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Edorix turns Crimson

by | 6/20/2011 5:02 AM

It was bound to happen. It was unavoidable, despite our best efforts. The cherub Edorix went into one too many bloodbaths and is now stained by his experience.

Many, many articles issued forth from his quill, and his advice has almost usually been above average in most respects. In short, he has done a fine job and is deserving of some recognition for his twelve or thirteen articles, his wonderful tale of the Ompee Rompee, his work on rebooting the RTWH Ladder, his tireless effort in creating the RTWH Clan (along with Punic), and countless other projects that evade my less-than-nimble memory at this moment.

Praise and other congratulatory messages may be left upon the scroll titled Cheers to Edorix the Red!

Pachyderm Promise

by | 6/17/2011 0:49 AM

Professor Punic Hoplite gives us a look at elephants and their uses in his Elephant Class. This latest article from our Carthaginian cherub brings these magnificent beasts into focus and teaches how best to use them- and when all else fails, how to avoid having them stomp your own warhost into snot.

Comments, praise, and criticism may be left here.

HeavenGames going Minecraft

by | 6/15/2011 0:53 AM

HeavenGames is proud to announce a foray into the world of Minecraft!

HeavenGames has always had a strong creative community, and Minecraft may well one of few games with an absurdly wonderful amount of creative opportunity, and we need [b]your[/b] help to build a strong community! We're looking at possibilities for a Minecraft downloads section, and there is a ton of room for you to get involved and help steer HG and the Minecraft downloads section in the direction you'd like to see it go.

We're looking for:

  • Anyone with a solid grasp on Java. Ideally, the sort of people we're looking for can not only program in Java, but can also look at another programmer's code, decipher it, and teach others about it.

  • Experienced Minecrafters and Minecraft modders. If you know a lot about the Minecraft community or enjoy modding Minecraft, [b]we want you[/b]! If you know someone knowledgeable, send them our way!
  • Anyone interested in learning about modding Minecraft or learning about the Java programming language. No experience necessary, just a desire to learn and the discipline to self-teach at times!

  • Content contributors. We're looking to be the premier community for Minecraft-based content, with a focus on featuring a vast library of Minecraft downloads and guides to modding Minecraft and we'd love help developing that content!

If you would like to learn more, please e-mail me at

Liamidas Sprouts Wings

by | 6/14/2011 0:53 AM

You may know him as Liam_the_Spartan, but at RTWH he is simply Liamidas. No matter his moniker, he now has little tiny green wings sprouting from his shoulders.

Yes, Liamidas has become staff over at Total War: Shogun 2 Heaven, where he has made many contributions and helping them out big-time.

Well deserved, young lad. Congratulations may be left in this thread.

Dutch Date XVIII Tomorrow

by | 6/10/2011 8:38 AM

For those of you in the vicinity of the Dutch city of Utrecht tomorrow, there will be the eighteenth edition of the Dutch Date. HG'ers will meet up in front of the Departures Board in Utrecht Centraal Train station, and proceed from there to the Stairway to Heaven at Mariaplaats 12 for 'gezelligheid' and a few beers. (At your own expense, of course; it is in Holland).