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Back In Black

by | 9/29/2006 16:43 PM

With all respect to AC/DC, some could say the Total War series is back in black. The UK gaming magazine GamesMaster says:
"Yes, Total War is back - bolder, badder and more all-consuming in every way."

I'm looking foward to the game, and this still encourages me that every penny is worth it. In every which way, I think that pretty much some it up: bigger and badder.


by | 9/26/2006 15:32 PM

The third faction to be spotlighted in a series of Medieval 2 faction previews (the former two being the Russians and the Byzantine Empire), by IGN, the Sicilians have been featured, and they present to everyone an as always interesting roster, comprising units such as the Chivalric Knight (there has been some discussion of this unit on the forums in the past):
As their name implies these nobles are trained since childhood in the art of war and all things chivalrous as befitting a knight. Benefiting from improvements in arms and armour, equipped with plate armour and armed with lance and sword, these elite warriors are a force to be reckoned with despite their tendency to act impetuously in battle.
Check it out here, now!

In Cavalry Blobs We No Longer Trust!

by | 9/25/2006 5:21 AM

The Total War Developer blog was updated again some days ago, with some interesting news regarding changes to how cavalry are going to act in Medieval 2, and a great account of Jason's impressions of the music and sounds of the game!

While we are at the subject of TW blogs, make sure to check out Creative Assembly's Marketing Blog!

Bring the Popcorn!

by | 9/22/2006 14:42 PM

A dedicated Total War fan, ManbotAMP, has made a video posted on YouTube from all the great clip's he's seen from M2TW so far.

Check it out!

In Blog We Trust

by | 9/20/2006 15:19 PM

A bit late, but there's been a new post at the recently opened Total War Developer Blog! Our good friend The Shogun says:
As an online gamer I was enthusiastic about putting a little wilder human like behavior into the AI. The team and I put some changes in the AI that have definitely given it a more human feel.
Check out the full post!

Another IGN Faction Preview: The Byzantines!

by | 9/16/2006 14:57 PM

IGN have posted a faction preview of the Byzantine Empire, along with a video of them in action.

Varangian Guard

Varangian Guard on the attack.

The early Byzantine forces consist mainly of Byzantine Spearmen and Trebizond Archers. These are supplemented by a set of highly effective cavalry units including the Byzantine cavalry, Vardariotai and Skythikon. Throughout the campaign it will be the Byzantine cavalry and missile troops that will be crucial to success in battle. These troops will have to compensate for the Byzantines lack of gunpowder units late in the campaign.
The campaign setup looks very interesting as well.

Check it out, then discuss the new faction here.

CA Blog Updated

by | 9/15/2006 12:23 PM

What many of us have been waiting for has been posted - i.e. the weekly CA Oz Blog update! This time Jason aka Palamedes talks about the AI in Medieval 2, which has been given a human feel, and apparently will force players into contriving new tactics on their way to victory.
This week some new AI formations and logic made it into the build, so I was very interested to see how battles would play out. The first test was to see how the AI would use a light hit and run army while it was the attacker. I gave myself an English heavy infantry army with a few archers and cavalry; I gave the AI a Turkish army with a significant number of archers, a few horse archers, some heavy cavalry and some heavy spearmen. So I was completely out-shot and knew my only chance was to force an engagement which I assumed the AI would oblige.

Welcome, yakcamkir!

by | 9/9/2006 20:13 PM

Friends, Romans, Crusaders, Barbarians, Plumbatarii, Forumers!

Rome: Total War Heaven has for quite some time been in need of some new injected vigor, and we are happy to present to you yakcamkir, who's been an avid poster here at RTWH for ages, and shared his profound knowledge of the game and strategies. He will be helping us with moderation, as well as doing content for RTWH and our upcoming Medieval 2 Heaven, and whatnot.

Congrats, and welcome!

HG Forums Survey

by | 9/9/2006 18:24 PM

There's now a Forum Survey uploaded that the staff would like everyone that visits our forums to participate in. This survey will help us to gauge what features need changing, what features we can do away with, and what features can be added.

Please take the time to give us your response and also help contribute to HG!

No requests for VIP colors, though. ;)

Hail Caesar!

by | 9/8/2006 19:47 PM

Unscrew the corks! Get the hors d'oeuvres! It's party time! The reason, you ask? Well, a brand new Heaven has opened. Caesar IV Heaven opened today, and in our good friend Jayhawk's words:

Caesar 4 will be bringing back familiar places and familiar faces, such as prefects and engineers, but now in glorious 3D, with factories, with day and night, with weather. I checked out the demo and was hooked. Caesar 4 brings our favourite citybuilder into the 21st century.
Be sure to check it out!

