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Last Week In Rome...

by | 7/31/2005 20:20 PM

Last week wasn't exceptionally busy, but some things certainly did happen. The Barbarian Bash tournament was a success; the games were good, and it looks like everyone had a lot of fun.

In other Rome: Total War news, Rome: Total War was named the 14th best game of all time by IGN. Possibly a little overrated, but a huge congratulations to Creative Assembly nonetheless, great work!

Of course we had another week of Creative releasing more information on Barbarian Invasion. A new unit profile, a new building profile, and a new FAQ. Lots of good information that's certainly worth checking out!

What's coming next week? No clue, I'll be gone for a couple days, but Mace and GloryofSparta should be able to keep you up to speed. Have a good week in Rome!

Barbarian Bash Results

by | 7/30/2005 21:33 PM

BigD4788 has won the Barbarian Bash tournament, the accompanying RTW T-shirt and $20. Congratulations to him, everyone else who participated, and our second and third placers, Ichbinian and GloryofSparta!

Check out the bracket thread for results, and commentary on the epic clashes that occurred!

14th Best Game Ever!

by | 7/29/2005 11:22 AM

According to IGN, Rome: Total War is ranked 14th in the 100 best games of all time. That's extremely high, and even as a huge fan of the game (who'd have guessed?) I think it may be ranked a little high. In any case here's what they had to say about it:

A relative newcomer to the list, Rome: Total War nevertheless deserves its place here as the most cinematic and convincing representations of warfare available on any platform. Showcasing almost the whole panoply of ancient Roman Republican warfare, Rome: Total War is filled with everything a strategy gamer could want. Thousands of ancient warriors, from charioteers to hoplites, square off against each other in a beautiful 3D environment. The sights and sounds of battle have never been more compelling than they are here. A grand strategic campaign lets players train and march their armies across a map of Europe, North Africa and the Near East.

Check out it's place on the list, here!

Thanks to Ferret for letting me know!

Barbarian Bash Update

by | 7/28/2005 23:31 PM

Just a note that signups have closed for the barbarian bash tournament. A bracket will be posted tomorrow, but regardless of who you're paired against you'll want to show up in the Chat Lobby at 12 noon EST, on the 30th of this month.

New FAQ Update

by | 7/28/2005 0:07 AM

The Shogun posted the latest FAQ update today. This one is from The Org. Lots of nice, new information was posted:

Q: Has granting units titles and that sort of thing been considered again for BI or future expansions (the extra command stars/management could really helpt he AI as well as creating more generals to lead armies)?

A: We assume by this that you are talking about the MTW concept of provincial titles being granted to unit leaders. There are two features that you'll see in BI that are similar to this, but not quite the same.

Firstly, you'll be able to recruit generals in the same way as other units: by building the right building in a settlement and then training them. A recruited general will come with a cavalry bodyguard, but he won't be part of the ruling family and won't be eligible to become faction heir or leader. They will age and die, so this is a temporary addition to your leadership.

Secondly, some factions have offices of state that can be given to generals, such as the 'magister peditum' for the Romans, an office that grants an infantry command bonus. You will be free to shift offices of state around between your generals over time, although loading every office onto a single uber-general won't be possible.

Check out the FAQ here!

Barbarian Bash Signups

by | 7/27/2005 0:14 AM

You have a little under one day (signups close Wednesday at midnight EST) left to sign up for the Barbarian Bash tournament that we're hosting. There's currently about 12 people signed up out of the maximum of 16, so hurry to the thread to sign up!

Huge Feudal Estate

by | 7/25/2005 22:27 PM

The Huge Feudal Estate is the latest building to be updated on Creative Assembly's page. Nothing's all that special about the building, but it's worth checking out if you're a Barbarian Invasion fantic. You can view the profile here!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 7/24/2005 22:06 PM

We updated quite a bit of content last week. Two faction profiles for Rome: Total War were updated; the Brutii and the Scipii. They can be viewed at the factions page. The map information section also received a huge update. Six more maps have been added, bringing the total to twelve. You should certainly check them out for some basic information on the maps of Rome: Total War.

In Barbarian Invasion news, Creative Assembly now has a weekly schedule for the release of new information. Every Monday they'll add a building, with assorted information on it. Every Wednesday they'll update the FAQ (the current update is from questions we at RTWH asked). And last but not least every Friday information on a unit will be released. You can check out the unit and building page at Creative's site here.

