News Archives - September 2011

Changing of the Guard

by | 9/28/2011 8:54 AM

There has been a slight upheaval among the clouds.

The three ruling angels of Heaven Games decided to step down and after some debate, elected three new seraphs to assume their positions on Heaven Games Executive Committee. The Changing of the Guard has commenced.

The new EXCO consists of the Seraph General II who dwells in the World in Conflict Heaven, the seraph Shanks13 who rules the heaven of Age of Mythology, and your very own Terikel Grayhair of Total War Heaven.

This band of Seraphs has a track record of being highly active. Verily, that of the Viking is attested to and well-documented in these very halls. The other two are just as active in their own realms. Already we have seen a report that they have met and decided on a new course for Heaven Games, and begun enchanting minions and working magic to manifest that new course.

Time will tell if they are successful or not, but so far the horizon is glowing with promise.

Total War sale on Steam

by | 9/23/2011 8:53 AM

This weekend only, SEGA is having a sale of their games on Steam, including the entire Total War franchise! Shogun 2 is 50% off, while the Total War Mega Pack including all games and DLC released before Shogun 2 has a 66% reduced price. A good chance to fill the holes in your Total War collection, so grab it while it's hot!

Sepia Joust V Closes in Ten Days

by | 9/21/2011 0:50 AM

Kick in the butt! Wake up Call!

There was plenty of yapping and hot air being battered about concerning entering this joust six months ago when it was first announced. Yet a week after it opened, not a single word had been posted until I posted my piece. Now, two weeks after that momentous event, not a single bark or yip has come from the pack.

Was my piece so good it scared away any competition? I doubt it. Thus the others must be there, and ready, just lying forgotten and asleep in a faraway corner.

Thus this kick in the butt and wake-up call. Dust off your stories, ladies and gents, and get them up there. Discussions in the Sepia Joust Discussion, entrants only in the Submissions Thread, as always.

Make us laugh! Dammit!

Back Up to Speed

by | 9/21/2011 0:43 AM

We're back. We had to reboot some servers, and take the Downloads Section offline for a bit, but we got our normal service back.

Downloads will remain down for a short while as we continue to analyze and sort out the problem.

We regret any inconvenience.

Slow loading times lately

by | 9/19/2011 3:46 AM

Heaven Games has been experiencing 'technical difficulties' lately. We apologize profusely for the delays in load times and such, and hope to resolve the issue shortly.

There are times when we run at normal speed, but others when loading times are quite slow. If your page does not load at once, please try again after a short while. Patience is not a virtue for nothing, and the reward for displaying patience is viewing and posting in your favorite forum.

Thanks for your understanding.

Make Me Laugh

by | 9/3/2011 3:20 AM

The Sepia Joust V- Make Me Laugh- is now open.

Entrants may be placed on the Submissions Scroll as long as it stay open, which may be a month or so. Only entrants are to be posted to that scroll.

All other chatter, comments, praise, whining, moaning, and other forms of communications are to take place on the Discussions Scroll.