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Two New BI Overviews

by | 5/31/2011 9:37 AM

Drakontos has penned two new faction overviews. This time, our Doughty Dragon casts his eyes over the Franks and the Saxons, describing each in detail for those unfamiliar with these hardy warriors and their lands.

Both are fully illustrated and entice their readers to try their hands at campaigning under the Hart banners of the Saxons, or the Swallow of the Franks.

Praise and comments may be left here for the Franks and here for the Saxons.

Aftermath turns in his Wings

by | 5/29/2011 8:22 AM

Our beloved and creative Seraph of Total war: Shogun II has handed in his wings. It was an unexpectedly short tour as Seraph, but he has been with Heaven Games for a long time, and now that time has come.

We wish him success in his new life as a mortal. Comments and farewells may be left in this thread.

You will be missed, Afty. Thanks for the wonderful tales and times.

Gothic Overview Complete

by | 5/18/2011 2:21 AM

General KickAss has struck once again, this time examining in detail our beloved brethren, the Goths. He interviews Segimerus, who reveals the Goths as more than simple empire-wrecking barbarians from far away. He delves into their shadowy northern past, their current lands, and the warriors with which they shall acquire yet more lebensraum. There is also the question of religion- should the Goths remain faithful to the old gods, or adopt the new crucified god arising in the South.

Decisions, decisions. After reading his words, the player will be able to decide himself how to best lead these hardy warriors to victory and beyond.

Thou mayst peruse his scribblings here, and leave thy comments and praise upon this scroll.

Sassanid Faction Overview is Up

by | 5/18/2011 2:15 AM

General KickAss has submitted his faction overview of the Sassanid Empire, a wonderful treatise exposing the inner workings of that mysterious successor to the fabled Parthians.

His words will enlighten you on the land, the warhost, and give tips on how best to use both.

You will find his scribblings here. As Always, you may leave your comments in the thread, located here.

Legionary Class Now Open

by | 5/9/2011 3:04 AM

Centurion Hardassius presents the Legionary Class, a tough module featuring the various forms of legionary and how to use them to the best of their ability.

You can attend his class here, and comment on the class here.

Sepia Joust V Genre Selections

by | 5/4/2011 8:35 AM

We have had faction histories, we have had memoirs. We were frightened by the horror tales, and sped into the future for science fiction.

What then shall be the genre of the Fifth Sepia Joust?

So far Comedy/Parody leads over Romantic Adventure and Criminal.

Place your votes on this thread and let thy voice be heard.

Polling closes 15 May 2011, with the Submissions thread opening on 31 August (or thereabouts).

New Swap Game on the Way

by | 5/4/2011 8:32 AM

The time to collectively kick the butt of the world is upon us once again.

Who shall we lead to ultimate victory?

Place your choices and/or votes upon this thread.