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New Article: Creating New Traits

by | 4/26/2008 20:15 PM

That is right comrades, the Red Mod Army continues its campaign of liberating gamers from the oppression of vanilla gameplay. A new front in this eternal class struggle has opened, led by none other than myself. Join me here in the Game Modification - Tutorials section and become part of the battle against Traits.

Traits define our Generals in ways we love and hate. They can literally make or break a family member or agent. This article on Creating New Traits will show you all there is to know about making your own, or how to change those already existing. Do not wait, click on the link now. You know you want to.

Please leave any intelligence, rhetoric, or other forms of propaganda here in the Game Modification forum topic.

The Revolution will be Modified.

RTW Screenshot Competition Voting has begun!

by | 4/23/2008 17:17 PM

That is right, the 1st Official Rome: Total War Heaven Screenshot Competition voting is now open! There are countless of images to vote on in seven categories, so do not waste any time, go there now and have your say in which ones are the best.

Voting Topic 1

Voting Topic 2

Empire: Total War Interview at IGN

by | 4/19/2008 12:12 PM

There's a new interview at IGN with the folks from Creative Assembly, telling us more about Empire. Some of it is stuff we've known for a long while, but there is some information on colonies and population shifts which should interest those of you who want to know more about how this side of the game works, as well as the news that there will be a pure technology tree for research as well as building tech levels.

It's definitely worth a read, so give it a look! Many thanks to blaster fodder for the heads-up.

Maiden Axes Released!

by | 4/15/2008 15:39 PM

Our very own Scythia/Sarmatia fanatic and staff member SubRosa has released her new unit for Scythia. For those people frustrated at the lack of solid recruitable infantry available to Scythia, this unit could be the answer to all your prayers. SubRosa's description of the unit puts it very well:
Maiden Axes is a new unit of heavy infantry for Scythia. Recruitable in a 3rd tier Barrack, the Maidens Axes are the footborne sisters of the Headhunting Maidens. Armed with the same armour-piercing axes as their mounted counterparts, these Maidens have a surprise however, they carry extra axes for throwing at the enemy. Tough, well-armoured troops, the Maiden Axes are ideal shock troops, excelling at storming the walls or gates during a siege assault.

Here is a nifty picture of the deadly ladies in action:

Do not wait, go straight here to the forums to find out how to get your hands on these maidens. You know you want them.

Subrikel's Norse Viking's Mod

by | 4/15/2008 15:14 PM

Both Terikel706 and SubRosa have been working away on a mod for Germania and it's really cool. Firstly, the Germans can recruit axe-throwing Viking infantry from shipwrights and dockyards. Secondly, other factions can recruit them as mercenaries in their home territories.

Here is a shot of them in action:

Go to this thread on our forums to find out more including the download location.

R:TW Ladder update

by | 4/14/2008 11:17 AM

Goodness! Three games in one night kick-started the ladder on sunday.

It seems PrinceofMacadon is the general to beat, winning all three games, and sending challengers Lucasmaximuse,Geogheganator and our very own Gaius Colinius to lick their wounds.

Better luck next time, guys, but congrats Prince for becoming our first ladder leader!

Empire: Total War FAQ

by | 4/14/2008 8:53 AM

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed a new link on the navbar to the left: the Empire: Total War FAQ! This should be your first stop for confirmed ETW information, and will be kept up to date as the game marches ever closer to release.

Persian Invasion announces Beta Launch!

by | 4/10/2008 18:56 PM

Persian Invasion, a mod for the Alexander expansion to Rome: Total War, has announced its Beta release.

This is a small mod about the Greek city-states and their battle against Persia. This isn't going for total historical accuracy; somewhat historically based, but mostly what we want to put together to make it interesting. Since the Greek factions are small, they will have tiny troop rosters and might have to rely more on mercenaries. We are working on getting a map together that focuses on the correct area. The campaign map is currently being made by Spurius. The mod takes place about 490BC after the Persians took back the Ionian Greek cities.

