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The Almighty Howitzer!

by | 10/30/2008 8:47 AM

Freshly updated up on the official site is the 24-pounder Howitzer unit!

By angling the barrel and changing the propellant charge used, howitzers have an impressive flexibility in shell trajectories. Experienced crews can lob explosive shells and incendiary rounds with great accuracy into a "beaten zone", making life utterly miserable and very short for anyone within it. In close action, they can fire canister rounds directly into enemy formations, like giant sawn-off shotguns

Scary stuff. Go here to see it, and here to discuss.

Empire: Total War on Steam

by | 10/28/2008 19:09 PM

It's no surprise to see that Empire: Total War is to be made available on Steam but what is something of a surprise is that the game will incorporate Steamworks, even for boxed copies bought in retail stores. It means that we'll get the advantages of Steam for online gaming. Steam WILL need to be running when you play Empire: Total War but you can run offline mode if you wish and this option will require you to connect to Steam online just the once when you install the game. Since all copies of the game will tie in with Steam, all mods will be compatible with Steam too.

Visit the thread on our forums to find out more. Thanks to our resident "Steamster" Hairy Scary Man for the heads up (and no, he isn't all that scary when you get to know him).

Unofficial FATW Force Diplomacy Mini-Mod

by | 10/28/2008 16:37 PM

The The Fourth Age: Total War - The New Shadow is one of the most popular mods for Rome: Total War and Lysander13 has released a small unofficial add-on for the total conversion. Below is the description from the readme file.

Force Diplomacy as it implies, allows the player to force any AI faction to accept any diplomatic proposal made to them. Presuming of course it has the means to carry out what is being forced on them. As an example of when the AI will turn down a diplomatic offer even though the player is attempting to force it via the script; Would be when the player is asking for money the AI currently does not have in it's coffers. The AI could not very well agree to something it simply cannot supply. Which should seem obvious enough to anyone. Used in a sensible way with "house rules" of a sort....this mini-mod can help with certain AI deficiencies, ie....not accepting diplomatic proposals that are clearly to it's benefit, maintaining alliances, not knowing when it should sue for peace or except ceasefires, etc.... Clearly there is a benefit for those who like to play long campaigns and roleplay them a bit.

For more information and the download link, please visit the thread on our forums. This mod is in no way supported by the FATW team. Use at your own risk!

Spore Heaven has opened

by | 10/28/2008 16:19 PM

A new heaven has opened to cover the newly released Spore and it looks very very snazzy indeed. Visit Spore Heaven here and marvel at their banner which directly links the front page and forums (I'm quite envious of that). Best of luck to Silk and his team of dedicated staffies!

New ETW article on Gamespot

by | 10/28/2008 10:18 AM

Gamespot has posted a new article about ETW on their site. It gives an overview of the new features of the game, as well as providing more insight on battles and on the role of historic characters will play in Empire: Total War.

This latest information one Empire: Total War can be found here at You can discuss the article in this thread on our forums. Many thanks to sskrypteia for the heads-up.

Forum Game - Week 1

by | 10/25/2008 6:53 AM

Round one of the Gaul forum game hosted by Erzin has come to an end. The first objective of the campaign was to capture as many regions as possible in just four turns time.

The 3rd place goes to forumer Pizzadude, who managed to capture 6 settlements. Second place goes to our kind host Erzin, who managed to capture 7 regions, thus doubling the amount of provinces owned by Gaul. First place goes to myself, with 10 regions added to the rule of Gaul.

For week two there will be a completely new objective, so be sure to visit this thread in our forums to find out more about the forum game. Everyone is still welcome to join, so why not give it a try?

Amazon Total War 2.1 - Beta Release is now out!

by | 10/24/2008 13:49 PM

It's hard to keep up with SubRosa sometimes but she has released yet another update for the sterling Amazon: Total War mod. Version 2.0 brought us the Gorgon faction and the new 2.1 release brings us a host of new features such as:
  • Enabled play with BI executable.

  • Enabled night battles when using RTw executable.

  • Removed city of Nepte, and created new territory of Theneste for the Gorgons.

  • Tweaked Campaign Script and Gorgon starting treasury.

  • Added special building to help AI Gorgons.

  • Added Amazon buildings to the battle map of cities.

  • Major revision to Thrace, removing temple of Ares and adding ones to Kotys, Sabazios, and Bendis. Removed Falxmen from their roster, added Thracian Peltasts, Thracian Infantry, and Thracian Noble Cavalry. Also changed skin and stats of Bastarnae. Renamed Campus Getae to Odessos and moved it closer to the sea.

  • Changed Dacian version of Bendis to mirror the Thracian one (huntress rather than farming).

  • Included several new icons to use with the shortcut.

You can download it here and for more information (such as installation instructions), visit the dedicated Amazon: Total War forum.

New land battles FAQ!

by | 10/24/2008 13:12 PM

The fellows at the Total War Blog have posted a new FAQ, providing us with many more details on land battles!
Here's a few snippets:

Can we have the option to preview a battlefield before choosing battle?

