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Amazon Total War Re-Ignited Now Available

by | 8/23/2011 5:58 AM

The Alpha release of ATW Re-Ignited is now available for downloading. See here for more details.

ParthianShot and partner have been working hard to modify the original Amazon Total War of SubRosa and its further modification by Ares7667, to update these fantastic mods with recently unearthed archaeological evidence of how the Sarmatians and other Steppe Tribes actually were. The result is more historically accurate models, skins, and costs- with not a few of the units being revamped.

The mod runs on Barbarian Invasion 1.6, so you will need to have that installed in order to play.

RTWH Ladder seeking a champion!

by | 8/18/2011 7:21 AM

The recently revived third incarnation of the Rome Total War Heaven Mutiplayer Ladder is now running! If you think you could be the best online player in Rome Total war heaven, or if you just want some practise and some brilliant games with friends, the Ladder is for you! You may join at any time, simply sign up here and challenge someone.

The current Ladder leader is Liam_the_Spartan, with more than twice as many points as anyone else, and not a few of them due simply to participation. Is there any forumer who dares challenge him?

You can see the Ladder Top 5 to the right of this news post on the homepage, and the full standings are available here. Before signing up you should be sure to read the rules, which are accessible here.

Good luck!

Eratosthenes and the Shadows of Egypt

by | 8/16/2011 2:17 AM

BastWorshipper brings to us the tale of Eratosthenes and the Shadows of Egypt. Eratosthenes was a giant in his field- a mathematician whose brilliance outshone the sun upon which his theories and models were based.

You can read the biography here, whilst praise and the like may be left here.

Well done, BastWorshipper, and thank you for your contribution and time!

New strategy article: The Chariot Class

by | 8/13/2011 3:13 AM

E(pore)dorix is once more offering lessons to young warlords/generals/strategoi etc on a particular precise branch of battle tactics: the art of chariot warfare. You can attend the lesson here. Comments and feedback may be left here.

Good luck, aspiring chariot-commanders!

New Poll for August!

by | 8/9/2011 1:22 AM

There is a new poll: What type of general are you?

Are you the set-piece phalanx commander who marches slowly forward to crush your enemies in a vice of spears and shields? Or are you one who prefers a mix of troops with which to deal with an irritating foe? Do you sweep forward with a horde in a long line and envelop your opponent in a wave of barbarian swordsmen, or a fleet-footed cavalry commander who runs their opponent into the ground and trods upon them with shod hooves?

Let us know!