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How Not to Go Broke in a Campaign

by | 6/30/2005 20:19 PM

Wealth means power, power means empire building. Therefore, a steady income is crucial in every campaign game. In his thread, Lord Ahm has initiated a discussion about economic aspects of RTW. The first paragraph in his post concerns upkeep and garrisons:

The army upkeep is divided on all your cities. For example: You have a huge army in Arretium, that army needs money to maintain itself. The army upkeep in that army will not be paid by Arretuim, just because the army's location is in Arretuim. The upkeep expedenture will be divided to all your settlements, and the one with most citizens will pay most money.

Thats why your bigger cities are loosning money, the city have so many citizens that they pay a large part of the army upkeep.

The thread is definitely a worthwhile read. If you have something you would like to add, or any questions, visit the thread!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 6/26/2005 19:50 PM

We had quite a bit of news last week; most noteworthy among the news is the three history articles that have been added to the history section. One details Britain invaded by the Romans, another the second Punic War, and the third an article on "thorns in the Romans side". They're all good reads, and I advise taking a look at them.

Aside from the history articles some new content's been added. The factions page for base Rome: Total War has begun to be updated, a for Barbarian Invasion has been created, and we put up a new mod article.

What's coming next week? No clue, I'll be gone until the 5th of July with limited access, but I'm sure if I'm unable to keep you updated on the news somebody else will. Have a good week in Rome!

Thorns in the Roman Side

by | 6/25/2005 20:36 PM

I decided to do some research into some of the people who caused the Roman Empire so much trouble. Check out some of the results below.

Within a few months, the organized Roman column, was disheveled and spread out over miles of forest. To make matters worse torrential downpours turned dirt roads into mud-soaked paths. The wagons of the caravan became stuck and broken down, and instead of stopping the entire entourage, men were left to protect the wagons, and the main force moved on. Then two days before disaster would strike, Arminius excused himself from the formation and went to rally his forces. Varus would come to wish he had not.

To check out the rest of the article click here.

Factions Section Update

by | 6/25/2005 16:37 PM

Crazed Ewok has begun work on his first task as staff; updating the factions section. It's quite a daunting task, but he's started off on the right foot and gotten the first faction updated.

Check out his first faction profile of the Senatus Populusque Romanus, here!

Mundus Magnus

by | 6/25/2005 10:56 AM

If there's one currently released modification that I've been hearing a lot about in recent days, it's Mundus Magnus. Not being much of a mod guy (call it laziness or complacency) I've never really figured out what exactly a lot of modifications do. Thus, I've stayed complacent and lazy, while sitting around and waiting for Europa Barbarum to be released.

Our modification portal seeks to give greater understanding to community mods, and the most recent article on Mundus Magnus does just that. It's certainly inspired me to check it out for download!

Forum Party - June 25th

by | 6/24/2005 17:37 PM

Need I even mention it? The weekly forum party takes place, yet again, this Saturday. I hear some good games were played last week, and expect to take part in some good ones this week.

Make sure to show up! You can check the forum party thread for more information!

BI Factions

by | 6/23/2005 11:36 AM

Doitzel just finished up work on the first draft of the Factions page for Barbarian Invasion. It's looking great thus far, and while we don't have a whole lot of information yet, the page is worth checking out if you don't know much about the factions that'll be found in the expansion.

Check the page out here!

An Ewok in... Rome?

by | 6/22/2005 21:29 PM

Who would have guessed? Crazed Ewok, a Cherub at SWBGH (and a visitor here as well) has offered to give us a hand updating some of the site's content that sorely needs to be updated. He'll be a great help.


Ladder Update

by | 6/22/2005 21:28 PM

A fair bit of games have been played since the last update, most of which involving The TENTH LEGION, who's moved up several places in the ladder. The current top five are now:

  1. Gaurdian_112 (Intermediate) - 64.5 (27 played)
  2. Firefox (intermediate) - 62 (68 played)
  3. The TENTH LEGION (Intermediate) - 62 (49 played)
  4. MaceHead (Intermediate) - 57 (27 played)
  5. Lasha (Rookie) - 49 (35 played)

Congrat's to The TENTH LEGION on the many recent victories that got him where he is now, and congrats to the other top five!

The Second Punic Wars

by | 6/22/2005 13:22 PM

Lord_Morningstar has written a superb article on the Second Punic Wars. Here is a preview.

In many ways, the Second Punic War is more interesting than the First. For a start, we have the dashing hero, Hannibal Barca, who we can cheer on through his great victories and weep at his sad end. We have great and epic battles in Italy, Spain, Sicily and North Africa in the place of raiding, skirmishing and blockade. We know far more about the second war than the first, thanks largely to the detailed and fairly objective accounts of Polybius and Dio Cassius. Finally, we can probably say that the stakes were higher; both Rome and Carthage came perilously close to destruction, and Syracusian power would finally be broken.

