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New Article: How To Change The Symbols Of A Faction In RTW

by | 8/29/2008 22:10 PM

The Red Mod Army continues its crusade to cast off the shackles of vanilla gaming. Tonight a blow has been struck for the freedom of Faction Symbols. No longer will these lovely designs be oppressed by totalitarian vanilla campaigns. Armed with this step-by-step guide you find the files that must be changed in order to change every instance of the faction symbols in RTW.

No longer must you languish in the chains of the original symbols. Click here to cast off the shackles of vanilla symbols. Or navigate to our main site's Game Modification - Modding Tutorials page to find it listed there.

Report here to leave any propaganda, intelligence, or cheers of revolutionary adulation.

The revolution will be modified.

New ETW Articles

by | 8/29/2008 11:46 AM

Several new ETW articles have been released in the aftermath of the Leipzig Game Convention, or the Battle of Leipzig (which several interviews had the chance to play using the new ETW land battle system).

Gamespy has a very in-depth article here, which goes into detail on the new land battles, using the above-mentioned Battle of Leipzig as a showcase of the new AI, which will decide its objectives on the battlefield in relation to what is happening on the Campaign Map. This new Battlefield AI will use terrain to its advantage as never before. Among other things it will have its troops hide in buildings and wait deep in cities, forcing enemies to come at them in narrow streets where their artillery and cavalry cannot be brought to bear.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, as the article also covers aspects such as the different forms of government the player can have (including revolutions), as well as taxation, and the total revamping of the Strat Map's city management system.

To top that off Total Video Games has an article here that continues the news goodness in an interview with Kieran Bridges of the CA, who talks about pirates (yes there are Pirates in ETW, and they are playable in Custom Battles!), multiplayer options, and more.

You can find links to all of the Leipzig articles here on the Official Empire Total War site.

Finally, you can come here to our ETW forum to discuss these amazing enhancements to the TW game engine.

ETW Landbattle article at Gamespot

by | 8/25/2008 8:09 AM

As some of you may be aware, a large games convention is currently being held in Leipzig, Germany. At this convention SEGA has for the first time showed working land battles! Gamespot has written an article about the demonstration and what they have to say looks very promising. Apparently we won't only be able to garrison units inside buildings, Gamespot's articles also mentions the use of minefields!

It all looks very promising, so go read the article here and discuss it here on the forums. Many thanks to Legion Of Hell for the heads-up.

The Enemies of Jupiter Released!

by | 8/19/2008 17:57 PM

The Enemies of Jupiter have been loosed upon the Roman world! These two new units are only recruitable by the Romans in temples. But obviously not those of Jupiter! For their cult is dedicated to overthrowing that most hated (by them at least) deity.

Do not wait, go here and download these fearsome cultists now. Please leave any comments, praise, or other discussion about the Enemies of Jupiter here in our Game Modification forum.

Empire: Total War Naval Gameplay Trailer!

by | 8/13/2008 10:12 AM

Sweet! A new trailer-movie for Empire: Total War has just been released by SEGA. For the first time we get to see some actual gameplay, and it looks absolutely great! But don't take my word on it; go and watch the video yourself at IGN. Enjoy!

Go here to discuss this latest trailer.

ETW US Box Art Caption Competition

by | 8/7/2008 18:24 PM

We've been running a small little contest on our forums to pass the time until more Empire: Total War news comes out. The idea of the contest was to come up with captions for the image on the US Box Art for Empire: Total War. We've had some good submissions which are listed below but the winner is:
"What do you mean Vermont want in? I just designed the damn flag with 13 stars and it's gonna stay at 13 stars!!"
from cherub007.

The runners up were as follows:
"This is my musket. There are many like it, but this one is mine..." - Ubernoober


"This is SPARTA!!!!!!!!" - SubRosa

"Remind me again why I'm ten feet in front of everyone?" - Leo IV

"With that many men holding flags, how many guns can we possibly have?" - Smileyman007

"Argh! Those ships have set my britches on fire!" - Guy Fawkes

"This game costs how much?" - Guy Fawkes

"Hi, I'm Barry Scott and these are my big ships!" - LordTaeglan

"Achoo" - SwampRat