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Poll Roundup

by | 5/31/2005 18:35 PM

Oops, looks like I forgot to do this yesterday. Our last poll asked "Do you prefer unit quality or quantity?" Seems like the majority of you like a good mix, but generally quality is more valued than quantity. The full results:

Quality, gotta love Spartans! [77 votes]
Quantity, even Spartans can't win when they're surrounded! [34 votes]
A good mix of the two. [167 votes]

This week's poll asks how often you finish the campaigns. I must admit I'm guilty of getting bored after I've captured quite a few territories. Generally I go on to another campaign, but I've finished quite a few as well. Vote here!

Thanks to Blunderboy for the poll suggestion!

The Fall of Carthage

by | 5/30/2005 9:35 AM

Maximus09, one of our forumers, has provided RTWH with a new history article, this time featuring the Third Punic War. Here's an excerpt;

The fall of Carthage is undeniable. Yet the reasons for the Third Punic War seem unclear. Carthage could not have been any military threat to Rome at all. One possibility is simply that Rome remained fearful and suspicious of its African neighbour and, alas, decided to rid itself of the possible threat. Another possibility being brought by historians is that the fear of someone as power hungry as Masinissa taking over Carthage might have caused Rome to act.

You can check it out in its entirety here. Do you have an article you'd like to see in our history section? Make sure to read the submission guidelines before sending it in!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 5/29/2005 23:12 PM

Slow week in the news, eh? Forums are certainly active though, this week on the forums there's been some great stories and posts in general. Worth pointing out is that one of our forumers discovered some Barbarian Invasion screenshots at Gamespy. They're looking impressive and I'm sure hoping to hear more about the expansion as the days progress.

In content news we put up a couple new pages, one covering traits and the other an interview.

What's next week? You know just as much as I do... and that's not much. Keep your fingers crossed for an editorial though.

Official BI Screenshots!

by | 5/28/2005 20:18 PM

At long last some official screenshots for Barbarian Invasion have been released. They look great, you can find them at here, at Gamespy!

Thanks to superdroideka for the heads up!

New Mod Interview

by | 5/28/2005 19:23 PM

Ace has gotten in touch with another mod group that's currently working on a total conversion called Citadel Total War. He got a great interview with one of their representatives, Ignoramus that's worth checking out if you're interested in total conversions!

Check it out here, in our Game Modification section!

Forum Party Tomorrow!

by | 5/27/2005 19:56 PM

Tomorrow's Saturday, and by now most of us know what's special about Saturdays, don't we? ;-) Make sure to join in tomorrow for a series of fun games with your fellow RTWH forumers! As per usual the first game starts off around 12 noon EST / 5 PM GMT.

The Forum Party thread is up!

Traits and Ancillaries Database

by | 5/25/2005 21:19 PM

Gerald from Pooh's RTW Trait and Ancillary Database has agreed to let us host his files that detail all the Traits and Ancillaries in Rome: Total War. They're very helpful files and contain quite a bit of interesting information. Check our page out on them here!

A Long Past Due Ladder Update

by | 5/24/2005 23:21 PM

It's been a while since the last ladder update, and several things have changed since then. The biggest of which being a change to the scoring method.

Due to many complaints from ladder participants saying that it's too easy to drop to the bottom and too difficult to stay near the top, the scoring method was slightly changed. Before, losers lost the amount winners gained. Now, losers will only lose half of what the winner wins. Should still provide a challenge, while a single loss wouldn't bring you from #1 to the bottom. The new scoring table can be found here.

The current top 5 players are as follows:

  1. Lasha (Intermediate) - 66 (30 games played)
  2. Gaurdian_112 (Intermediate) - 54 (19 games played)
  3. Sparty (Rookie) - 42 (14 games played)
  4. Ace_Cataphract (Rookie) - 35 (13 games played)
  5. FoxHounD20 (Rookie) - 35 (9 games played)

Congratulations to the current top 5!

If you're ever in need of an easy win, feel free to contact me, I'm always up for a game!

