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New history article: Cernunnos

by | 6/25/2010 15:12 PM

Man has always been drawn to the occult and arcane, and little is more occult than Celtic mythology. In this article, as his first act as staffie, your new cherub has endeavoured to collate as much information as possible relating to one of the most strange and therefore appealing mythological figures of all: Cernunnos, the Horned One...

Comments and praise can be left upon this thread.

Please welcome Edorix to TWH staff

by | 6/23/2010 16:05 PM

Terikel has been manfully holding the fort for RTW coverage but now it's time to bring forth a new champion to aid him.

Ladies & gentlemen
I give you cherub Edorix. Please visit this thread to offer him your congratulations.

I see an Egg

by | 6/23/2010 13:08 PM

There is an egg. Over there, just under the bushes. I see it quiver, and rustle, and a crack forms. It starts to open, revealing tiny wings.

A bird? A dragon? What could it be?

It's... No! I do not believe it! It is a new cherub. A little winged one, still wet with the fresh green paint, re-born right before my very eyes.

Welcome, Edorix, to a fine tour of duty on Staff.

The Battle of Cannae

by | 6/17/2010 1:55 AM

Angel Scipii has revisited the famous battle of Cannae, where Hannibal enjoyed his finest hour and earned forevermore the right to be acclaimed one of History's Greatest Commanders. Scipii does more than simply laud Hannibal as others have done- he takes an in-depth view as to why the Romans decided to fight there, and tracks the battle and the decisions made with exquisite care.

You may read his article here. Comments, praise, and criticisms may be left here.

New screenshots for Shogun 2: Total War

by | 6/15/2010 16:40 PM

CA have released 8 screenshots for Shogun 2: Total War on their website. Some show artwork but others show actual gameplay. I love the night battle shot. To see these shots, go here to our new forum dedicated to discussing Shogun 2: Total War!

New Skald Announced

by | 6/13/2010 3:59 AM

The most elegant and valiant Edorix, already a member of the Order of the Golden Pallette, has now been accepted into the ranks of the Order of the Silver Quill for his wonderfully tragic tale of Branwen & Taliesin.

Comments, praise, and congratulations may be left on the self-same scroll entitled, curiously enough, "Branwen & Taliesin".

Welcome, Lord Edorix, to the Order of the Silver Quill.

By the way, this makes you the first to enroll in more than a single order. Well done!

Warhammer: Total War Map!

by | 6/4/2010 10:04 AM

Jerome Balliol has popped in with an update on the mod Warhammer: Total War. The team, aided by Bretonic Questing Knights no doubt, have scaled the fantasy realm and managed to produce a campaign map, which you can see in the thread here. Looks wonderful :)

Shogun 2: Total War is next Total War game

by | 6/2/2010 18:26 PM

We've received a lot of hints and finally all the rumours have been confirmed, Shogun 2: Total War is the latest foal from the CA stable.

Loads more info here.

Quick bullet points on what new features we can expect:
-Smaller unit roster than ETW but units upgrade over time.
-You chose which upgrades generals get as they develop.
-Hero units. These sound similar to the Sword Saint units from the original Shogun: Total War expansion, The Mongol Invasion.
-Naval battles.

What else would ye like to see? Discuss here.

Mysterious twitterings from CA

by | 6/1/2010 5:16 AM

Oh, and following on from that last one, Hussarknight had had a lookie at the CA Twitter page, and saw a Haiku.

"In Spring it roams not. / Maybe eastern sun rises / Nor will it show guns

It's odd, isn't it? And the latest post (at time of writing) reads "It doesn't end at Zero".

New Total War Game- hints around the interwebs?

by | 6/1/2010 5:05 AM

Hoo boy. We're getting closer to E3, and there's clues popping up around the net as to what the new Total War game will be. Punic Hoplite found a picture posted on the Creative Assembly's Twitter showing a rather odd collection of weapons, apparently used to make sfx in game, but Count Mummolus comes bursting in with this video.

It mentions the word "Shogun" near the start, and even has it in the URL. And that's Japanese calligraphy, folks, according to my reliable sources at Wikipedia. Are you thinking what we're thinking on the forums? Tell us :)