Check out the whole article here.

Poll Wrapup

by | 6/21/2005 21:02 PM

Sorry I'm a bit late on the poll wrapup, you can blame Comcast for dying for a couple days. ;-) Last week the poll asked what you were most expecting from the Barbarian Invasion expansion. It looks like the votes were spread out fairly evenly; a new campaign obviously holds the most interest, however. The full results:

Better AI [69 votes]
Cooler units [45 votes]
More realistic fight outcomes [27 votes]
A new campaign [85 votes]
Other [12 votes]

This week the poll asks what type of battle you play most often. I'll fathom a guess that the majority of you play realistic, but I guess we'll have to see!

Thanks to Night_Raider for the poll idea!

Britain Invaded

by | 6/19/2005 19:43 PM

Ichbinian has given us an excellent accounting of Caesar's time in Britain. Here is a quote.

The country of Britain is one of, if not the most famous country in the world. It has that distinctive accent, which historians believe came from the Romans, who occupied the island in 43 AD under Claudius. It has made a large impact on the world in many ways. However, Gaius Julius Caesar, the most famous Roman, led the first civilized expeditions to Britain, which changed the course of history forever. Most facts of ancient Britain came from Caesar. Britain was to be made Roman, and he was determined to do it himself.

Check it out at History, Battle.

Forum Party - June 18

by | 6/17/2005 15:40 PM

It's Friday and the weekend has almost arrived, meaning that Saturday's just around the corner. As per the usual we'll be hosting a forum party.

It ought to be a blast, and you can expect Adder to be happier than normal (is that even possible?) as he just finished up school for the year. I hope to see you all there! Check out the forum party thread for more information!

Ever wonder why there's an age limit at E3?

by | 6/16/2005 0:00 AM

Wonder no more. At E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) this year the Heavengames Halos proved why the doors are closed to those under 18... just kidding, I'm sure there must be a better reason. I just can't think of one right now. All I can do is be superbly jealous of Socvazius, and wonder with amazement at how the girls standing next to him aren't running away. Of course there's an answer to that too; they're wearing heels.

Anyway, there's quite a few photos of booth babes that are worth checking out. Also of note are some pictures the Halos took while in LA for the show. Worth checking out if you're interested in finding out how much of a ladies man Spiney is, how many weird faces Soccy can make, and various other eccentricities about the guys who keep Heavengames running behind (and occasionally in front of) the scenes.

The Once and Future... Berserker?

by | 6/14/2005 23:15 PM

Johndisp has been writing another great story in the War Stories forum. This one's about... well, the title ought to tell you enough. Here's an excerpt (that'll tell you more):

Lying before him were the bodies of a dozen women and children. They bore axe wounds from top to bottom, and none were alive. Galifax tried to remember, but as always happened with the rage, everything was a blank. His teacher had told him that the gods permitted berserkers to forget what they did during the rage to spare them the horror. At the time, Galifax had thought that was stupid, now he only felt shame.

John recently added what might be the last bit to the story, but who knows, it could continue. Check it out here!

Poll Roundup

by | 6/13/2005 21:03 PM

It's Monday, and time for the poll results. Last week the poll asked how much you'd be willing to pay for the Barbarian Invasion expansion. It looks like quite a bit of you would be willing to pay around $50, quite a lot considering it's an expansion. However, the majority of voters thought $30 would be their max. The full results:

$50 [55 votes]
$40 [40 votes]
$30 [76 votes]
$20 [31 votes]
Less than $20 [8 votes]
Pfft, are you kidding? Modifications are free. [16 votes]

We learn more about the Barbarian Invasion as the weeks progress, so this question seems appropriate: What are you most expecting from the expansion? Vote here!

Thanks to The_Ferret for the poll suggestion!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 6/12/2005 21:40 PM

If every week had a theme, last week would be Barbarian Invasion I. Creative Assembly released a page on the game, and we started up our Barbarian Invasion section, which now includes previews and an introduction to the game. Lots of good information laying around just waiting to be read; I advise checking it all out.

Aside from Barbarian Invasion the week was pretty slow by way of news. The forums are as active as ever though. Anything interesting next week? I think so; keep tuned in!

What is Barbarian Invasion?

by | 6/10/2005 21:20 PM

I couldn't say, our newest page, "What is Barbarian Invasion?" sure could though. Doitzel's writeup gives a great introduction to the game and should certainly be checked out if you're at all fuzzy.