Several new factions emerge in Greece where they war for military superiority. Athens grapples with Corinth, Thebes attempts to defend its territories from the marauding rebels and other Greek factions. On the other side of the straight, Persia waits for the perfect moment to invade the Hellenic states. To the North, Dahae waits for its chance at glory and fame. Its barbaric and eastern hybrids are terrible foes. With two different cultures, will their faction manage to stay unified? The map extends far beyond the normal Rome: Total War map covering the Middle East up to present day India.

Look here in the Game Modification forum to learn more, including links to the Official Persian Invasion site and to download this truly ambitious mod.

Rome: Total War Heaven Ladder is now open!

by | 4/10/2008 11:41 AM

It's back!

Yes, now you can organise matches with your fellow forumer for points once more! People are allready starting to sign-up, so what are you waiting for?

Go here for details. Good luck!

RTW Screenshot Competition Voting to Begin Soon

by | 4/8/2008 21:15 PM

This is the last week to get your submissions in for the RTWH Screenshot Competition. You have until Sunday the 13th, then submissions will be close and voting will commence. So get those pictures out and put them up for everyone to see. Even if you do not have any to submit, come by and see the fantastic pictures that others have posted, and cast your votes in many categories.

Please come here in the RTW General Game Forum to post your submissions or view those already up.

New Article: How To Add Resources In RTW

by | 4/6/2008 19:26 PM

The Red Mod Army continues its glorious march, liberating the world from vanilla gameplay one article at a time. Once again our own Field Marshal Hussarknight leads the troops to victory. This time it is over the Resources of Rome: Total War. Read his guide here in the Game Modification - Tutorials section to be fully briefed upon how to engage and smite this bourgeois foe. Everything you need is here in this step-by-step guide, which files to edit, how to locate the map coordinates you need, assigning a model and texture for the map, even how to add hidden resources.

If you have any intelligence to add to this operation, or simply wish to cheer our soldiers on to victory, please do so here in the Game Modification forum.

The Revolution will be Modified.

Help Wanted: Graphics Designers!

by | 4/6/2008 11:31 AM

HeavenGames is continuing to grow with the series of changes that are going on with the revolution that will be Cloud 9, so we need staff to take care of the new responsibilities that are arising. Right now, we're looking for the following jobs to be filled:
  • Site Designer
  • Graphics Artist

    In both of these jobs, you'll be spearheading HeavenGames' moves into new websites and games, which are critical to maintain its growth. They're important jobs with great benefits; all of the information on their requirements and benefits can be found in the Join the Team! page.Please contact oliver (at) heavengames (dot) com if you are interested.
  • The TWH forumer world map

    by | 4/3/2008 5:47 AM

    It's a bit of fun but the folks in the Red Lion Tavern are marking their locations on a world map. Join in the fun but remember not to be too exact with the marker and give away your home address!

    Win a DVD of In The Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale!

    by | 4/2/2008 3:50 AM

    (Note: NOT an April Fools joke.)

    HeavenGames is proud to announce that it will be giving out 5 DVDs of In The Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, the action-packed movie based on the popular Dungeon Siege video game franchise! In addition to the movie and all of the great traditional extra features, the DVD also has a free demo of Dungeon Siege 2 for your enjoyment. All you need to do is correctly answer all 10 questions in our Dungeon Siege quiz by the deadline of April 30th and you'll be entered in a drawing for one of the five DVDs. Unfortunately, due to various issues, this contest is restricted to our Canadian visitors only.

    New Article: How To Create New Buildings In RTW

    by | 4/1/2008 19:33 PM

    The Red Mod Army marches on, liberating vanilla games one file at a time. A new front opens in the ongoing war, with our own Hussarknight leading the troops to victory over the Buildings of RTW. His expert command has shown the way to create entirely new buildings in Rome: Total War, detailing how to set their game effects, when and whom they are available to, their descriptions, even the images used for them in the game.

    Join the Red Mod Army now, and enter the campaign against buildings here in the Game Modification -> Tutorials section.

    If you have any intelligence regarding enemy movements, or expert analysis on our troops operations, please transmit your information here in the Game Modification forum.

    The Revolution will be Modified.