Generals don't always get to pick the ground that they fight on and great generals will even take the ground chosen by the enemy and make it their own. Or to put it another way: The current mechanism assumes that the battlefield chosen is the best that could be attained as a result of manoeuvre and counter manoeuvre of opposing forces and the limits of terrain in the area. We give the player time to review the battlefield in the deployment phase and there are a number of cues as to the likely composition of the battlefield obtainable by looking at the campaign map.

Will there be a "fire by rank" system for troops in line formation, e.g. British redcoats? And will you be taking into account that some armies may have better skills than others in some areas e.g. British troops could fire and reload their muskets faster then the French could?

The short answer to all that is yes but with some reservations. It will depend on a nation's research into tactics, the units deployed, their experience, what system is used and how good they are compared to their opponents. The British were not always the best at everything. If they had been they would have beaten the Americans in the War of Independence, Wellington would not have needed the support of Blucher at Waterloo and he would not have said it was "a close run thing".

Are different countries' uniforms, colours and changes in uniforms included?

Yes but as much as we would like to include every uniform, every turn back, every button, every badge and every uniform colour represented by every nation, in the game, and reflect all those uniform changes in detail over the 18th century (100 years), the logistics really aren't viable for a game made in the time we have.

As a result we chose to select a representative sample of uniforms from throughout the period to reflect that change and variety. Every nation has a "national colour" that we use to represent that nation and is featured strongly in their uniforms. On top of that we add variations, where we think its effective, in their uniforms that are appropriate either according to faction or unit type or in some cases both. That isn't the end of things though.

Read all about it here, and thanks to Scipii for pointing out this gem! You can discuss it in our forum here.

New Empire: Total War Screenshots

by | 10/23/2008 16:05 PM

I did some hunting for ETW screenshots and turned up a goodly number. See the ETW gallery to see them all. I think you'll agree that some of them are stunning, while all of them are excellent.

My favs:

Discuss them all in this thread on our forums.

Empire: Total War Campaign Map Trailer Released

by | 10/23/2008 15:18 PM

Eagle-eyed zlack spotted a new trailer over at the Sega Empire: Total War site and it deals with the campaign map. It shows off the lovely graphics and jazzed-up interface. For instance, I really love the look of the new city building & recruitment screens.

CA can't help showing us some battle footage and I note that we're getting Native Americans as well as some distinctly eastern looking units as well as the standard European troops.
I also note star-shaped forts and the cannons that will knock them down in no time!

Visit the thread on our forums to see the video. You can also download it but you need realplayer to view it. As soon as an mpeg or avi is released, it'll be up on our youtube channel.

CA are also starting to fill in their "game info" section and have faction overviews. The first one up is France. There are also three new Developer Diaries. Click on "Jamie Ferguson" and "Mike Brunton" for amusing mini-biographies.

If you go down to the "units" section, Grenadiers are the featured land unit. You get a 3D model that you can spin like a ballet dancer as well as some information on the unit itself. The sloop is the featured naval vessel. We also have some information on the University building and Platoon Firing, which is an unlockable technology.

Britannia BC - A Mod For Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

by | 10/20/2008 18:55 PM

Son_of_the_King has been working away on an iron age mod for Britain, which features the various British tribes. There's no releasable content yet but the mod is looking quite promising. Pop into the forum thread to see what the latest developments are or peruse the screenshot gallery here.

Thrace: The Serpent Reborn

by | 10/20/2008 18:37 PM

SubRosa has been hard at work on her Amazon: Total War mod but she has found some time to release her Thracian Makeover as a separate mod.

Thrace now has several new units, and old ones that have been changed. You can look forward to Thracian Peltasts, Thracian Infantry, Bastarnae and Thracian Noble Cavalry. This mod also adds temples for the Thracians and this means extra priest and priestess ancillaries to go with them. A few other factions receive changes as well, due to the overlap of some of their code. Dacia's temple of Bendis is now one of hunting, as Thrace's. The other Greek factions now have new skins for their Early and Late Bodyguard units.

Visit the thread here on the forums and see the new units, find the download location and give feedback.

New article: Options Explained and New Section: Misc Info

by | 10/17/2008 12:24 PM

It is my pleasure to announce that Terikel has written a new article. His latest masterpiece details the checkboxes, drop-down menus and hotkey-setting of the options screen. Options Explained will help newbies and gurus alike to get the most pleasure out of RTW.

This new article did present a small problem to RTWH, however. There was no section on the site to place it in, so we had to make a new one to accomodate it. I present you: the General Information Index Page. This page contains links to articles and pages that haven't got a link anywhere else, so be sure to take a look!

So don't forget to check out Options Explained by Terikel and the new misc info page. Share your thoughts and comments about the article or the new page in this thread on our forums.

Empire: Total War interview!

by | 10/16/2008 4:04 AM

As the set release date of February painstakingly crawls closer the trickle of information on Empire: Total War is beginning to gain momentum. This time Rock, Paper, Shotgun has conducted an interview with the game's lead designer James Russell. Detailed are aspects of the political environment of the 18th century and how this will effect the game, how AI will be improved and more.

Our member Scipii brought the interview to our attention and has also created a discussion on our Empire: Total War forum regarding the interview.

