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Shattered Union Review

by | 10/29/2005 17:07 PM

Remember that game giveaway we had a few days ago? Well I've reviewed it, and overall I thought it was a pretty solid game. Here's an excerpt:
The premise behind PopTop’s turn based strategy game, Shattered Union, is fairly simple, yet introduced very well in superb pre-game cinematic. Basically the United States has shattered into six factions after a series of terrorist attacks and disputed elections. Your goal: reunite the United States using one the six regional factions, the California Commonwealth, the Confederacy, the Great Plains Federation, the New England Alliance, Pacifica, the Republic of Texas, or the European Union peace force that has invaded the Washington D.C area.
You can check it all out here

October 29th Forum Party!

by | 10/28/2005 22:43 PM

Come on out to Rome: Total War Heaven's official Halloween forum party tomorrow morning. It's not yet Halloween, but I'm sure you can find some scary units... and if the Huns aren't scary enough, admit it, those female units are pretty terrifying. ;-)

Anyway, check out the forum party thread for more information!

Hyperborea---Quest of the Exiles - Completed

by | 10/27/2005 22:54 PM

It's been a while since we've had a war story feature, and since Lorentius Vadis just finished up his story "Hyperborea---Quest of the Exiles," this seems to be an excellent time. Lorentius has been working on the story since mid-August, and it's really quite good; worth the read:
The memories of numerous scars inflicted upon him in battle were nothing when compared to the one that plagued his heart; once again he thought back to the disaster that had set him upon this course. A year had passed since the army he had so faithfully led for ten years was utterly defeated, forced into battle by the effete son of a sodding senator who carried orders from Rome. In a pouring rain and ankle deep in mud, his men were cut down by hordes of Britons and Picts who fought like demons from hell. Rout turned into slaughter as only 2,000 out of ten times that many survived. Once the general had seen to the orderly retreat of the remaining troops, and distanced them from the barbarians, he personally sent the senator's son to Hades and left the body for the crows.
Check out the story here!

HeavenGames Code of Conduct Update

by | 10/26/2005 7:26 AM

As of October 25, 2005, the HeavenGames Forum Management Team (FMT) has made an update to the HeavenGames Code of Conduct to be put into effect immediately. The changes are as follows:

1. 'maphacks' have been added to the list of forbidden files/patches to link to or upload. (A maphack is a modified version of a map, designed to be used online, which gives the user a huge advantage, such as with increased resources, complete line of sight etc).

2. The whole 'advertising' clause has been rewritten and made clearer.

3. Clause added under Moderation & Bans:

"You may not post a message on behalf of a banned forumer."

4. There are several changes to the Harassment clause, including a new sub-section regarding derogatory terms.

It would be in your best interest to re-read the Code of Conduct, especially the sections that have been modified. These rule changes have already been put in place and it is thus your responsibility to abide by them. If you have any questions feel free to contact a moderator or post them here, and we will do our very best to make sure your question is addressed. We thank you for your compliance.

Babarian Invasion hangs on to number 10 spot

by | 10/25/2005 22:07 PM

Looks like Barbarian Invasion's still hanging on to the sales charts, barely. With the onslaught of a group of still newer games things aren't looking to good for the expansion pack of the the year. ;-)
The top 10 best-selling North American PC games of the week ending October 15th have been released by the NPD Group. #1 is The Sims 2: Nightlife, while Black and White 2 makes a nice showing at #2. In third is World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2 takes #4, and The Sims 2 on its own is #5. After that, Myst V: End of Ages comes in at #6, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Winter Assault is 7th, Guild Wars is #8, Doom 3 rides the movie's release to come back to #9, and Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion settles in at #10.
I'm sure next week Barbarian Invasion will be eclipsed by the top sellers of the fall season, though... you can check out the news here.

Win a copy of Shattered Union!

by | 10/23/2005 22:22 PM

Interested in winning a copy of Shattered Union? We have two copies of Shattered Union to give out in a random drawing. If you're interested in winning a copy of the game, and you live in the United States email Adder with your mailing address, and you could win a copy of Shattered Union!

Note that you must live within the United States to participate in the contest. Your email must include [SU] in the subject line, and you must include your mailing address. You have until Monday, October 24th at 11:59 PM EST to send your email.

Good luck!

Forum Party

by | 10/21/2005 22:42 PM

Time for our weekly forum party! Beer, screeching women and...head-hurlers; it promises to be a fun time, indeed! You can check the thread out for it here.

Thanks to BigD4788 for posting it.

