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The Roman Civil War

by | 8/31/2012 13:02 PM

Are your fellow Romans knocking down your city gates? Tiured of having them being your friend one minute, and demanding your suicide at the next? Well, deal with it.

How, you may ask? Here is how. In this article you may learn what omens to seek, what plans to make, and when thy brethren will strike. Armed with knowledge, you can plan and prepare- and follow the old barbarian saying- do the deed first!

Praise and criticism may be left on this scroll.

Saint Peter on Vacation

by | 8/31/2012 1:27 AM

Hail, denizens of our hallowed halls.

Please notice the chipped whitewash upon the walls, and the doggerel cluttering up the floor where the cherubs have been delinquent in their duties. The windows are cracked from the seraphs blasting loud music, and the trees are wilted from where angels sought relief after a hefty bout of spiked nectar, due to the indoor facilities being mutilated after the last Divine Party.

Due to this mess, we have no recourse but to close our gates for the upcoming four days while we give the place a thorough going-over. During this time, the gatekeeper will be allowed to take his first-ever vacation after securely locking the doors.

I apologize sincerely for the necessary closure, but hopefully the shiny new walls and glimmering windows of our new home will permit faster and better service.

Now you know.

We begin the clean-up tomorrow, and it will last for four days.

A Poll for August

by | 8/2/2012 15:06 PM

Hazy, lazy summer days- perfect for a slovenly rascal to sit on a terrace and sip beer while surreptitiously counting the troops as they saunter out for patrol.

Or escort an ambassador to visit the hetman, in an attempt to win with cold gold what his realm cannot win on the battlefield.

And then there is the Slayer of the Knife, who falls upon the Speaker of Words in the night, and ends forever any thought of treachery in the head of the hetman.

Three agents, three choices. But which is the most useful? Take the new poll and find out.