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Additional Units Pack Gallery Is Now Up

by | 7/27/2008 12:54 PM

The Additional Units Pack by Andalus now has a home in the RTWH Gallery. Come here to see many of the 23 new units implemented in this mod. Or mosey over to our Gallery, and go to the Modification Screenshots.

Please leave any comments, feedback, or suggestions here in the Game Modification forum.

New Poll: How often do you use cheats in Rome: Total War?

by | 7/25/2008 19:31 PM

The last poll, Which feature of the site could be most improved?, is now complete and the results can be viewed here. It seems that strategy articles are what people want and so we shall deliver.There's a new poll up now and you can vote as well as view the results here. Folks on the forums are discussing cheats here if you want to join in and state your approval/disapproval of using cheats.

Additional Units Pack by Andalus Released

by | 7/23/2008 18:09 PM

The Additional Units Pack Version 1.0 is now available for download. At last...

This mod for RTW 1.5 adds 23 new units to the game, using mostly original textures and models. It aims to fill gaps in unit rosters, giving factions access to units they did not have before. It uses mod:switch so it will not affect your original game files.

Among the many new units this mod adds are:

  • Poeni Archers
  • Poeni Legionaries
  • Roman Elephants
  • Macedonian Hypaspists
  • Thracian Swordsmen
  • Gothic Spearmen

and more...

Go here to Andalus' topic in our Game Modification forum to learn more, including where to download this gem.

The Fourth Age: Total War Triple Release!

by | 7/21/2008 18:35 PM

Previously Danilh brought us news of the Fourth Age: Total War mod being released for vanilla RTW when it was previously only available for RTW: Barbarian Invasion.

Today our friend, apocalypsis dropped in to let us know that there is a new patch for The Fourth Age: Total War - The New Shadow, which is now at version 2.6 but there is also an additional download called the THE FOURTH AGE: TOTAL WAR - WARS OF MEN pack.

As apocalypsis said:

The Wars of Men package includes the files for 7 campaigns (1 main and 6 faction-specific) for players that seek even more challenge when playing The New Shadow. Each faction-specific campaign is custom-tailored to make life harder for the player using every means available to us evil modders. In that package included are also 7 videos; the mod's main intro (placeholder currently) and 6 faction intros, 1 for each campaign.
Features included in the new pack include:
  • increased the morale of all enemy units
  • decreased the morale of all player units
  • increased the player's units costs
  • lowered the cost of expensive enemy units
  • tweaked the cost of certain units, to make AI have more lore-accurate armies.
  • removed the recruitable general ability from non-player-faction units, make them Veteran class, adjusted their stats, so that the AI does recruit them
  • decreased the sec (auto-resolve balance) hps of player-faction's units
  • removed the ability to train diplomats and settlers from all AI factions
  • give RGUs exp tweaked in the recruitment lines
  • reduced cost and time of non-player-faction DBs
  • increased cost and time of player-faction DBs
  • give AI faction bonuses
  • MEZoR bonuses taken 1 level back for player faction
  • Various other loyalty/happiness/law bonuses/penalties tweaked in the player's disfavour
  • Disabled militia units where others are available for AI factions
  • changed the religion of near-the-player regions in his disfavour
  • locked the other factions
  • decreased the starting treasury of the player's faction
  • removed all non-player-controlled diplomats to restrict the breaking of alliances
  • changed the starting relationships and core attitudes of factions
  • changed the setup of armies.
  • changed the setup of ships.
  • text changes to be on par with the rest of the changes
  • visual changes to be on par with the selected faction

View all these wonderful treats and find out more here in the thread on our forums.

New Strategy Article: Opening Moves - Dacia

by | 7/20/2008 4:57 AM

Fresh from the press another strategy article is awaiting you to come and read it. Gallowglass has written an excellent article on how to use Dacia's key units to send your opponents screaming to the afterlife. No longer will the greatness of Dacian units be overlooked.

Here's a little sneak preview at the article:

    The barbarian faction Dacia has one of the most balanced unit rosters in the game. Archers, heavy infantry, shock infantry, light and medium cavalry with onagers, ballistas, all play a part in their armies, and the fact that they have no unique units is sadly used to judge this faction, often overlooked, as a whole.
Don't wait, go here to read the rest! Please leave any comment or feedback in this thread.

New Article: Editing Mercenary Recruitment in RTW

by | 7/15/2008 17:18 PM

Yes, you guessed it. The Red Mod Army has struck again! Led by none other than myself, our valiant freedom fighters have liberated the world of mercenaries in this new article. No longer will the hired killers of RTW be held hostage by the tyrants of vanilla gaming.

With this article you will learn how to create new mercenary recruitment pools and change the territories in the original ones, as well as how to add or remove mercenary units to different pools, change what experience they start with, how often they refresh, how many will be available at one time, and how many are there at the beginning of the game.

Do not wait, join the crusade now by clicking on this link. Or march to the Game Modification Tutorials - Editing Mercenary Recruitment page.

Please leave any fanfare, slogans, intelligence, or propaganda here in the Game Modification forum.

The revolution will be modified.

