has won "What's your favorite Eastern faction?" Here's the full results:

Egypt [70 votes]
Pontus [20 votes]
Parthia [26 votes]
Scythia [20 votes]
Armenia [25 votes]
Seleucid Empire [128 votes]

This week's poll asks what you think of the Rome: Total War music. Vote here! Personally I think it's good, nothing I'd listen to in my spare time though. ;-)

Thanks to Firefox for the poll suggestion!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 4/10/2005 19:25 PM

We got a fair bit of content last week. Starting and ending the week a history article was added to our History section. They're both great articles so if you're at all interested in history I advise checking them out. In other content Cheesewiz finished up his first six map profiles. They give an overview of the maps and are pretty useful.

We also got our first news of an expansion pack; Computer Gaming World said in a recent issue that an expansion for Rome entitled "Barbarian Invasion" would be released in September. That's great news for the Rome community. I'm hoping we'll see some official news in coming weeks.

That's it for last week. What's coming up? I couldn't say; some more content and possibly a new section. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Greco-Persian Wars

by | 4/10/2005 12:21 PM

Although the hassle between the Greek city states and Persia was a series of events beyond RTW's time frame, the outcome is significant to what happened later on. Night_Raider has submitted an excellent article telling us about this event that took place during the 5th century BC;

In 492, Persian forces launched an expedition to gain control of the central Aegean and punish the Greeks for helping the rebels years earlier. The Persians initially had great success, but were forced to turn back when they lost most of their fleet in a storm. Two years later, a second expedition was launched. This one sacked the city of Eretria and subsequently landed at Marathon, a small Greek village no more than 25 miles northwest of Athens herself. The Athenians pleaded, unsuccessfully, to the other Greek cities, particularly Sparta, for help against the invading Persian army.

Do you have anything you'd like to have published in the History Section? Make sure to read the submission guidelines before sending it in!

Site Update

by | 4/9/2005 19:55 PM

Cheesewiz has been working hard at creating some Map Information pages and has sent me over the first six of them. I've uploaded them and must say that they look great. The overviews of the multiplayer maps detail basic strategy, strong and weak factions and provide a base of general knowledge about the maps. They're well written and quite helpful.

Check them out here in our Game Information section! You can expect more updates to the section as the overviews are completed. Enjoy!

Forum Party - April 9th

by | 4/8/2005 20:19 PM

As per usual Saturday falls on a Saturday. Since Saturday falls on a Saturday and the RTWH Forum Party falls on a Saturday, and April 9th falls on a Saturday we can assume that there's a forum party taking place tomorrow. If you made that somewhat convoluted assumption it'd be correct.

Head on over to the Chat Lobby tomorrow morning to have some games with fellow forumers! I hope to see you there! Check out the forum party thread for more information.

Expansion Pack?

by | 4/6/2005 23:03 PM

It seems so. A reputable gaming magazine, Computer Gaming World has said that a Rome: Total War expansion entitled "Barbarian Invasion" (go figure) will be released in the middle of September this year. While the magazine page can not be scanned due to legality issues I imagine we'll be seeing an official announcement, along with some previews from internet publications, quite soon. Great news for the Total War community! Keep your eyes peeled; I'll be searching madly for news.

History Section Update

by | 4/4/2005 21:15 PM

Seeing that we lately have been receiving a couple of articles covering different battles during the republic, not only those that the Romans were involved in, we decided to add a Battle sub-division to the History Section.

To celebrate its inauguration, we are proud to present an article authored by Johndisp, which gives us an account of the Battle of Zama, along with a background of Hannibal;

For Hannibal, he lined up 80 elephants ahead of his first group of infantry. Behind them were Ligurian and Gallic infantry, with the Numidian Cavalry to their left and the Carthaginians' own cavalry to their right. He made another line of mostly green infantry and kept his veterans of the Italian Campaign to the rear to be used at the most opportune moment. Although his strategy seems sound, there was one key flaw. The 80 elephants were mostly untrained. Carthage had captured and rushed them into service without making them truly battle worthy. This flaw would prove to be Hannibal’s undoing.

I've planned to post three more articles this week, so you history buffs out there should definitely keep your eyes peeled.

Do you have an article you would like to share with your fellow RTWH'ers? Make sure to read the submission guidelines before sending it in!

Do the Unorthodox Strategies Work?

by | 4/4/2005 12:51 PM

Firefox has posted an interesting topic regarding the Unorthodox Strategies article that was posted as a joke for April Fool's, specifically the part regarding phalanx units.

Does it actually work? Those experienced in the ways of phalanx warfare of RTW would know that just moving the spears count as an attack for the hoplites/pikemen. This usually results in a rush of casualties and hence morale penalty for a unit that is currently attacking a phalanx from the flanks or from behind.

Read the full article here and test it out to see if it works!

Poll Roundup

by | 4/3/2005 21:18 PM

I'll be out of town for a couple of days enjoying my spring break, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave you all hanging on our poll. And so, instead of the usual Monday poll roundup you'll get a late Sunday poll roundup. Last week the poll asked "How long do you play RTW a day on average?" According to the poll most of you play for around an hour or two. Here's the full results:

Less than an hour [31 votes]
1-2 hours [89 votes]
3-4 hours [48 votes]
Four plus hours [12 votes]
I only stopped to answer this poll [16 votes]

This weeks poll asks "What's your favorite Eastern faction?" Vote here!

Thanks to Nog64 for the poll idea!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 4/3/2005 21:03 PM

We had a fairly slow week by way of news last week. We put up a couple articles in the Strategy Section as well as an April Fools article. Do you have an article you want to see in the Strategy Section? Take a look at the guidelines and send it to Mace. Aside from the articles the forums were pretty active with some very interesting posts.

What can you expect next week? A lot I'd fathom; I'll be off of school for Spring Break and will be sure to put up some cool stuff, some other staff members are also working on interesting things. See you around Rome!

Wrecking with the Romans

by | 4/2/2005 19:25 PM

Red Pig has written a wonderful article showing how to devastate your opponent with any of the Roman factions.

As RTW gamers have gotten more experience they have branched away from the Roman factions and have found many decent multiplayer strategies with other factions. I have noticed that the tactics section is lacking in the Roman area (except for the historical legions which work quite well) and some simpler strategies. This strategy is a combination of the post Marius legion style and some creative thinking.

Read the full article here.

Just a note, I will be taking over as strategy section administrator until we can find someone else. If you've got a strategy article you would like to share, send it to me, but be sure to read the submission guidelines first!

It's Friday and Friday is...

by | 4/1/2005 17:50 PM

April Fools. It's also the forum party announcement today (no kidding). As per usual we'll be having the forum party at the normal time. Check the forum party thread for more information!

As a note, on Sunday Daylight Savings will happen. This won't effect next week's party; it'll stay at the time time. The only thing that'll change is your clocks.

Unorthodox Strategies

by | 4/1/2005 0:20 AM

We at RTWH have been working on, quite possibly one of the greatest compilations of unorthodox, yet highly effective stratigies ever compilied. Today it is finished and we're most proud to be able to present to you all Unorthodox Strategies. This compliation with both blow your mind and shock your understand of Rome: Total War. We hope you enjoy. Good luck using these strategy gems to bring down wrath upon your enemies!