Barbarian Invasion still selling well

by | 10/19/2005 21:56 PM

It looks like Barbarian Invasion has dropped down two from the number one selling spot. Rome: Total War's also dropped two from the eight spot. Barbarian Invasion's now ranked number three in the United States PC Sales Charts, and Rome is ranked ten for the week of 10/2/05 to 10/8/05.

I imagine Barbarian Invasion will be within the top ten for a while, but I'd bet this is the last time we see Rome: Total War in the top ten. With the release of some of the most anticipated PC games of the year (FEAR, Age of Empires III, Quake, ect), I'm sure we'll see a drop.

Stats based on NPD figures.

Exclusive interview with Franz Felsl

by | 10/18/2005 17:12 PM

Some of you may remember some news from about a week ago dealing with Shattered Union, a TBS strategy game that was released... yesterday. I've put up an interview with the game's lead designer today, and a review of the game will be put up once I receive the game.

The interview's pretty interesting, and if you're at all interested in the game it'll give you a better idea of whether you're interested in buying it or not. You can check it out at Shattered Union's preview page!

Poll results are in!

by | 10/17/2005 21:38 PM

Last week the poll asked if you were satisfied with Barbarian Invasion, and the results seem to show that if you have it you're pretty satisfied:
Yes, I love it. [65 votes]
It's not much better than the original. [41 votes]
It's worthless, I'm throwing it out. [1 votes]
Haven't purchased it yet. [75 votes]
This next week the poll asks what you think of Rome: Total War's current balance situation. The question only deals with the original Rome: Total War, as the 1.3 patch was just released, and if you got Barbarian Invasion the 1.3 patch for Rome was included with the game. Vote away!

Forum Party

by | 10/14/2005 22:40 PM

Another week passes by, another forum party! Tomorrow, the gates of Rome will open to unleash her fury on barbarians...well, and forumers.

At any rate, the thread, complete with details, is up here! Have a great time, everyone!

Standalone RTW Patch 1.3 Released!

by | 10/13/2005 18:06 PM

Yeppers, the wait is over! You can download the patch from Sega or Creative Assembly's official downloads archive. Here's a short excerpt from the readme (from Sega):

There are a number of improvements that have been made to the Balancing of the game, which will change the way that the game is played.

* Spear bonuses against cavalry have been increased (they were previously hard coded and are now moddable, in addition to mount_effect)
* Braced spearmen (standing ready) now reflect part of any attacking cavalry’s charge bonus back on the horse
* Adjusted most units’ charge bonuses to improve play balance (especially for cavalry) in response to charge code changes (which fixed an issue for higher bonus values)
* Reduced archery attack for some elite units
* Reduced secondary non-phalanx attack for stronger phalanx units
* Adjusted incorrect shield attribute for several units (to reflect models)
* Fixed Egyptian desert axemen armour
* Fixed bug for early and late Thracian and Scythian generals
* Reduced archer attack from chariots and elephants, and reduced dog attack

Have in mind, that downloading the patch is unnecessary if you already have Barbarian Invasion installed. The readme is still a good read, because it gives you an idea of what changes were made.

Shattered Union

by | 10/12/2005 20:55 PM

This is probably of some interest to all you guys interested in turn based strategy. Shattered Union's a turn based strategy set in the future after the United States has split up into multiple factions, basically you take on one of these factions and use it to reunite the United States. I've put up a basic information page for the game, and in the future I'll be putting up an exclusive interview, and review of the game.

If you're all at interested check out the preview page! I'll keep you posted on the upcoming interview and review... the game's expected to be released on the 17th of this month, and retail for $29.99 (rather cheap for a game that seems to be of good quality)! Shattered Union isn't exactly the type of game that I'm generally interested in, but it looks rather promising.

GameSpot Review

by | 10/10/2005 23:16 PM

Well, we're still getting an influx of new reviews flying in through all the major gaming sites out there, and GameSpot is no exception.
Barbarian Invasion introduces a ton of new content to the core game, as well as countless improvements. The expansion begins several hundred years after the campaign in Rome: Total War. The Roman Empire has become so large and unwieldy that it has split apart into eastern and western halves. Meanwhile, barbarian tribes and migrations of powerful newcomers introduce challengers to Rome's supremacy.

The review doesn't form many opinions and isn't too long, but it presents the facts straight and to the point. Definitely worth a read if you're still wondering whether or not you want to buy the game.

You can read the review here.

Barbarian Invasion doing well

by | 10/9/2005 20:37 PM

Apparently Barbarian Invasion has jumped to the top of the selling charts, and with it Rome: Total War itself was pulled up to the number 8 spot, a full year after it's release. Good news for Creative, to quote their official site:
We’re delighted to announce that Barbarian Invasion, the official expansion pack for Rome: Total War, has sacked all opposition and gone straight in at number one in the PC Games chart after its first week on sale. And that’s not all. Rome: Total War itself has also rocketed up the charts to number 8 giving us two titles in the top 10. We’d like to thank all the fans who have helped us achieve these chart positions. As for those out there who’ve yet to get their copy of Barbarian Invasion - just what are you waiting for?

