News Archives - July 2006

HGExpo 2006

by | 7/26/2006 20:47 PM

What has been unofficially known throughout most of the HeavenGames community is now officially underway. Serious development on HGExpo, formerly known as HGCon, has started.

For those of you that aren't aware what it is, HGExpo is a multi-Heaven event in which designers come together to showcase their work, representing their respective Heavens.

You can get more information here. Get active, get designing! I know I'll be contributing my part.

Marius Reforms and Minnie Balls

by | 7/25/2006 22:23 PM

Lorentius Vadis has written a great article comparing Marius' reforms of the Roman Legions to the introduction of the minnie ball bullet to 18th century armies.

Give it a look.