Poll Update

by | 5/23/2005 23:07 PM

The results from last week's poll are in. It looks like an overwhelming majority of you will be buying the expansion pack. The full results:

Yeah! I love TW games! [265 votes]
Maybe [56 votes]
Doubt it [15 votes]
What's an expansion? [5 votes]

This week's poll asks whether you you prefer unit quality or quantity? There's a pretty big split of thought on this question so I'm expecting the answers to be fairly even. It'll be interesting to see. Vote here!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 5/22/2005 22:03 PM

Well, last week was E3 and with E3 always comes some more information on whatever games we're excited about. Not very much information was released on Barbarian Invasion, but you can check out some early previews here and here.

Aside from the Barbarian Invasion stuff the week was a little slow. Ueriah's singles tournament (congrats to scipio, who won!) took place and apparently it was quite a success along with Saturday's forum party. Some new content as always; you can check out what's been added by browsing the week's news.

What's next week, you ask? I couldn't say... well I could say something but then the suspense would be ruined.

Pirates vs. Rome

by | 5/22/2005 11:53 AM

In his most recent article, Johndisp tells us about the pirate threat in the late Republic and how the Senate finally overcame them. Here's an excerpt:

The pirate threat in the Mediterranean Sea that was finally put down in 67 BC, had plagued Rome for almost 100 years. Had it been dealt with earlier, the threat wouldn't have posed nearly as great a problem. The hows and whys that led to this being such major obstacle in the Mediterranean will be addressed below.

Check out the article here, in our History Section! If you have an article you'd like to see on RTWH, make sure to read through the Submission Guidelines! Continue sending them to me until announced otherwise.

New Content

by | 5/21/2005 16:11 PM

We've updated some content on the site. We've added another mod to the Modification Portal. You can check out Chivalry: Total War's detailed description here! We also added a much overdo cheats page that you might want to check out if you're interested in making things a little easier on yourself.

Singles Invitational - Finished

by | 5/21/2005 15:45 PM

The Singles Invitational has been completed. It looks like scipio_africanus took first after beating Spiteful_Pig in the finals! Congrats! I hope everyone who participated had a blast!

PS: If your name is Spiteful_Pig you need to contact me with your mailing information if you want your RTW t-shirt. ;-)

Another BI Preview

by | 5/21/2005 10:21 AM

Gamespy's released their E3 preview of Barbarian Invasion. Since the booth was so small there's not all that much information we don't know, it's worth a look nonetheless:

The new units alter gameplay with their own quirks. Some units are capable of swimming, allowing you to slip across a river to flank the enemy. New Priest units can stop troops from routing. Berserker units really juice things up: once these guys encounter the enemy, there's a chance they'll go berserk. When they start raging like that, the unit is out of your control, and the individual barbarians will rush blindly from one enemy to the next.

Check out the full article here! Keep your eyes on RTWH; we'll be opening a section of the site for the expansion soon!

Of Multiplayer Action

by | 5/20/2005 18:38 PM

Tomorrow's Saturday and the forum party, it ought to be fun, so I hope to see you there! Check out the thread here!

In other multiplayer news the Singles Invatitational is taking place tomorrow at the same time as the forum party. If you're signed up for it check out its thread!

GameSpot previews Barbarian Invasion

by | 5/19/2005 21:04 PM

GameSpot's put up a preview of Barbarian Invasion. It doesn't tell us a whole bunch we didn't already know, but it's nice to have an overview of what we do know. Here's an excerpt:

So what can we expect in Barbarian Invasion? Like the Viking Invasion expansion for Medieval: Total War, Barbarian Invasion depicts a very dark era in human history: the slow collapse of the once-mighty Roman Empire. As a result, the game is set hundreds of years after the main campaign in the original game, and you'll have a whole host of new barbarian tribes and nations to deal with, such as the Ostrogoths. And keep in mind that the Roman Empire had split into two, with the Byzantine Empire setting up in Constantinople. Other additions to the campaign game include 21 new buildings and technologies.

Check out the full preview here!

Thanks to superdroideka for letting us know!

