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A New Seraph and Angel Emerge

by | 5/19/2012 6:49 AM

The stony courtyard of the Celestial Palace was a scene of devastation. Broken bottles of sake lay strewn about haphazardly, while the rags of what were once elegant geisha gowns lay as chaff in the wind. Nary a wake soul was to be seen at what was the night before a grand gala to celebrate the Seraph HussarKnight's return to the mortal lands.

Angel Scipii and Cherub Pitt woke first. They saw the mess left behind, and saw the tyrant Terikel snoring mightily from a rooftop. The Enemy of Jupitor, more refined, was curled up upon the portico of the palace, a naked geisha in each arm and a smile upon his sleeping face. The rest of the crew was evidently inside, doing who knows what to who knows whom. Or dead alseep as was everyone else.

Scipii and Pitt sighed. They knew what they had to do. The palace had to be tidy and proper before the tyrant and the other six-winger awoke, or there would be no more Mortaldom Parties ever again. And those things were a blast! So they sighed again, grabbed some bromms and bags, and began setting the place in order.

They finished as the sun rose high enough to play across the bearded face of the Viking. The bright light, far from melting the gremlin, wakened him. He stirred, and looked down upon the spotless courtyard where but hours before revelers had trashed the place.

"Where is all the booze?" he rumbled, looking for the hair of the dog that bit him. "And the trophies of the geishas?"

"We cleaned them up," Pitt and Scipii replied.

"Who told you to do that?" the Viking bellowed. Evidently he liked messes he himself made.

His rumblings wakened EoJ, who reluctantly eased out from under the geishas without disturbing them. He motioned to Terikel to lower his voice, then repeated the question posed.

"Nobody," Scipii admitted. "We saw it needed to be done, and did it. We recovered this one unbroken bottle, still half-full."

EoJ took the bottle from the Angel, sniffed it, then powered down a long draught. He corked it with an errant cork and tossed it to the Viking, who finished it off. The Viking gave his fellow seraph a thumbs-up.

"Hussar has departed these realms," EoJ intoned. "And we two seraphs really liked our Trinity."

"She's awesome," Terikel agreed heartily.

"Not that Trinity," EoJ sighed. "Having Three Seraphs. That Trinity."

"She had all three of us?" The Viking was now utterly confused.

EoJ gripped the top of his nose between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed away the building headache. Vikings could be so stupid sometimes... "The trinity of three seraphs. Hussar turned in his wings, meaning we now have two seraphs. We are no longer a trinity. We are a duo."

"Oh," replied the Viking. "Why not give yon angel the extra wings? He cleaned up the mess without being told- that shows initiative. we Vikings love initiative."

"And Pitt, then?" asked EoJ. "He displayed responsibility and initiative as well."

"Give him Scipii's wings, and Scipii Hussar's. We have our trinity, and these lads their due rewards for services rendered so far."

EoJ nodded. "That is fair, and both have served long and well. They have earned these wings."

And with that, the TWH Seraphs clipped the Angel wings from Scipii and gave them to Pitt, then pinned the Seraph wings of Hussarknight onto his protege Scipii. It was done, and the heavens once again fully staffed. And Terikel was once again off chasing Trinity across the Matrix...

"I hope he does not get lost again," EoJ muttered to himself.

Hussarknight Moves On

by | 5/19/2012 6:29 AM

After six years of dedicated service and a wonderful staff career culminating as a six-winged Seraph of three subheavens, HussarKnight as finally been bitten by the dreaded bug called Real Life.

His career spanned multiple heavens, from Rome to Empire to Napoleon to Shogun. The latter three he helped create, populate, and moderate, while his roots began in Rome. His many articles- especially in the modding section- helped make every game a joy to play.

He will be missed. We at TWH wish him well in tackling Real Life, and hope he pops by occasionally to let us know his travels and adventures out there.

Ancient Greek Music

by | 5/17/2012 5:33 AM

Alex_the_Bold has penned a brief introduction to ancient Greek Music, its instruments, and a bit of lore surrounding them. He also included two snippets of authentic ancient music for your listening pleasure.

You can find his scribblings here, and leave thy comments, praise, and criticism here.

We at RTWH thank young Alex for his contribution, and hope he has many more such interesting articles forthcoming. Well done, Alex!