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Welcome, FD2!

by | 4/24/2006 20:29 PM

Citizens of Rome, I command you all to bow down and give your respect to our newest Aedile, imported straight from the lands of myth (which actually applies to both BFME2H and AOMH ), FD2!

FD2 will be helping us out in moderation as we get back on our feet. Please welcome him!

New Official Screenshot!

by | 4/24/2006 19:20 PM

As you already may have noticed, posting this week's news post announcing the newest M2TW screenshot totally slipped my mind. Anyhow, this is a beautiful screenshot featuring the British firing a volley of fire arrows targeted on a group of halberdiers (?) as the enemy archers rush to the front. Check it out here
*Drools a bucketload*. Oh, and... thanks to Marcus Orentius for the heads-up!

A Fresh Batch of Toons

by | 4/23/2006 7:10 AM

Ending this week's RTWH newsflow (unless something of interest happens, who knows?), a whole lot of great toons - a number of ten such - have duly been put in our gallery, submitted by TotalWarFanatic, Ichbinian and EnemyofJupitor. As seen in one of the screenshots, even some of the Lombard generals read what Vegetius had to say about the importance of swimming practice... ;-)

They are all here, on the 7th page of our funny screenshot gallery!

Strategy Article!

by | 4/21/2006 10:40 AM

Our latest submission to the RTW General Battle Strategy Section, TacCovert4's strategy article explores the five elements that make up the term 'strategy', and the nine principles of warfare:
What are the Five Levels of Strategy? And how do they apply to a game such as Rome: Total War? To answer that, strategy, from the Greek strategos, is too broad to define as a single term, instead it must be broken down to be understood fully and applied. Strategy covers everything from single man on man to nation versus nation. By subdividing it into five levels, we can understand each level separately, and learn how they interrelate with each other. In this essay, we will explore both the five levels of strategy and the nine principles of warfighting, how they relate, and how they apply to Rome: Total War, and its expansions and mods.
If I were you I'd check it out right away; it's a very good and worthwhile one!

New 3D Unit Profile - Janissary Heavy Infantry

by | 4/19/2006 9:02 AM

The newest 3D unit profile wasn't posted until yesterday due to the fact that last friday was the Good Friday, and noone wants to work on holidays, right? ;-) And, like the saying goes, everything comes to those who wait. This time we get the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the Janissary, being a Turkish unit:
Janissary Heavy Infantryman

Janissaries are a famed unit amongst the ranks of the Turkish army. Initially formed in the mid 14th century by the Sultan taking 1/5th of all prisoners captured in battle, the Janissaries consist of captured Christians who are converted to Islam.

Janissaries are skilled warriors trained in the use of many weapons, but these types of Janissaries are armed with and trained in use of the halberd and are armoured in mail. Janissary heavy infantry are expected to lead the infantry charge into battle with courage and honour.
Check it out here. There are, unfortunately, some reports made that this week's profile doesn't load for everyone. Clean your cookies and temporary internet files and make sure that you have installed the latest Flash plugin should you not be able to open it!


by | 4/18/2006 16:15 PM

Some new funny screenshots, submitted by two of our beloved benefactors Marcus Orentius and TotalWarFanatic, have been uploaded to our Funny Screenshots & Toons gallery. Whoever thought that Romans couldn't fly will probably think again after seeing the first screenshot. ;-)

Clan War Belt

by | 4/14/2006 10:37 AM

Clan War Belt, or CWB in short, is one of the largest tournaments for RTW and BI. As a new season is about to start, the new CWB site has opened up to the public. To quote the staff's words:
Other than being a dynamic site about Totalwar in general, it also has a tournament software which will be used to host the famous clan competition ClanWarBelt. Also custom tourneys will be created such as 1v1 ladder, 2v2 knock out competition, leagues etc... and some respected individuals in the community will be allowed to host their own tourneys using the integrated tournament software which you can view by clicking the competitions link in the menu.
If you are part of a Total War clan, or want to try your hands in the 1 vs 1 tournament, I advise you to check out the site.

New Medieval 2 Screenshot at the .Com

by | 4/13/2006 10:11 AM

Yarrr, a brand new screenshot has been revealed to us, and can be found here, in the official site's Medieval 2 gallery. This week's screenshot is a continuation of the battle between the British and (presumably) the Franks.

Two New Toons!

by | 4/11/2006 17:40 PM

Ahh, what an excellent way to start a new week! EnemyofJupitor was kind to send us two new toons, and they can be found in our toons gallery (page 5 and 6). :-)


by | 4/7/2006 16:16 PM

This week's 3D unit showcase features an early Danish infantry unit, the Huscarl:
The Huscarl is an axe wielding heavy infantry unit hailing from Denmark. They often came from the Danish King’s own household guards and were regarded as an elite troop for their time.

These troops are an early infantry choice for the Danish army and provide them a good solid foghting force until more heavily armed troops become available later on.
Now, check it out over here, and head over to our 3D unit thread and give us your thoughts on the Huscarl!

Weekly Screenshot!

by | 4/5/2006 14:23 PM

Despite the fact that the gallery at the official Medieval 2 site hasn't been updated yet, I successfully tracked down this week's screenshot featuring Turkish Cavalry on the run, here!

Jeff van Dyck Live!

by | 4/4/2006 1:30 AM

Creative Assembly Oz staff member Pras recently descended from the game development heaven informing us that Jeff van Dyck, the music composer of the Total War series, will be giving a talk and answering questions at Supanova in Brisbane this year.

Wow, just wow. :-)


by | 4/3/2006 15:55 PM

I am delighted to present yet another toon, made by Severous. Check it out here. :-)

Keep 'em coming, folks!

Forum Downtime

by | 4/2/2006 4:42 AM

The forums are currently down for some maintenance. Don't fret, they will be back up by Monday!
The forums are down due to a forum update gone awry. The rollback process
should take about a day and the forums should be back up by Monday morning.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


Two New Toons

by | 4/1/2006 13:56 PM

Yeppers, Ichbinian was kind to send us two new toons earlier today, and they can be found right here.

Keep 'em coming, folks! :-)

Four New Screenshots and an Interview

by | 4/1/2006 13:39 PM

This very day, IGN posted another interview with Creative Assembly's project director Bob Smith - and no, this is not some sort of April Fools joke - discussing the current status of the development progress and also gives us a little summary of the game's new features that have been unveiled in earlier articles. Also, note that IGN got the golden opportunity to present four new breathtaking screenshots to the public!

Medieval Heaven

by | 4/1/2006 5:51 AM

Friends of Rome, we're proud to present to you Medieval Heaven! Seeing that the next Total War game is a what I would say total Medieval: Total War makeover, we thought it'd be a good idea to scrap Rome: Total War for its predecessor as RTW by now is kind of obsolete anyway. We'll now be covering Medieval: Total War until the release of Medieval 2, and this also means that we're going to open two new sections, Medieval: Total War Strategies and Medieval History. But RTW pertinent articles are still welcome, of course! ;-)

Oh, and... since all of you have contributed so much to RTW Heaven in the past we've decided to promote you to Seraphs in second command.

Have fun!