Into Elysium

by | 9/8/2006 17:34 PM

Today all the citizens of RTWH have reason to be sad, since we have seen a great staff member, Ace Cataphract, step down from his position as a cherub. A_C has been helping RTWH since its earliest days, and his resignation will be a period of adjustment for us all.

Please join all of us and say goodbye to this staff member. However, it isn't all bad news, as Ace will still be an active member of the community. You can leave a message for him here.

Religion and Crusades in Medieval 2

by | 9/8/2006 12:03 PM

Always wondered how the crusades will work in Medieval 2? Wonder no more; GameTrailers has recently posted a 3 minutes long trailer where CA gives us the lowdown on the crusade feature in the game, and what happens if you disobey the Pope's commands! Religion will as a matter of fact be an important factor, and we've already got a foretaste of how players convert factions to a new religion in BI. It'll be interesting to see to what degree this has been developed further in Medieval 2.

New CA Blog Launched!

by | 9/8/2006 5:49 AM

A little bird told me that a brand new Total War developer blog has just been launched, which will keep you up to date regarding the development progress of Medieval 2, happenings around the CA offices, and what not? We'll just have to wait and see. According to Palamedes, a demo is soon to be released:
This week was demo time, you guys and gals wanted it so you are going to get it real soon. It's a pre-beta build but still has enough sugar to give you enough of a taste of what the final product will be. There was many a long night and weekend working in the studio to have it ready, not to mention the local Chinese takeaway and pizza shop cooking up a storm to maintain our ever increasing waist-lines and maintain nourishment to those muscular little fingers and bulging eyeballs.
Now, soldier, check it out!

IGN Previews the Russians

by | 9/7/2006 2:23 AM

Yes folks, what we have been waiting for since ages is finally here, namely, the first faction feature! First out are the Russians, and they clearly have an interesting line-up of units. Other than the traditional units of infantry, archers, siege weapons and cavalry the arsenal includes a whole lot of Missile Cavalry, and also presents to us an interesting, unusual unit called the Gulay Gorod:
Gulay Gorod
Used by the Russians, the gulay gorod, meaning 'galloping fortress' is a group of wagons which have been reinforced where possible and are accompanied by hardened well trained troops armed with crossbows and wearing light armor. Used defensively these wagons are formed into a circle creating an effective barricade from which troops can fire upon the enemy in relative safety.
Check out the faction profile here, and head over to our forums and discuss the sweetness of the Russians in lars573's thread, in our Medieval 2 forum!

Report on Early Playtesting of Medieval 2

by | 9/5/2006 11:46 AM

Some time ago a Gaming Convention was held in Leipzig. One of the games being demoed was Medieval 2, the upcoming Total War title, and a thorough report of the demo experience by BartLee was soon posted over at a Polish Total War fansite. Included is also a set of screenshots! Here's a small excerpt:
Astonishing glances of light on the armory, perfect shadows appearing on the ground, on other warriors while fighting and even on some animal that we can meet on the battlefields. Highly-detailed armory, garments and weapons prove that Creative Assembly didn't lie on the screenshots - it is exactly or even better from what I expected to see. Other words, my cursory observations tell one thing - graphics is really ass-kicking.
More screenshots from the event can, incidentally, be seen here.

Thanks to Rozanov for the heads-up!

HGEXPO Banner Competition

by | 9/4/2006 21:25 PM

With the forthcoming HGExpo to unite the heavens coming soon, a competition has been started to manufacture a banner for them. Anyone who is interested, please click the link below.

Link to Banner Thread.

New Poll!

by | 9/2/2006 14:00 PM

Our previous question, "What are you most excited about in regards to M2:TW?", has ended. The results were an overwhelming 323 votes in greatest anticipation of realism and better graphics. The next highest result was the Medieval theme of the game, which trailed at 184 votes. You can check out the full detail here.

Now, we have a new poll up! If we were to create a content section for Medieval 2 Total War, what would you most like to see inside of it? Give your voice and let us know! announces winners

by | 9/1/2006 16:17 PM, having recently completed a Medival II wallpaper contest, has just announced its winners!

After much conferring amongst our panel of esteemed judges it was Lacedemon who emerged victorious. Congratulations go to Lacedemon then, who grabs himself the Eras pack. But such was the standard of the competition, we couldn't let our runners-up go home empty handed. Alias, Goldrin and Dienekes get themselves a copy of the limited edition Rome: Total War Soundtrack. -

You can check out the full information here and you can also find an article on