My Life as a Head Hurler

by | 5/18/2005 22:45 PM

Well actually to be precise it's not my life as a head hurler but Draxus Marcaix's life. Johndisp has been writing a great war story about, you guessed it, a head hunter. It's continually growing and is quite good so far:

I was born in a small hovel outside of Londinium in 157 BC. My father was a full time farmer, and part time warrior with the local warchief. He was a good man, but a poor soldier. Most of the time, we lived in peace, but once or twice a year a neighboring warchief would decide to raid another’s land. Then father would be called to fight for Galiciax, the local warchief. Father was what was known as a woad warrior. Most woads were vicious, but father just wanted to farm.

Check the story out here!

Poll Roundup

by | 5/17/2005 0:33 AM

Last week's poll asked what you find to be the most annoying thing on multiplayer. As always it looks like the majority of you don't play multiplayer (working on moving away from that type of poll question!), but all cavalry seems to be the most unpopular. Here's the full results:

Phalanx Circles [35 votes]
All Cavalry armies [52 votes]
'No Egypt, Art, Cav, Archers, Phalanxes...' [47 votes]
Two balanced armies dueling it out. [5 votes]
Other [19 votes]
I don't play Multiplayer. [91 votes]

This week the poll asks if you'd buy an expansion for Rome: Total War. Vote here!

Thanks to Celer for the poll idea!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 5/15/2005 22:31 PM

Last week was pretty much like any other in recent weeks. A few new history articles, 3 to be exact, were added to the section. We're always looking for good articles of any type so if you have anything be sure to send it in!

Outside the article realm, not a bunch. We heard about some possible screenshots for an expansion, but still no official screenshots or previews have been released. E3 is next week though so I foresee we'll be getting more information at that time.

What's coming next week? Some modification articles for sure. As mentioned above I'm also hoping for some expansion information. See you around Rome!

Barbarian Invasion screenshots?

by | 5/14/2005 21:36 PM

Celer has posted a link to a site flaunting screenshots that are supposedly from the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack. It also has some information regarding the expansion pack, but it's uncertain whether or not the screenshots or the information are legitimate (So far, the screenshots have not been seen on any big gaming sites, such as IGN).

Either way, they don't look too shabby, so check them out here.

The Legend of Spartacus

by | 5/14/2005 10:23 AM

Newly red Johndisp has submitted yet another history article, this time featuring the rioter Spartacus.

With his own natural charisma and the prophecies of his wife, Spartacus led a riot of his fellow gladiators against their captors. Of the 200 gladiators that tried to escape only 73 made it. They and Spartacus retreated to the mountainside of Mount Vesuvius. From this encampment, Spartacus conducted raids on the neighboring farmlands and began freeing slaves.

Eager to learn more about Rome? Make sure to visit our Roman History section!

Forum Party May 14

by | 5/13/2005 19:03 PM

It's that time again! Saturday is fast approaching, and we all know what Saturday afternoons mean to Heavengamers... the chance to lock horns with your fellow Heavengamers!

Click here for more information, hope to see you there! With only a week left before the HG Singles Invitational, this could be a great chance for the entrants to brush up on their skills!


by | 5/13/2005 10:36 AM

Forumer Bradylama has submitted a history article detailing his favorite faction, Scythia. Here's an excerpt:

The Scythians were an Indo-Aryan people that migrated to the Russian Steppes from Central Asia sometime between 800-600 B.C. They were conquerors believed to have been one of the first peoples to domesticate the horse, and use it effectively in warfare.

During the past few months the history section has grown at a steady pace, and is an excellent database of details on Roman history, non-Roman factions, battles and much more.
If you have an article in the works, make sure to peruse the submission guidelines before sending it in!

The Tales of Decimus Ultor

by | 5/12/2005 23:23 PM

One of our forumers, Vasta has been writing a great war story for some time now. He just recently added a new bit to an already superb story:

Decimus crushed the first man in the charge. He stabbed his gladius into the downed Gaul’s chest to make sure. An axe was swung at him, and Decimus countered with his shield, letting the weapon crash upon his defense. He forced the axeman’s arm back up, and while he was caught off guard, pushed at him, exposing the unarmored barbarian. Decimus let out a roar as he slashed, cutting the Gaul’s belly, and spilling his insides on the battlefield. He swung his sword again, and Decimus’ arm shuddered as his sword impacted onto the Gaul’s neck, hacking deep into his flesh, nearly severing his head.