That's it. What's next week? Well I know what's happening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but aside from that I don't have a clue. I'll keep you posted. See you around Rome!

Forum Party - July 23rd

by | 7/23/2005 10:47 AM

Wow, you know it's summer for when you start to forget what day it is. Today's Saturday meaning that the forum party's happening today... in about one hour, at 12 EST.

I'll be there, and I'm hoping to see you guys there as well! Check out the thread for more information.

Building and Unit Profiles

by | 7/22/2005 22:54 PM

Lief Ericson has brought to my attention, that Creative Assembly has started to update their Barbarian Invasion page with unit and building profiles. It looks like the page will be updated weekly with a new unit and civilization. So far the unit profiles include Roman Comitatenes and the Roman Catholic Priest, while the building profiles include the Castrum and the Hundredmen Hall.

I'll keep you posted on it's updates, but for now you can check out the page here!

Scipii Information

by | 7/22/2005 22:51 PM

As I mentioned yesterday, the Scipii faction update is now complete, and can be checked out at the updated factions page.

What's next? A little birdy told me that Africa is next in line. ;-)

Another Faction Section Update

by | 7/21/2005 22:43 PM

Who'd have guessed? Ewok's still hard at work turning out updates for this section, and he's just finished up the Brutii. For a basic history of the faction and general gameplay information be sure to check it out!

Coming up tomorrow, the Scipii. On another, similar note, Doitzel's currently working on general overviews of the BI civilizations, and hopefully we'll soon be seeing some of those as well.

Questions Answered About BI

by | 7/20/2005 19:44 PM

I had the chance to speak the The Shogun from Creative Assembly, who asked myself and the RTWH staff to send in some questions about Barbarian Invasion to be answered. Shogun was kind enough to get them answered and he's posted them at the official forums, answered. One of the questions we asked:

Q: What are the non-playable factions in Barbarian Invasion?

A: Berbers, Celts, Romano-British, Slavs, Ostrogoths, Western Roman Rebels and Eastern Roman Rebels

Hopefully these non-playable factions for Barbarian Invasion will be just as easy to play as the non-playable factions in Rome: Total War. We'll see... if you'd like to discuss Shogun's post, Doitzel, the creator of quite a few of those answered questions has created a topic for discussion.

Warstory Feature

by | 7/20/2005 19:29 PM

It's been quite a while since we've had a war story feature, and since stories have been popping up all over, this is an opportune time. Lorentius Vadis has been writing a story entitled "In The Arms of Morpheus," it's a great read read worth checking out:

The spinning sensation was gone, the young soldier once again felt his feet under him. He looked at his shield and the two javelins he carried, then pulled his sword halfway out of the scabbard, eying it briefly before slamming it back. He then adjusted his helmet and chest armor while looking side to side, where long lines of hastati all stood erect and silent.

Check out the full story here!

Forum Downtime

by | 7/20/2005 13:06 PM

Just a note that the forums will be down most of July 23rd and July 24th for some database maintenance and updates.

Have a good weekend away from the forums. ;-)

Poll Results

by | 7/19/2005 20:56 PM

Last week's poll asked if you used mods for Rome: Total War. The majority of people are mod users according to the results:

Yeah [61 votes]
Occasionally [31 votes]
Nope [33 votes]
What's a mod? [9 votes]

That's a little surprising to me, as I had assumed the majority would answer with occasionally. This week the poll asks what your favorite aspect of Rome: Total War is. Answer here!

Map Section Update

by | 7/18/2005 15:54 PM

Cheesewiz has finished up six new maps for the Map Information & Basic Strategy section. They are British Grassland, Gallic Countryside, Germanic Forest, Greek Shore, Prippet Marshes and Scottish Highland.

Check them out if you want to learn a bit about the maps of Rome: Total War!

Last Week In Rome...

by | 7/17/2005 22:28 PM

Interested in participating in a tournament? If so this was a great last week for you. A summer tournament was announced at Total Rome, and we at RTWH announced a tournament of our own. Both look to be great fun, and if you're a multiplayer kind of guy you'll want to check them both out. Aside from the tournaments we got some new content in the form of a mod article, and another faction page update. That's about it as far as content goes, activity in the forums has been good as always, and aside from that the week was rather slow. No more Barbarian Invasion information was released, much to my dismay.