To buy, or not to buy...

by | 10/9/2005 19:50 PM

That is the question, and I know the answer... or so I would have you believe. I've just finished my review of Barbarian Invasion, and that means you should read it, here's an excerpt for all you lazy guys:
The fundamental gameplay from Rome: Total War has changed a bit, but overall Barbarian Invasion feels a lot like Rome: Total War did. While the game’s changes are certainly significant to gameplay some of them feel like they’ve been done before, and indeed some of them have have.
I can assure you the rest won't be as boring as that, all you need to do is click here.

Forum Party Tomorrow!

by | 10/7/2005 21:21 PM

Yeah, it's that time again... sharpen your swords, exercise your lead-weighted dart throwing arm movement and meet up with the forumers on GameSpy for some exciting games!

The Forum Party thread is up!

BI Faction Section Update!

by | 10/7/2005 13:26 PM

That's again. The Barbarian Invasion Factions Section has been completed (for the time being). The playable factions are all updated with gameplay information.


GameSpy Review

by | 10/6/2005 21:47 PM

GameSpy put up their review of Barbarian Invasion a little earlier today. The reviewer, Fargo, gave it four out of five stars; that's really what I'd give it as well, and I agree with nearly everything in the review:
Barbarian Invasion's opening cinematic pretty much paints the picture and sells the whole expansion: Imagine, if you will, vast hordes of armed, torch-carrying nomads, their numbers stretching from horizon to horizon. As the sun sets, the valley they're marching through looks like a sea of fire (or maybe a crowd of swaying lighters at a rock concert). Regardless, when the barbarian horde marches on a fortified Roman town and flaming arrows soar overhead in the dusky purple twilight, it looks more like World War I than an ancient conflict. The defenders ultimately don't stand a chance, as a solid wave of humans and horses crashes through the static defenses and over breaches in the walls. That's the kind of intense combat the expansion captures.
You should certainly check it out here, if you're considering buying the game!

Games Radar Review

by | 10/5/2005 21:21 PM

Games Radar has put up their review of Barbarian Invasion, they thought pretty highly of the expansion giving it a 91%, the gave the original game a 95%. Here's an excerpt from their review:
Barbarian Invasion deliberately attempts to distinguish the campaign experience for each faction. Whereas with the original, the challenge of simply managing settlements and your slowly expanding empire was pretty much the same whichever race you played, now you'll face challenges unique to each culture.
I've got to say I disagree with a couple of their points (this one included; I think some of the Barbarian factions really felt quite similar), but overall it's a good review, and worth checking out if you're not sure whether or not to buy the game.

Poll Results

by | 10/4/2005 21:23 PM

Last week our poll asked what kind of content you'd like to see for the recently released Barbarian Invasion. The results show unit information as the highest priority, with strategies and civilization information also getting quite a few votes. Here's the full results:
Strategies [38 votes]
Walkthroughs [11 votes]
Unit Information [51 votes]
Building Information [3 votes]
Civilization Information [40 votes]
Other [7 votes]
We're working on new content, and have organized our priorities based on your input, thanks! This week the poll asks if you're satisfied with Barbarian Invasion; vote here!

Thanks to Lentulas for the poll idea!

New History Section Feature

by | 10/4/2005 1:04 AM

pallin has, again, gifted us with another of his excellent glimpses into the past. This time, it covers a number of warriors, politicians et al whom were involved in the Battle of Actium. Quite a good article, plus pretty pictures for dumb-heads like me to look at!

You can read about the aforementioned here.

Barbarian Invasion Faction Section Update!

by | 10/3/2005 22:40 PM

Yep, that time I was talking about? It's come. The first four of the Barbarian Invasion factions have been updated. They compliment Doitzel's short histories with gameplay information. Go ahead and look at it here.

Come on. Come on, you know you want to look at it.

Last Week In Rome...

by | 10/2/2005 21:24 PM

A new era began. Barbarian Invasion has been released and all is good. The game's quite fun, and you'll be seeing a review of it by myself within the week (aka I'll tell you whether you should buy it or not), but in the meantime, if you're looking for some fun (if not totally polished) gameplay you should head over to the store and buy it!

Aside from that, yada, review, yada. We'll keep you posted, and we should be getting some new Barbarian Invasion content up next week, for your viewing pleasure. Have a great week!