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RTWH Barbarian Invasion Forum Party II Sunday 17th June

by | 6/14/2007 11:38 AM

The last Barbarian Invasion Forum Party we had was a roaring success so we're going to have one again this Sunday. Seeing as the Nazgul have arrived, we can celebrate by fending them off, not that we really need a reason to celebrate. See this thread for info on times, see who else will be going and letting us know if you'll be there yourself.

Here come the Nazgul!

by | 6/12/2007 15:41 PM

No, you can put your bows and slings down, they're only doing a taxi service for our two new staff members: SuicidalScotsman and EnemyofJupitor from over at BfME2H.

SuicidalScotsman is going to be our new download administrator and run the modding forum, while EnemyofJupitor is going to be working on a multiplayer ladder for Medieval 2: Total War and running the multiplayer forum.

Congratulate them both here.

Gaming in different cultures

by | 6/7/2007 0:42 AM

Zen has been asked, along with various other people to write an article on gaming in different cultures in the world. If his is the one that gets published, HG will get a significant amount of good publicity.

How do you think gaming is viewed in different cultures outside of the USA? StarCraft is very big in South Korea (so much so that they have musicals and dramas based on the game), MMOGs are very popular throughout Asia, and strategy games such as Knights of Honor, 1701AD, etc. are very popular in Europe; North America seems to be more about First Person Shooters - or is that all just a myth?Seeing how we have a diverse staff and audience I thought I'd ask your views here. What sort of differences can you see between different cultures when it comes to gaming?

Please post your views (and your location) here.