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Rome II Gameplay Trailer released

by | 9/27/2012 0:32 AM

Want a glimpse of the coming new game, Total War: Rome II? Well, now you can have one. Pop by this thread and have a look at post 11, by Punic Hoplite.

This is the first official Gameplay Trailer released for Rome II.


Sepia Joust VI- Submissions Running

by | 9/24/2012 2:03 AM

Just a quick reminder to mention once again that the sixth Sepia Joust (Whodunnit?) is open for submissions.

Do you want to ask about the Joust, or blab about it, or simply read what little juicy tidbits of gossip are generated? Pop by the Discussion scroll.

Submissions will close at the end of the forst week of October, unless someone needs more time. Extensions for up to a week or two may be requested by contacting Terikel.

Sepia Joust VI- Whodunnit? Now Open

by | 9/17/2012 9:05 AM

Ready thy quills! Set forth thy flasks with sepia! The Sixth Sepia Joust is about to begin.

*flourish of trumpets and fanfare*

The Sepia Joust VI is hereby declared to be open. Have a crime story set before 1860 and want to join? Post thy entrant to this scroll. This is reserved for entrants alone.

Do you wish to praise an entrant, bribe the jury, complain about spelling, bitch about grammar, etc? Do that and all else on
this scroll.

Submissions will remain open for at least two weeks. When Submissions close (this will be announced) then Voting shall open.

Good luck and much success to all entrants!

We're Back!

by | 9/12/2012 0:36 AM

As you can tell from the obvious fact that you are now reading this, HeavenGames is back online. At least our piece of Heaven is. There are still some few heavens out there still in the queue, but good Eternal Rome and Clash-happy Medieval now join Ompee Rompee, Nappy Lion, and Show Two Guns in the Active status.

HG Main should be returned to service within the next day or three. You can find the latest update on the move here.

Oh, and when you see this and realize that we are indeed back, tell a friend!