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This Week's Batch of Toons

by | 5/21/2006 17:18 PM

What else is better a way to round off the weekend, if not a batch of fresh RTW toons by forumers like EnemyofJupitor, TotalWarFanatic and LusitanCenturion? I have no clue!

Behold the sweetness over at page 9 and 10 in our toon gallery!

Chivalry: Total War Beta Released!

by | 5/21/2006 17:13 PM

I just received a mail from my buddy Amirsan over at Strategic Command Center that the newest beta version of the much anticipated Rome: Total War modification now is available for download! The team's aim is to create a fairly realistic Medieval setting mod for RTW, and I must say that, just by looking at the screenshots, it looks good!

Check out the website for Chivalry: Total War now!

Welcome back, Johndisp!

by | 5/13/2006 1:56 AM

Friends of Rome, Athens, Carthage, Pontus, Germania... Johndisp, now getting used to his green wings behind the scenes, has returned to the staff of RTWH to help out with forum moderation and future projects.


Medieval 2 :Total War Trailer!

by | 5/11/2006 7:29 AM

There's a full length trailer that has just been released for the highly-anticipated next game in the Total War series. In it, you can get a glimpse of battle and of the stunning graphics in the game. You can check it out here!

Thanks to MaximusDecimus for pointing it out.

A Batch of Toons

by | 5/7/2006 16:25 PM

Over the past weeks RTWH has been receiving a whole lot of high-quality toons from members of RTWH, keep it up everyone! However, considering the deluge of toons I've made up my mind on uploading a batch of toons once or twice a week rather than uploading individual ones. :)

This week you can find some funny shots submitted by TotalWarFanatic and EnemyofJupitor, highlighting the AI's stupidity and showing us why the scorpion crew should have listened to their moms. We've also got a submission sent to us by a 'newcomer' on the toon submission scene, AnthonyCCC, based on one of the official Medieval 2 screenshots! All these masterpieces can be found on page 8 and 9 in our toon gallery.

Rome: Total War - Alexander

by | 5/4/2006 17:22 PM

It turned out that the much longed for expansion pack for RTW was not an April Fool, after all; the press release at the official site affirms that RTW fans will be able to walk in Alexander's footsteps as the expansion pack is going to be put on the official site's download section in June! Players will also be able to duke it out in a 'Tournament mode' online, being a series of historical battles - pretty much like one of the confirmed multiplayer features in Medieval 2.

Creative Assembly also released a mini-site that will be updated from time to time as we get closer to the release date and more game info is revealed.

Pre-E3 Medieval 2 Impressions

by | 5/4/2006 17:12 PM

With roughly one week left till the world's largest electronic entertainment fair, IGN recently released a Medieval 2 preview. Highlighting both new features in the game, and old features from past titles, like the assassination movies, the article is a must read!
Thanks goes to Dricus Frisii for finding the article. :)

New Official Screenshot!

by | 5/2/2006 13:33 PM

After a long day at the university in rainy Stockholm it is, indeed, nice to behold the latest official Medieval 2 screenshot. What can I say, just look at it for yourself; it is one of the best shots I've seen thus far!
A late, but due thanks to Marcus Orentius for spotting the screenshot.

Ships Galore... and what your Seraph has been up to

by | 5/1/2006 14:57 PM

Just having returned from my trip to our recently purchased summer house on Gotland, and discovering that the power supply unit in my main computer refuses to boot it which resulted in myself typing this news post positioned on the floor with the laptop in front of me as the network cord is far too short, I am glad to announce six toons by our resident toon makers TotalWarFanatic and Marcus Orentius, four of which display eerie and unusual happenings involving ships...
Oh my, that was one huge sentence...