News Archives - April 2010

More Faction Overviews

by | 4/28/2010 3:22 AM

Edorix has written his tenth qualification for a truly custom custom title. His faction overview of Parthia gives the player a true sense of this ancient faction. Comments and praise may be left here.

Dugit steps up and gives us our very first faction overview for the expansion pack- Barbarian Invasion. He looks deep into the Eastern Roman Empire, giving us a grand view of the lands, warhost, and gods concerning this realm. Praise and comments may be left here.

Only Armenia and Pontus remain to be done for RTW, while the rest of Barbarian Invasion remains open for the taking.

The Architect's Office

by | 4/18/2010 8:23 AM

Total War Heaven is proud to announce the opening of the Architect's Office. Here is your one-stop shop for information on all sorts of buildings- how much they cost, how long they take to build, what they can do, who they can recruit.

And... its illustrated! Also featured are handy links to the different buildings and back to the office. Temples are per faction and per type, consolidated and presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format. The Ancient One is especially proud of his unique solution to the mess presented by Temples.

So no more worrying or wondering what can be built or what is best- simply look it up.

Praise and comments may be left here.

Lots more Overviews!

by | 4/15/2010 2:57 AM

The writers have been busy indeed. No less than five new Overviews have been posted, with four more on the way, and a brief history as well.

Dugit has written a wonderful overview for Egypt. You may leave your praise and comments here. Further, he has also has penned a gripping overview for The Greek Cities. You may leave your praise and comments for his Hellenic overviewhere.

Punic Hoplite guides us through the lands of Dacia. You may leave your praise and comments here. Then he described the lands of Numidia. You may leave your praise and comments on this work here.

Edorix added to the missing Dacian section by penning this brief History. You may leave your praise and comments here. Then our esteemed legate journeyed to Spain and told us of his travels. You may leave your praise and comments concerning this piece here.

Lots and Lots of Articles

by | 4/6/2010 1:32 AM

Don't let the title fool you. The Old One did not write them all.

There are six new articles on our site this past week. Six! And a seventh and eighth in the works. Each is an overview of a faction, complete with pictures and a clinical analysis of what makes the faction special. Most are told from the viewpoint of a member of the faction itself, lending a wonderful air of creativity and enthusiasm to the piece.

Check out Edorix's masterly Gaul, Homeland of Heroes. You may leave praise and criticisms here.

Dugit has made an excellent run-down of the Rebels here. Comments and the like may be left here.

Punic Hoplite wrote the epic Carthage: Traders of the West. Your thoughts on this piece may be left here.

And Terikel Grayhair has penned overviews for Macedon, Scythia, and Thrace.

All are accessible under the appropriate faction from our Factions page.