Got an opinion? Voice it! A new gameplay idea? Tell us! A burning desire to devour opponents in gunpowder fury? Wait with us!

RTW Forum Game

by | 10/13/2008 9:26 AM

Erzin has decided to host a new forum campaign game. This one will be slightly different from the previous swap campaign so it's a good opportunity to join in on the fun that's a forum game.

This swap campaign will be divided into rounds. In each rounds all players try to reach a certain objective starting from the same savegame. The player who is most successful will then upload his save and all players will use it for the next round. Then they all try to reach a new objective, the best savegame gets uploaded and so on. Everyone plays in each round but there's no problem in skipping a round if you can't play.

So if you want to play a campaign that's different, or just have a good time with the other forumers go to Erzin's thread here and have your say about what faction will be played and to join the latest swap campaign. I hope to see you as a fellow swap campaigner soon!

Proposed changes to the ladder

by | 10/12/2008 10:44 AM

I have drawn up a few changes that I feel will make the ladder a much more enjoyable thing to play in. Unfortunatly, it's main idea- organising it into 'seasons'- involves the zeroing of scores for everyone. Please check it out here.

Amazon Total War 2.0 - Beta Release is now out!

by | 10/10/2008 20:49 PM

SubRosa has been slaving away on her mod, Amazon: Total War and the much promised beta 2.0 release is now ready. I have played the Amazons and Senate in 1.9 already and it's a refreshing change from vanilla RTW.

There are a number of changes in this release and they include:
  • Added the Gorgon faction.

  • Changed Greek Cities, Macedon, and Seleucid Early General Bodyguard to the Heavy Cavalry skin, and the Late Bodyguard to the Companion skin.

  • The Greek Cities can now recruit Heavy Cavalry.

  • New unit cards for new non-Amazon units.

  • Increased public order bonus of Temples_of_Fun.

  • Added many new territories to Africa, and moved the Saharan ones to be closer to Lake Tritonis.

  • Gave Greek_Cities the settlement of Triton on Lake Tritonis, as well as Athens, while removing Thermon. Also changed their family tree.

  • Moved Numidia to north-west Africa.

  • Added Numidian Noble Cavalry and Numidian Elephants.

  • Added Iberian Noble Cavalry.

  • Tweaked skins of Amazon Hoplite, Amazon Militia Cavalry, Amazon Heavy Cavalry, and Amazon Cavalry.

You can download this very promising mod here and discuss it on our forums here.

Empire interview: New Interface + 'Prestige' system details!

by | 10/9/2008 11:50 AM

Gamespot recently conducted an interview with Keiron Bridgen, Creative Assembly's studio communications manager. As before some information is new, some is not. Of particular interest however were details regarding a streamlined interface for Empires; with the intention of making it a little more accessible to new fans and just as easy to set up complex formations for seasoned Total War veterans.

In addition, exciting new information provides an insight on the new 'Prestige' system which will be featured in the game as Empires gain these prestige points based on the strength of their economy, military prowess, achievements and territory!

Read it for yourselves and offer some opinions or maybe just unintelligible rants of excitement and anticipation. While you go ahead and read this, I'm off to tide my hunger with Medieval II musket-only epic battles!

We have a thread on our Empire: Total War forum discussing the ins and outs of the article which can be found here.

If you would like to give the Gamespot interview a read for yourselves look no further than this.

Star Wars Total War

by | 10/6/2008 1:54 AM

Yes, you guessed it. Siskinedge has released a Star Wars modification for Rome: Total War. It is only a beta release, but it already shows great promise to make the world of Jedi and Darth Vader come to life on the RTW game engine.

There are around 22 different Star Wars units in the games and each Star Wars faction plays in a unique style. Try winning as the republic in the Battle of Geonosis or just coming up with any Star Wars battle you feel like. We got blasters to flamethrowers in this mod and a whole heap of fun.

To start the war, click here to go to the modification's thread in our Game Modification forums, where you'll find more information as well as a link to download this promising mod.

PC Gamer previews Empire: Total War!

by | 10/3/2008 10:03 AM

The November issue of PC Gamer (UK) features a preview on the highly anticipated Empire: Total War, currently scheduled for release on the 6th of February. Some information included is new, some elaborates more on what we already know - but no matter what type of information it is, we are still excited by it all. The article itself has been summarised on our forums here.

Why not join in the discussions?

New Strategy Article: Opening Moves - Thrace

by | 10/3/2008 9:06 AM

A new strategy article has rolled of the presses at TWH. This brand new article deals with the starting moves of one of the most unique factions in RTW: Thrace. No longer will new Thracian warlords struggle with starting their conquests.

Don't wait any longer, go here and read the latest addition to our growing series of Opening Moves articles. Or you can do down to our Campaign Strategy section where you can find this and many other articles. Please leave any comments or feedback in this thread on our forums.

Rome Total War: Alexander Forum Party

by | 10/1/2008 17:26 PM

It's been a while since the last forum party and Sparabara has stepped up to the mark and arranged a forum party for RTW: Alexander. Obviously, you'll need the Alexander expansion pack to be able to play but it will be fun and something we haven't done before. Drop into the thread on the forums to see what time we are meeting at and where.