What's next week going to bring? Barbarian Invasion information is my hope, but I can't guarantee it; cross your fingers.

That's about it, catch you around Rome (and you'd better have your fingers crossed when I do)!

Announcing the Barbarian Bash Tournament

by | 7/17/2005 12:42 PM

Come out and show off your less civilized side in Rome: Total War Heaven's Barbarian Bash tournament featuring RTW t-shirts for the top three placers, and a cash prize for the first and second place winners.

Head on over to the tournament topic to read the rules and sign up! Good luck to everyone who signs up!

Forum Party Tomorrow - July 16th

by | 7/15/2005 15:35 PM

Come and join your fellow forumers tomorrow for some games of RTW! I'd be there but tennis takes precedence over matters of state (but I bestow my blessings upon Germania).

Have a blast! For more information please check the thread!

Total Rome Summer Slaughter Tournament

by | 7/13/2005 23:06 PM

My buddy Ashen over at Total Rome has just notified me of a tournament that he's hosting. Looking over the rules it looks pretty standard, but standard is fun, right? Besides, if you win you get a nice item from the site's shop among some other nifty things.

Check out the tournament thread here!

By the way, the site just got redesigned, looks nice, eh?

The Fourth Age

by | 7/13/2005 21:37 PM

Ace has written another great mod profile for the Modification Portal. This one details, as you may have already guessed, The Fourth Age total conversion:

The mod takes place after the destruction of the One Ring during the Third Age of Middle Earth. As such, you shouldn’t expect any super-elite Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli soldiers to be running around routing units of the enemy on their lonesome, but you certainly can expect to see hordes of Uruk-hai tearing apart fragile Rohirrim infantry, while the Knights of Rohan rout a few units of Warg riders, and crash into the Uruk-hai’s flanks.

Check out the profile here!

Poll Results

by | 7/12/2005 20:14 PM

In answer to the poll question "When do you think the optimum time for the Barbarian Invasion release is?" the majority of you think a summer release date is best. I must agree, the game release date issue was actually brought up at GameSpot recently with Alex Navarro saying:

I can't even count the number of times I've lamented this very fact [that all these games are released in fall, not summer]. The summertime seems like the perfect opportunity for companies to put out a few great, though maybe not exceptionally high-profile, games that will get way more attention from those stuck home with nothing better to do than they would during the horridly crowded holiday season. I don't get why that isn't the case, so much. Yeah, a couple of games are coming out here and there, but for the most part, they aren't that great. Holiday season money is certainly attractive, but there's got to be more room for releases during July and August than what's currently coming out.

I don't know. It just sucks. I blame communism.

And I must admit I agree, if some more great games would come out in the summer, perhaps all of us who're still in school would be a bit less bored. Anyway, here's the full poll results:

Summer! [70 votes]
September is good. [59 votes]
Winter! [20 votes]

This week the poll asks if you use game modifications for Rome: Total War. Answer here!

Thanks to Celer for the poll idea!

Faction Page

by | 7/11/2005 18:41 PM

My favorite Ewok (yes the crazed one, I know I could have better taste), has just finished up the second civilization for the updated faction page.

It's just as good as the first (done for the SPQR) if you want some basic information on the Julii, including a history, and various information. Check it out here!

A New Heaven Joins the Mix

by | 7/11/2005 9:08 AM

I'm afraid I let it slip the other day, but it's all good, right? Rise & Fall Heaven is now the newest site in the HeavenGames network. I hope you guys enjoy the site as quite a bit of work went into it and the game is looking superb. I assume a lot of you guys will be interested as Rise & Fall also takes place in a similar time period to Rome: Total War.

July 11, 2005 - HeavenGames LLC announced today that it has launched Rise & Fall Heaven ( ), the latest in its series of special-interest sites for Real Time Strategy & Citybuilding games.

Set to be released during Q4 of 2005, Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War (TM) is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game developed by Stainless Steel Studios and published by Midway. Stainless Steel Studios' third game, Rise & Fall encompasses a time period from about 1000 BCE to 0 CE, following four of the most well known and historically prominent civilizations of that time, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Persians, and the Romans. Rise & Fall features innovative new gameplay that includes Hero Command; the ability to assume a virtual FPS perspective with your faction leader and lead your armies to victory, a naval battle system that sets a new standard in the RTS genre, and graphics that are unrivaled by a game of its type.

