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Want a Job at Creative Assembly?

by | 6/18/2006 7:09 AM

Palamedes, staff member of CA in Brisbane, dropped by our Medieval 2 forum announcing that the Brisbane studio are looking for some new play-testers! Here's an excerpt from his post:
Anyway our Brisbane studio is on the lookout for some testers that will be on a full-time contract till the end of the project. Anyone that is interested could you please send your CV to:

You will need to be living in or near the studio in Brisbane, Australia. Please get the word out and dont take too long to apply, as we will be starting to put people on in the next few days.
So, Brisbaners... what are you waiting for? Submit your application right away!

Alexander Forum!

by | 6/16/2006 16:53 PM

As the Alexander expansion pack will be available for download in just a few days (those of you who subscribe to the TotalWar newsletter have probably not missed out on the opportunity of downloading it three days in advance), we're proud to apprise you of the opening of our new Alexander forum!

Now, get dressed for battle, mount your steady steed Buchefalos, and re-make the history of the greatest general throughout antiquity as you would like to have seen it!

I know I will, as soon as I get around to buying a new power supply unit to my main computer!

New Toons!

by | 6/15/2006 9:36 AM

Friends of Rome! Four new toons have been duly uploaded to our Toons Gallery, submitted by LusitanCenturion, spudedupp, General Tomzilla, and Jesse Oro! They are all available at page 10 and 11.

I strongly advise that you grab a cold drink from the fridge and check them out (be wary though, liquids and computers don't match well together)!

RTW: Alexander to be Downloadable Soon!

by | 6/15/2006 9:04 AM

Always wanted to walk in the footprints of Alexander the Great? Well, wait no more! Assemble your phalangites, hypaspists, companions and get dressed for battle! The official Alexander add-on to Rome: Total War will be available for download at 19th of June! For a wee charge of GBP 8.50, you will be able to sweep across the lands of the Persian Empire and re-construct the famous battles which you've read about wishing that you could travel back in time to spectate them with your own eyes!
Alongside the campaign game you’ll get six brand new historical battles, recreating Alexander’s most epic encounters. In a previous newsletter we gave you a profile of the first of those battles, Chaeronea. We can now confirm that the five additional battles are Granicus, Halicarnassus, Issus, Gaugamela and Hydaspes, These battles unlock sequentially as you conquer each one, with Brian Blessed narrating introductory movies that tell the tale of Alexander and provide historical background for each.
Now, this is quite a reason not to enjoy the wonderful summer al fresco, isn't it? ;-)

Yet Another Medieval 2 Preview!

by | 6/15/2006 8:48 AM

The webmaster of HookedGamers, Falconer has informed me of their short, but nonetheless sweet preview of Medieval 2. Check it out here!