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New Article: RTW Basic Modeling

by | 5/26/2008 14:40 PM

The Red Mod Army continues its glorious march across the face of vanilla gaming. Today Comrade Private Clark has led the army to victory over new models and textures, wielding the terrible weapons of 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop to grim effect. Join in the crusade now and learn how to create all new models, add them to existing RTW models, and correctly apply new textures for them.

Click here to report for duty and join the fight against ordinary gameplay, and continue the struggle here to attain final victory. Or go the RTWH Game Modification - Tutorials section.

Please leave an intelligence, propaganda, or adulations here in the Game Modification forum.

The revolution will be modified.

Voting Ends Tonight for the Official RTW Screenshot Competition

by | 5/25/2008 14:43 PM

This is it. Voting for the RTWH Screenshot competition ends tonight. If you have not done so already get your votes in the RTW Screenshot Competition - Voting Thread Pt. 1 and RTW Screenshot Competition - Voting Thread Pt. 2 topics now!

Empire: Total War Motion Capture 'Making Of'

by | 5/24/2008 8:30 AM

Gametrailers have a video on their site showing how the animators at Creative Assembly are dealing with motion capture, which is being used for the first time in a Total War game. According to CA, this lets them get far more work done with the animation in a shorter time, which is surely good news for those who want more cinematic-looking battles and also for those who want them to spend more time on the AI!

Watch the video here, and marvel at the music and the snippets of animation!

New Article: A Guide to Descr_Sm_Factions.txt

by | 5/23/2008 18:29 PM

Yes, that is correct, the Red Mod Army has struck once more! The empire of vanilla gameplay has been sent reeling by the latest offensive lead by our very own General Hussarknight. His expert leadership has resulted in the total defeat of the Descr_Sm_Factions.txt file. Within its captive remnants you will find the secrets to how to set a faction's culture, loading screen logos, banner symbols and colours, Strategic Map border colours, and many more things. In Barbarian Invasion this file also determines if a faction can horde, sets the details of its horde size and units, whether it is emergent, or a rebel faction shadowing another.

Do not wait a moment longer, go here to our Game Modification - Tutorials section to learn more of this achievement!

Please leave any intelligence or propaganda here in the Game Modification forum.

The revolution will be modified.

Voting For RTWH Official Screenshot Competition Drawing To A Close!

by | 5/18/2008 20:04 PM

That is right, the voting period for the RTWH Screenshot competition is drawing to a close. You only have until Sunday, May 25th is the deadline. So get your votes in the RTW Screenshot Competition - Voting Thread Pt. 1 and RTW Screenshot Competition - Voting Thread Pt. 2 topics now!

New Article: Being A Horde 101

by | 5/17/2008 22:43 PM

Our very own warlord Hussarknight has brought us yet another article. This time he tackles the subject of Hordes. Love them, hate them, they are one of the things that make Barbarian Invasion unique. Being A Horde 101 tells you all about how to play one, starting with how to become one, to the strategies you should use as you migrate through the countryside, and finally how to best approach the tricky business of settlement.

Do not waste any time waiting, click here and get the edge on the Huns, Vandals, Sarmatians, and all those other Barbarians just itching to out-settle you. Or take you time and migrate over to the RTWH - Strategies - Campaign Strategy page to find it.

Please leave any comments here in the Barbarian Invasion forum.

New RTW Modification: Traits Mod

by | 5/16/2008 11:07 AM

The Red Mod Army strikes again! Today a promising revolutionary named Ischenous leads us to victory over Character Traits. His brilliant campaign against ordinary gaming has overthrown the yoke of oppressive traits, and given us many new ones such as Aristocratic Backgrounds, Selfish, Conquered Rome, Promoted Through The Ranks, and many more.

Hurry and join the uprising by downloading it here, or go to our Downloads - Miscellaneous Files section.

Please leave any intelligence or propaganda here in the Game Modification - Traits Mod: Ideas topic.

The Revolution will be Modified.

New Article: 3ds Max Basics

by | 5/15/2008 17:51 PM

Fresh on the heels of our most recent campaign, the Red Mod Army has once more taken the offensive with our super-weapon 3ds Max. Join me in the uprising against the social injustices of vanilla gaming, and learn to use this terrible weapon of bourgeois destruction.

I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to wield this mighty tool of modding. I start with a basic overview of what models and skins are, and go on to explain how to load the necessary plugin, open a model file, change your views of it, pose it, add or remove parts, apply a texture and enable its alpha channels, and make a preview image of it.

Do not wait, become part of the great modding revolution today! Simply click on this link to begin the struggle, or navigate to RTWH's Game Modification - Tutorials page.

Please leave any intelligence or other propaganda here in the Game Modification forum.

The Revolution will be Modified.

New Article: Making Unit Cards With 3ds Max

by | 5/12/2008 19:43 PM

The Red Mod Army has struck another blow for the freedom of gamers everywhere. Today a new soldier has joined the ranks of the revolution. Private Clark has risen up against the oppression of vanilla gaming and led the Red Mod Army to a resounding victory over Unit Cards. His weapon: the fearsome 3ds Max. A weapon so terrible that even the Red Mod Army has been hesitant to authorize its use in the past.

As always, you can find Private Clark's propaganda here in the Modding Articles - Tutorials section of RTWH. Read it and take it to heart. For no bourgeois unit card can stand against the might of the 3ds Max revolution!

Please leave any intelligence you have gathered, or simply cheer glorious comrade Clark on to victory, here in his original Forum posting of the tutorial.

The Revolution will be Modified.

First E:TW Land Battle Screenshots

by | 5/12/2008 14:13 PM

The newest edition of PC Gamer UK has a large feature on Empire: Total War, and the screenshots from the issue have been put online at Games Radar. They include some spectacular shots of land battles, with more crossbelts and whiffs of grapeshot than you can shake a War of Jenkin's Ear at.

Take a look at them here.

User Submissions to the RTW Screenshots Gallery

by | 5/8/2008 15:42 PM

The call went out in this thread for quality screenshots and EightSeven87, SubRosa, Terikel, Santos I, Braun and hannibalbarc answered the call. No less than 60 of those great screenshots were entered into the gallery for everlasting fame.

My favourite is this one from SubRosa:

New Toons in the Gallery

by | 5/8/2008 15:34 PM

It was well past time for an update to the toons gallery and we have 11 great new toons which you can view here.

The one I liked most was this one from Andalus:

Ladder update

by | 5/7/2008 9:40 AM

PrinceofMacedon has played a massive 21 games, racking up a massive total of 1808 points! His custom title of RTW Ladder Leader looks safe for the moment, but challangers have emerged, though second-placed Selifator has a long way to go at 1630 points!

Stay tuned for more updates from the multiplayer scene!