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New Article: The Marian Reforms

by | 9/26/2008 15:14 PM

Our very own Terikel the Orator has stuck again. This time his speechifying has been about the Marian Reforms. What were they? What caused them? How did they radically alter Roman politics and society? Click here to find out. Or go to our History - General page to find this gem.

Please leave any cheers, intelligence, or other forms of congratulations here in our History Forums.

Empire: Total War News September

by | 9/25/2008 18:00 PM

We've been awaiting news of the upcoming Empire: Total War with great interest and finally we have something new. For starters, there's a new trailer covering land battles. It's number 2 (of 5) and it gives a very comprehensive overview of what we can look forward to when the game comes out in February 2009. The graphics are once again staggering! Have a look at it here.

Now you might be looking at the graphics and shaking your head while thinking, "I'll never be able to run that" but there is hope yet.
CA have not released the minimum specification required, let alone the recommended specification but Stormer found a preview from Eurogamer (see here), which by and large is telling us stuff that we already know except for a few snippets. The one that really caught my eye was:
And, surprisingly, the minimum system requirements will be fairly low; a decent machine from two years ago should do the trick. And the engine is scalable for those that can handle the extra effects.

Last but not least, you can buy the game on pre-order from Feel free to mock me for my leap of faith on our forums here.

Viking Invasion 2.0 Has Invaded!

by | 9/24/2008 18:58 PM

Viking Invasion II news image

Yes, you read correctly. The famous Viking Invasion campaign from Medieval Total War 1 has been recreated for Barbarian Invasion v 1.6.

VI2 aims to recreate the campaign of MTW: Viking Invasion on the Rome BI engine. It sticks closely to the original campaign, only making changes to correct large inaccuracies, to improve gameplay and comply with the new engine. It is also set a little later than the original campaign at AD 851 - two years after the birth of King Alfred the Great of Wessex...

To start plundering, click here to go to the Viking Invasion II topic in our Game Modification forums where you can learn more, including where to download this inspired mod.

Return of the Toons

by | 9/18/2008 19:14 PM

Yes, that is right, the Toons have returned, courtesy of our very own Guy Fawkes. Guy has graced our Funny Screenshots and Toons Gallery with two new pictures. I would describe them, but that would spoil the fun. So do not wait, click on the link and see for yourself. You know you want to!

New Article: The Gladius vs. The Sarissa

by | 9/12/2008 23:15 PM

I am quite pleased to announce that our very own Terikel the Orator has graced us with a new Historical Article. As the title implies, The Gladius vs. the Sarissa details the evolutions of the Roman and Macedonian weapon systems, and how they would clash with one another to determine the fate of the central Mediterranean world.

But do not listen to me blab, go here to our General History page so you can read this illuminating article.

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Dedicated forums for mods at TWH

by | 9/6/2008 9:13 AM

You've probably noticed the two new forums on the forum listing and are wondering what fresh hell is this?. Well, we have some homegrown mods and it's time to give them some extra exposure so we're going to use mod sub-forums.

At the moment, they are not sub forums (10/10 for observation) but they will be soon. In the meantime, do pop into Mongolphobia Mod by el_bandito and Amazon: Total War by SubRosa to see what they have to offer.

Amazon: Total War is a mod for RTW and it features two new Amazon factions, that of Amazonia and their rival New Amazonia. Amazonia is a monarchy founded thousands of years ago on the north-eastern coast of Asia Minor, and replaces the faction of Pontus. On the other hand New Amazonia is a democracy that was founded by lost Amazonian soldiers in the forests north of Scythia (others of whom would also create the state of Sarmatia). Both belong to a new culture, with new units, generals, retinue members, and traits.
SubRosa is constantly working on it so it's not in a final release form but you can download a beta release. Head on over to the forum to find out more.

Mongolphobia Mod is a mod for M2TW Kingdoms that utilises the retrofit mod. It features the two previously unplayable factions; The Mongols, and the Timurids with freshly buffed strengths and brand new units. It also adds the Papal States and rebels.
The mod is created by el bandito who is of the opinion that the Mongols are not already hard enough to fight so he has buffed them considerably. He has also made changes to units from other factions. He has also added a number of very fun units like inferno catapults and smoke bombers.

You can discuss this here if you wish and if you want to find out how to get a sub-forum for your own mod, click here.

New Empire: Total War Interview with CA

by | 9/6/2008 8:40 AM

Strategyinformer have interviewed CA on ETW and it seems that along with the standard Grand Campaign, we will also be getting an Episodic Campaign entitled The Road to Independence which is a first for the Total War series.

As well as that protecting trade routes will become very important so all powers will need to be maritime powers to maintain their position.

Agent types are being trimmed somewhat. Spies & assassins have been replaced with "Rakes" and there's a new agent class called "Gentlemen".

Naval battles can feature up to 20 ships on each side.

The campaign & battle AI will now "talk to each other" and work together, which hasn't happened in previous Total War games.

CA plan to make this a very moddable game, which is great news for the legions of modders out there.

There's no word on the minimum specification required to run the game but it will definitely be DX9 compatible so it will run on both XP & Vista.

Visit the thread here to see for yourself. Many thanks to Stormer for the heads up.

New Strategy Article: Defending against Hordes

by | 9/3/2008 10:45 AM

RTWH keeps expanding it's library of strategy articles: another new article has been produced and is now ready to help all warlords of the world who struggle to defend their empire from the mighty Hordes from the Steppes.

Yes, you guessed it: this latest addition to our collection of strategy articles teaches you the basics of defending your empire against the Huns, Vandals and other hordes. The article, written by myself, deals with chosing the right battlefields, armies and battle strategy. Wait no longer, go and read the article here. You can leave comments on the article in this thread.

Rise of Etruria 0.1 Beta Released

by | 9/2/2008 17:49 PM

Our very own Primo has released his latest modding effort, The Rise of Etruria. This partial conversion mod adds the faction of Etruria to the game, reduces Rome to a single faction, and makes other changes as well.

The Etruscans were once the dominant faction on Italy, but since the Romans grew to power the Etruscans were absorbed into the empire, and Loyalists fled to nearby Corsica.

Now it is time for the Etruscan peoples to fight back. Etruria is already under Etruscan control and with the Romans reeling from the recent blow, the Etruscans are already looking south to Rome...

With the promise that the tyrannical rule of Rome would be overthrown, the Gauls have sent many of their best cavalrymen to aid the Etruscans in their plight. With the recapture of Etruria, the Gauls have also sent some of their best hunters, in an effort to aid the Etruscan war machine...

While far away from Gaul, in the Greek province of Laconia, the world's best warriors board ship, and set sail for the island of Corsica. With an Etruscan/Greek alliance firmly in place, and the Gauls merrily supporting their cause, all looks set for the Etruscans to take back what is rightfully theirs...

Rise of Etruria is for Rome Total War 1.5. It uses mod:switch so it will not alter any of your original game files.

You can download this outstanding mod here, and learn more about it here on our forums.