Check out the story here!

Gaius Julius Caesar vs. Vercingetorix

by | 5/11/2005 11:46 AM

Night_Raider has submitted a new history article; this time he provides an account of the Siege of Alesia:

Being it was a hillfort, Alesia naturally possessed strong defensive features. Furthermore, it was surrounded by several river valleys. Given the placement of the fortifications, Caesar wisely decided not to go through with a frontal assault, as that would be suicidal. Instead, he decided a simple siege would do the trick. With the combined numbers of Alesia's garrison and the civilian population numbering over 180,000 men, women, and children, the siege would not last long.

Do you want to help the history section grow further? Make sure to read our guidelines before sending your article/s in!

Hm, recently I have been pondering on the chances that Caesar laid siege with a broken trade rights contract in mind. ;-)

Poll Roundup

by | 5/9/2005 23:49 PM

Last week's poll asked what your favorite ancillaries were. It was a pretty even spread for the most part, but it looks like generally historical characters are favorites. The full results:

Turncoats [37 votes]
Priests [37 votes]
Historical characters [77 votes]
Agriculturalists/Miners/Engineers etc. [18 votes]
Drunken Uncles [18 votes]
I have never had an ancillary [3 votes]
What are ansillywhatsits? [28 votes]
Other [19 votes]

This week's poll asks what you find most annoying on multiplayer. Vote here!

Thanks to black_knight_101 for the poll idea! If you have a suggestion for a poll post it here!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 5/8/2005 19:24 PM

Let's see, not a whole bunch of news last week. We got some more information on the expansion pack which will be entitled "Barbarian Invasion" From what I can tell so far it's looking to be quite good. I imagine we'll find out some more information as E3 comes along. To help compile that information I promoted two people. The first, DoitzelKaiser will be gathering information and the second, Johndisp, will be taking control of an older section so as to free up time for other staffers. We'll be compiling quite a bit of information for you guys!

Aside from that we had a pretty slow week. A couple more history articles can be found in the history section and we added an interview to our mod portal. All of the new content it pretty good so I'd give it a check out.

What's coming next week? This time I really don't know. Hopefully some more information on the expansion. See you around Rome!

Congrats Johndisp!

by | 5/7/2005 11:01 AM

Johndisp will be joining the Rome: Total War Heaven staff to administrate the History Section. He's done a great job with the numerous articles he's written thus far for the section, so he's a great pick to administer it!

GloryofSparta is shifting what she's working on, so she'll be able to focus more of her attention towards expansion and general content. The actual administration shift may not occur for a week or so (so keep sending articles to GoS until advised otherwise!).

Congrats and welcome!

The History of Chariot Racing

by | 5/6/2005 23:53 PM

As well as having served a purpose on the battlefield, the chariots were used in public events during festivals. Night_Raider has submitted an article about chariot racing in the ancient world.

A more humane alternative to the cruel and brutal gladitorial games of ancient Rome was chariot races. Although unlike the games, this event was popular not only in Rome, but also ancient Greece. Chariot racing was a public game in which horses pulled a two-wheeled cart that was driven by a charioteer.

We're always looking for contributors to the History Section. Do you have an article you'd like to see in the section? Please read the submission guidelines for more details!

Forum Party - May 6th

by | 5/6/2005 20:02 PM

As per usual we're having a forum party tomorrow. Ueriah is out of town so I'll (or possibly someone else) be your host. It should be great fun, as usual. I hope to see you all there!

Check out the forum party thread for more information!

Barbarian Invasion Information

by | 5/5/2005 23:00 PM

According to PC Zone magazine, more information on Barbarian Invasion, the sequel to Rome: Total War is on it's way. PC Zone's site says:

Mouse-wielding historical strategy fans got a shot in the arm last week when a listing for a Rome: Total War expansion pack popped up on US retailer websites.

Thanks to the latest issue of PC Zone magazine we can now reveal that the expansion pack will be called Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion and focus on the decline of the Roman Empire and the rise of the rampaging hordes.