New Strategy Article: Opening Moves - Macedon

by | 7/15/2008 7:58 AM

Another strategy article has rolled of the presses at RTWH. Our latest addition will tell you how to play the initial turns of a campaign as Macedon, the sons of Alexander. The turn-by-turn opening moves guide will tell you how to cope with the lack of strong infantry early on while at the same time going on the offensive to unite Greece under your banner.

Go here to get your hands on our latest strategy article. Please leave any comments or feedback in this thread.

Empire: Total War FAQ #5 and 3 Gorgeous Screenshots Released

by | 7/14/2008 19:14 PM

There's a new FAQ from CA on Empire: Total War and it deals specifically with land battles. Come see the thread on our forums to see what all the fuss is about.

It covers things like the continuing importance of melee, the effects of weather & terrain, dismounting during battle and deployable items on the battlefield.

CA also released 3 beautiful screenshots which you can view below:

Tales of Arda Looking For New Members

by | 7/12/2008 13:51 PM

Arda Total War is starting up and looking for new members. Arda is a series of mini-mods set in the First, Second, and Third Ages of Tolkien's Middle Earth, and is hoping to be officially affiliated with Lord of the Rings: Total War.

They are looking for modellers, skinners, scripters, coders, and Tolkien historians to help round out their team. Look here to learn more.


ETW Podcast, Trailer, Release Date and Box Art!

by | 7/12/2008 8:09 AM

A whole load of new stuff has been publicized on the total war site. The latest ETW podcast deals with the morale system. Like that isn't enough already, a new trailer is now available as well as the box art for the United States. To top it all of the release date for ETW has been announced: the game will be in stores 3rd February in the US.

Discuss all this great new information in our forums.

Nadal the Carthagian?

by | 7/8/2008 17:07 PM

Wikipedia insists that Rafael Nadal was born in Spain but Andalus has found some evidence that perhaps Nadal is a little older and more African than we thought.

Come here to our forums to see the evidence that Nadal was working on that powerful serve of his during the Punic Wars.

New Strategy Article: Opening Moves - Dacia

by | 7/8/2008 9:47 AM

Another new strategy article has rolled of the presses. This time the article deals with the first few turns of a campaign as the Dacians, who are faced with a poor starting position and money troubles right at the start.

Go here to read the latest addition to RTWH's strategy section. Please leave any comments or feedback in this thread.

The Fourth Age Total War Releases an RTW Version!

by | 7/6/2008 18:04 PM

RTWH's own enterprising Danilh brings us joyus tidings from the lands of Middle Earth. The Foruth Age: Total War team has brought us a version of their fantastical mod for Rome: Total War. That is right, you can now play FATW on plain old RTW.

Do not tarry, ride your mumakil here here to Danilh's topic to learn more.

Rome and Constantinople

by | 7/5/2008 14:04 PM

Count Mummolus wrote an excellent article some time ago on how relations between Rome and Constantinople developed after the Roman Empire was split in two. You can read it here, in RTWH's history section. Enjoy!

New Strategy Article: Opening Moves - Gaul

by | 7/5/2008 8:47 AM

That's right, a new strategy article is now available at Rome: Total War Heaven. It takes you through the first few turns of the Imperial Campaign while playing as Gaul, arguably one of the hardest factions in the game.

Don't wait, go here and read the latest addition to the strategy section. Please leave any comments in this thread.

Empire Dev Diary: AI

by | 7/4/2008 20:17 PM

Trucking along the road to completion, we spy another sign of progress! The Empire team has one of their AI programmers, Jack Lusted, tipping us in on what's going on creating the AI that will challenge, befriend, or betray us on the battlefield!

Discuss the newest blog in our forums,

New: Modding Index

by | 7/4/2008 13:52 PM

I bring you news from the lands previously conquered by the feared Red Mod Army. All our glorious generals and privates' victories have been gathered in one place. All revolutionaries can now easily find out how to smash down the forces of Vanilla Gaming! The newly founded Modding Index holds the answers to the most frequently asked questions about modding Rome: Total War. Recruits and Veterans alike can rejoice over this great achievement!

Wait no longer, go here and join the Red Mod Army! Or march down to the RTWH - Game Modification - Tutorials section and join the demonstrations.

Please leave any propaganda, intelligence, or other slogans here in this thread.

Empire: Total War Podcast

by | 7/3/2008 18:13 PM

Seems the lads over at CA are working hard as ever on their next installment on the Total War series! New to the fray of development info is the debut of Empire: Total War Podcasts! This week focuses with Designer Kate Watson, as she delves into the mechanics of writing for Empire, as well as touching on the Diplomacy.

Discuss it in our thread on the forums.

New Strategy Article: Lord Ahm's Guide To Army Upkeep

by | 7/2/2008 19:47 PM

I am pleased to announce that the "Help, I'm Losing Money!" topic has been converted into an article for the main site. That is right, everyone's favorite guide to how to stop losing money and start getting rich while playing Rome: Total War is now coming to you in xhtml. Just go to the RTWH Strategy - Campaign Strategy page to find it, or let your mouse do the walking by clicking here.

Please leave any comments here in the original "Help, I'm Losing Money!" topic.