Rise & Fall Heaven will be dedicated to featuring extensive coverage of Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War as the game is being developed. It will bring you quality coverage on the latest news for the game, chats with developers on the forums, exclusive game information and an unparalleled database of information about the game.

Rise & Fall Heaven will be operated by two veteran HeavenGames staff members and four newcomers to the HeavenGames team who have proven themselves to be tremendous assets. They are Adder, Elpea, Chonaman, Intrepid, Lysimachus and RTEHistDesignll.

HeavenGames LLC, based in Lombard, Illinois, is a privately-owned web-content publisher geared toward the creation of special-interest sites for Real-Time Strategy and City-Builder games. Its sites, contents, vast amounts of resources, as well as a dedicated staff & management team make HeavenGames' sites the premier destination for gamers worldwide.

Last Week In Rome...

by | 7/10/2005 21:27 PM

We got some more Barbarian Invasion information last week in the form of an official press release about the game and a site made by Sega, the confirmed publisher of the expansion. Not a whole bunch of that is new information, but it's good to know nonetheless.

As always we had some new posts in the forums including a bunch of great new war stories. They're always worth checking out, and we have some exceedingly good writers posting on the forums.

What's coming next week? Not a clue, hopefully more Barbarian Invasion information. And maybe a new site... I didn't just say that, did I?

Forum Party - July 9th

by | 7/8/2005 22:34 PM

Who'd have guessed; a forum party on a Saturday? I have to keep you guys on your toes, or you'll get lazy, eh? I'm sure anybody who shows up at the forum party tomorrow will have fun keeping me on my toes, or rather more accurately, you'll have fun beating my men and I to the ground.

Join us at the forum party, I'm sure it'll be a blast as always! Check the thread for more information!

Some Barbarian Invasion Stuff

by | 7/7/2005 20:50 PM

While being the crazed fanatic that I am, and looking for Barbarian Invasion things I stumbled upon this site. You might want to check it out.

Also I'd like to note that Sega now has a site for Barbarian Invasion. Not a whole lot new, but you ought to check it out anyway.

Warstory Feature

by | 7/6/2005 20:25 PM

Our resident writer Johndisp has been writing as always. His most recent story, entitled "The Sarmatian Couple's War" is quite good. He's continuing to add to the story and his most recent update was today:

They were led by two men, General Horas and his son Horasas. The two men were riding and talking, when a large black arrow arced through the air and landed in General Horas' throat. Horasas watched his father die, and began searching for the archer. Two hundred yards to the northeast, he could see a group of horse archers, and they lobbed more arrows in on the Egyptian cavalry. Anger boiled up within Horasas and he ordered his men to charge the archers without orders from Ahmrose. The men loved Horas and needed little encouragement to attack. Over 1500 of the cavalry raced off into the woods after the horse archers, and most were never seen again by Ahmrose.

Check the story out here, in the War Stories forum.

Poll Results

by | 7/5/2005 19:01 PM

Last week the poll asked what type of battle you most commonly play, and unsurprisingly the results are as expected, with realistic battles being the most common type played. Here's the full results:

Arcade [11 votes]
Realistic [200 votes]
You can change battle modes? [14 votes]

Recently the month in which Barbarian Invasion is set to be released in, September, was announced. Do you think September is a good choice? Should Creative have aimed for this summer when most kids have summer break or should they have waited until the winter when most of us have a little extra dough on hand? Vote here!

Barbarian Invasion Press Release

by | 7/4/2005 11:43 AM

Well, it's been almost a month and there's finally some new stuff laying around. Recently, a press release was posted over at GameSpot. Some of the things said certainly look promising; We now know that the game, published by SEGA, will hit the shelves in September, and that the game warrants improved battle AI and tactics.

Read the full article here!

Forum Party Today!

by | 7/2/2005 5:13 AM

Fellow RTWH Forumers! It's time to prepare for battle! Incite your men, deposit a votive figurine in your local Roman temple and meet up in the Chat Lobby on GameSpy around 5 pm GMT today!

This is July's first Forum Party, so I thought to myself, that in order to commemorate Gaius Julius Caesar, of whom the month is named, we could have a series of Roman themed games. But the choice of faction is entirely up to you, though. ;-)

Visit the Forum Party thread for more info.