Barbarian Invasion - Preview Section

by | 6/9/2005 20:07 PM

We've launched our Barbarian Invasion section today with a previews section that can be found here.

You can expect more comprehensive Barbarian Invasion coverage and new pages as information is released.

Ladder Reaches 300 Games!

by | 6/8/2005 21:44 PM

That's right, this week the ladder surpassed 300 games! Great playing, people, keep them coming in!

It hasn't been a particularly busy week, but the ladder is still chugging along. The current top 5 players are:

  1. Lasha (Intermediate) - 65 (31 games played)
  2. Gaurdian_112 (Intermediate) - 64.5 (27 games played)
  3. Firefox (Intermediate) - 60 (65 games played)
  4. Sparty (Intermediate) - 58 (24 games played)
  5. MaceHead (Rookie) - 42 (25 games played)

Congrats to the top 5, and let's keep those games coming in!

Official BI News

by | 6/7/2005 19:25 PM

The official Total War site has released some information on Barbarian Invasion the expansion. There's some great new information and is certainly worth taking the time to check out (and to quote):

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to play as the Romans! BI includes 10 brand new playable factions, (and some more that you’ll get the chance to meet during the game). Each of these factions has its own strategic options and a selection of exclusive units for their armies. The Franks, for example, have warriors armed with the fearsome francisca throwing axe, while the Huns and Sarmatians are peerless cavalrymen and the Sassanids are the only nation to still use elephants in battle.

I get more excited about the game every day. Check out the full information page here!

Poll Roundup

by | 6/6/2005 20:33 PM

The poll results are in, and it looks like I'm not alone. Last week the poll asked "How often do you finish campaigns?" The majority of people (including myself) only finish campaigns occasionally. Here's the full results:

All the time. [18 votes]
Most of the time. [42 votes]
Occasionally, I got bored once I have 35+ provinces. [127 votes]
Only the short ones. [26 votes]
Nope, not a one. [37 votes]
I don't play campaigns. [1 votes]

This week the poll asks how much you'd be willing to pay for the upcoming Barbarian Invasion expansion. Vote here!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 6/5/2005 23:01 PM

Last week Socvazius wrote up his E3 preview of Barbarian Invasion. It's easily the most detailed of any preview written thus far and deserves to be checked out if you're interested in the expansion.

In other related news, Carthage has fallen... but that happened about 2000 years ago according to maximus09 who wrote us a great article on the fall of Carthage. You can check it out here!

Aside from that we've had pretty much the usual, lots of new posts on the forums, new downloads... ah yes, that reminds me, the download center has a nice new skin that matches the forums, and Firefox wrote a great guide on how to use the center to the best of your ability. What's coming next week? I haven't clue (other than the fact that a little birdy told me that our Barbarian Invasion section would launch). See you around Rome!

Forum Party Tomorrow!

by | 6/3/2005 20:19 PM

Fellow RTWHers. There are slightly less than 24 hours until this week's forum party takes place on GameSpy. Clear your schedules, bring the crisps and meet up with your general buddies around 5 PM GMT this saturday! Make sure to check out Ueriah's forum party thread for more info!

I am pretty sure I will be there myself, with bells on. ;-)

HG's RTW: Barbarian Invasion E3 Preview

by | 6/3/2005 14:06 PM

I cannot get over how completely awesome Rome: Total War is. I have the game's map of the Medditeranean hanging up on my wall, would kill for a suit of Roman armor, and have gotten two tatoos of flaming pigs on my...thighs. Yeah, thighs. I'm by no means a fanboy; I've not played any other Creative Assembly game and have almost no contact with the developers or any RTW community. I simply adore the game for its loin-tingling splendor. So when I saw the demo booth of Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion at E3, you can imagine how much I peed my pants in glee. Now that I've recovered, I've got you all a yummy preview of the game. Enjoy!

How to use the Download Center

by | 6/2/2005 21:57 PM

Firefox has written us all a great guide on how to use the downloads center. There's not a whole lot of groundbreaking information in the article, but it's a must read if you want to know anything about the center.

Check it out here!

A Family Divided

by | 6/1/2005 23:53 PM

Night_Raider is writing a great story in our War Stories forum. It's about a young Roman who's taken to Damme as a hostage. It's a good read, and Raider has continued to expand on the story; it's quite long now. Here's an excerpt:

I had been in Damme for a total of 2 months by now. I frequently went places with Vannius. I became very familiar with the town, through him. I went on diplomatic relations with him to the neighboring German towns. I also went with him to the tavern, and learned exactly what he meant when he said "Ale, Drink enough of it and you'll get rather messed up in the head," the first day I was here. I watched as otherwise respectable men acted like idiots and children. But, this was the barbarian way of life.

Check out the full story here!