News Archives - July 2013

Goodbye and Farewell GameSpy

by | 7/24/2013 4:48 AM

Big news has hit. After 14 years of business, GameSpy has reached the end of the line and will be ending their work. The article cites “business” reasons for the closure, but it appears the writers and contributors will be placed onto the sister sites of IGN and other sites in the online game journalism industry. It is unsure as of yet if the actual website and its gaming knowledge will be total removed, but there is hope it will stay and provide a repository of knowledge that has already been formulated. It is a sad loss for the online community, with many gamers (such as myself) previously reliant on some of their reviews, walkthroughs and journalism on games and products. Thanks GameSpy for 14 years of service to the gaming community!

TWH Podcast Episodes 8 and 9 are now out!

by | 7/18/2013 18:31 PM

I have been a bit lax in my announcing as of late. But the TWH Heaven podcasts 8 and 9 which feature Shogun 2 and an interview with EOJ respectfully are now available to be downloaded.

They can be found here and any comments can be made here. Hope you enjoy!