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Kor stepping down from HG staff

by | 7/28/2009 16:56 PM

I'm sorry to say that Kor is stepping down from his position as TWH History Moderator & Admin as well as HG staff. He has been a valuable staff member since he rejoined staff in January 2008. His contribution will live on in the large number of history articles he has written for the site as well as his erudite humour.

You can wish Kor all the best in this thread on our forums.

New history article!

by | 7/28/2009 4:22 AM

Some 1950 years ago a Celtic queen rallied her people against the Romans. Much bloodshed followed, on both sides, and in the end the Romans prevailed. But despite her defeat, Boudicca is remembered to this day, and became a popular figure in the 19th century United Kingdom, a period in which nationalism became stronger. Boudicca became an example of the alleged British independence-mindedness, in the same way Arminius did in Germany. Edorix has written this article on Boudicca's reign and revolt.

New Article: The Ambush

by | 7/20/2009 6:34 AM

Once again the Old One babbles on about his youth in fire and steel, this time recounting tips and tactics for that most deadly of tactical surprises- the Ambush.

Journey hither to peruse his mutterings and glean essential tips and ideas.

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