The action of Barbarian Invasion is set after the final stages of Rome: Total War, during the period 364AD to 476AD. The once great Roman Empire is teetering on the brink of anarchy. The Eastern and Western fringes of the Empire have split and internal ructions threaten to tear it apart.

Amidst this chaos the restless barbarian tribes of Europe and the Middle East smell blood. It's time for them to rise up and reclaim the land taken from them in the name of the Emperor - or invade Europe and establish a glorious empire of their own.

Barbarian Invasion will let you take control of either the struggling Roman Empire or one of a horde of barbarian forces. If you choose Rome you'll have to repel attacks on all fronts, reunite your armies, and hold the Empire together. If you choose a barbarian force you'll have to protect your homeland while invading the territory of Rome before enemy tribes can snatch it.

Barbarian tribes such as the Vandals, the Huns and the Saxons will be playable. Each will offer a different play experience and require different tactics to succeed. The Huns, for instance, are large in number and nomadic, letting them attack quickly; while the Vandals require rapid expansion from early settlements to succeed.

All new historically-accurate units and weapons are promised for every faction, as well as the addition of morale-sapping moonlight attacks. And directing everything like a true general is Creative Assembly's awesome combat AI system, which ensures that every battle is a unique exercise in brain-boggling military tactics.

The latest issue of PC Zone has much more information on Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion, including brand new screenshots and an interview with the expansion pack's producer at Creative Assembly. It's on sale now, so flank the newsagent at will.

That piece of information isn't linkable due to the way the site's organized so I hope you'll excuse the long news post. I wish I could get my grubby little hands on that articles. I can't wait to see what's coming up; I'm betting we'll get a lot more information as E3 comes along, and I'll certainly be keeping you updated!

Congrats, DoitzelKaiserIII!

by | 5/4/2005 20:02 PM

DoitzelKaiser will be joining the Rome: Total War Heaven staff to give us a hand with content for the upcoming expansion. He's been a great contributor and forumer across the forums since he joined, and I'm sure he'll be a great addition to our staff.

Congrats and welcome! You can congratulate him here!

Poll Roundup

by | 5/2/2005 22:28 PM

Last week's poll asked what you think of the current ladder system. It looks like most of you don't play on the ladder, but those of you that do, agree that some things could be change. Let Mace know what you think should be changed here.

This week the poll asks what your favorite ancillaries are. Vote here!

Europa Barbarorum Interview

by | 5/2/2005 21:43 PM

Ace got a chance to talk with one of the heads of the Europa Barbarorum, total conversion. It's a good interview and pretty interesting. Certainly worth taking a look at if you're interested in the conversion. Here's an excerpt:

Khelvan: The EB team originally gathered together about 16 months ago, when early previews of Rome: Total War were shown. The original team members were dismayed at the portrayal of non-Greek and non-Roman factions. The intention was to gather a large body of historical information from which CA could pull details to make their depiction of these factions more realistic. Unfortunately the team quickly realized that the company was not willing to change its direction based on historical accuracy, and so the early EB members prepared to make a mod of their own. This effort evolved over time into remaking the entire campaign.

You can check out the full interview here. For more information on EB check here!

The Battle of Carrhae

by | 5/2/2005 8:20 AM

Ah, another history article, this time by Johndisp. If you have played the historical battle that came with RTW wondering why you kept losing to the pesky Parthians, or if you simply want to learn about Crassus' adventures in the East, you should read his article!

Crassus drew out the maps of the Roman Empire looking for a target to attack, and he felt that the easiest target would be Parthia. Many members of the Roman Senate tried to dissuade him from this course of action, but Caesar and Pompey stood firmly behind him and the senate relented.

Do you have a history article you'd like to see in our history section? Make sure to peruse the guidelines before sending it in!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 5/1/2005 21:21 PM

Articles galore again. We had three history articles added to the history section. All were good reads so I advise checking the section out if you're interested in learning a bit! We also had a strategy article by The Mighty Pharaoh added to the strategy section.

Aside from the articles, the week was fairly slow. We heard a bit about an expansion from GameSpot, and got information on Rome's sales during March.

What can you expect next week? I haven't a clue. Something special will take place though.

So maybe I do have a clue. What's it to you?